What is your favourite fandom and why?

Mine is Percy Jackson.

I read them many years ago and this were the second book series that I read voluntary.

I really like the topic, so mythology and since then I started to read other books in this genre.

Three years ago I started to write fanfictions for that fandom.

So what is your favourite fandom and why?
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Harry potter and sherlock holmes

reason : idk but their fandom book usually not so bad


Marvel because the fan base is just so supportive (when we’re not taking sides) and Harry Potter because the people are just so fun to talk too. Sherlock comes close though.


Gungrave. Why? It’s one of the very few anime that has a character that I was immediately attached to. And why I like writing for this fandom is because the original series barely touches the concept of necrolyzation aka zombification. A lot of chance for worldbuilding. And more chance to explore what is in the MC’s head, because he has been so silent in the canon. It’s a lot of fun actually.

But I always feel like I’m an odd one out wherever I go. Whichever thread I visit, nobody knows Gungrave. If they know, chances are they ain’t a fan of it. This fandom is where wind and ghosts are my friends and the loneliness is slowly driving me nuts, but I still love it anyway.

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Lord of the Rings, Fantasy is one of my favorite genres so I love it.
Sherlock Holmes, I love murder mysteries.
(Though I love MANY many other fandoms.)


I love Sherlock Holmes too. :slight_smile:

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I LOVE both of those fandoms.

I’ve never heard of that fandom before but it sounds really interesting.

Oh and I forogt to add I love PJ too. :smiley:


I was very much big into Miraculos Ladybug when it first came out. I remember watching it in Korean with English subtitles before it came out in French and THEN in English. Fell out of it for various reasons.

I’ll always be a Sailor Moon and Harry Potter fan though!

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Definitely the Marvel Fandom

There hasn’t been a dull moment in that fan base for me. We always know what to talk about and the conversations literally never end. It’s awesome! And I love getting deeper into the story line with those peeps. Marvel will always be a big part of my life <3


Game of Thrones and The Vampire Diaries. I love fantasy and especially vampire stuff (except Twilight).


BTS because BTS :heart_eyes:


The Fate fandom definitely. It’s has very interesting characters, and also conveys very deep messages (at least Fate/Zero does)

After that is Tamako Market because I’m otaku trash and also it’s pretty cute

(but its a dead fandom ;c so i feel very lonely)

BTS, Harry Potter (especially anything to do with draco and riddle) Marvel fanfiction’s really good too, One Direction (but it does get really cliche) and Justin Bieber.
I’ve been on the lookout for good PJ fanfiction so any recommendations would be very much appreciated :slight_smile: )


you can look in a thread I made, there we summarize the best FF authors in the different fandoms. Maybe you find something there :wink:

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thank you, I will :grin:


I just really love everything post-apocalyptic…

I’m all about the Harry Potter fandom. I sometimes mix my stories with other fandoms, but HP is always front and centre. Dramione is my OTP.


Noragami, My Hero Academia, and Fullmetal Alchemist. The first is very small and has little fandom content, but the people are so supportive and nice!

MHA is really warm and friendly once you find the right niche and avoid the ship wars.

FMA has introduced me to some of the coolest people I know, and just about everyone I’ve met who watches anime loves it.