What is your favorite type of Fantasy Race?


Vampires are cool. They were my faves.


Yeah they are fun, kinda wish my introduction had been DnD’s Drow but it wasn’t it was actually via the Sci-Fi equivalent of the Nagarrothi, the Drukhari. But Warhammer has a special way of just turning everything up to 11 and it was no different with the Dark Elves, though most would agree the leaders of both the Nagarrothi and the Drukhari are loved and hated by the fans, some even love to hate them.


Also I’m a fan of Dragonkin or Humanoids with features of Dragons such as the Dragonborn in D&D or humans with dragon wings and dragon like abilities.


In my humble opinion Elves,Dwarves,Halflings,Fairies,Orcs,and Goblins are like the founding fathers of the fantasy genre. Which is why many writers loves to include them in their stories. I have no problem with that,because fantasy stories and books with just humans is boring and stale. A Fantasy story without non-humans is not a soup without the key ingredients.

  • Vampires
  • Witches
  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Gargoyles
  • Halfies (half human, half fantasy creature/race)
    et cetera


Elves are my typical favorite race.


Definitely lithrids.

A race of living, crystalline humanoids bound by psychic energy, lithrids are unlike any other life form on Kronera. All lithrids brim with psionic power that manifests the mindfury, a psychic rage which blasts their foes’ minds and sends the lithrids into a blinding fury. A few have learned to harness this power and become mindbenders who can reshape their very psyches and subvert the will of others.


I love anything that falls into the “Fae” category :heart_eyes:


Dragons aside…


One of us, one of us! :joy_cat:

I never bothered to figure out what it means. I just looked at the amount of non-humans I write and thought: “probably”. By the ways I’ve seen it used, I don’t think it has a singular definition in any case.


For me it’s high elves and dwarves.


Same! :grinning:


I tend to like lizard people like the Argonians in The Elder Scrolls series. A close second would be races with a close connection to or natural affinity for magic. I love magic and the people who use it :stuck_out_tongue: a setting gets bonus points if it combines those two; Lizard Wizards are the best


I really like hulders from scandinavian folklore (mainly Sweden and Norway). They are also pretty underutilized so they do not feel like a cliched race to use.



I love vampires and mermaids. They are pretty cool to me. I just love them. Vampires can be dark and mysterious bloodsuckers while mermaids are sweet and just want love and they also love swimming (I’m a swimmer). Those are just why I love them.


Well it’s a race that I tell myself I made up but I’m sure such races exist. lol I call them Weremen, people who still have human faces but their bodies and limbs adopt characteristics of an animal.

The man character is a monkey class wereman, he has a tail, hands for feet, and is covered in fur except for his chest.

Not if there’s a race like this but so far its my favorite.


Oh, you too? Awesome! I looooove elves, and I, too, blame LOTR for it. I don’t even know why exactly, I’ve loved them irrationally since I was twelve and I’m not likely to stop anytime soon. I just think they’re neat.


Funfact: I live in the same state as Paolini!

Actually ran into him a couple years back when he attended Miscon in Missoula, MT. Decent guy (and decent taste in pizza, if you’re ever in Missoula try out the Piehole).


Elves far and away by a long shot. When it comes to roleplaying (my main passion), usually I end up playing about 80% elves.

Two of them are going to feature pretty frequently in stories of mine coming up (Fiva and K’Rena, art by my longtime art partner Saph-y):


You are so lucky! I’m envious