What is your main character's occupation?


So, tell me what does your MC do for a living far as job or career? We can even discuss about each other character’s occupation if you want.

My Turn:

Oristina is a Princess of Teri’itaria but will soon become the empress.


Elizabeth Carson is CEO of her own energy company.


My male lead, Dmitri, is technically a peasant, and as his name somewhat indicates, he’s a farmer.

My female lead, Greta, is an exorcist.


Ooh. It pays to be the boss. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got one literary critic, one pianist, one diner owner and one fast food worker. And a bunch of other characters who are mysteriously unemployed.


Getting rid of demons? Sounds classic but cool. A farmer seems like tough but dedicated work. Nice. But is Dmitri jobless?


Mysteriously unemployed? How that happened?



Lol I forgot to give them jobs and yet they still somehow sustain themselves :sweat_smile:


Dmitri is a legendary sorcerer to people known as the “white cambion,” or “Byelovitus(White Lord).” Most people see him as a witch who needed to be exorcised or locked away, even though he hasn’t done anything truly bad. Technically he would be a jobless guy who just goes in his merry ways. All he does is drown himself in beer(even though he really can’t get drunk no matter how hard he would try). He hasn’t done any farming job because he’s too busy moping over a dead close friend.

Exorcists are a bit different in my story, because they also have a partial job of being a “higher class witch hunter.” The female lead was supposed to kill him, but instead spared his life to use him as a tool to take out the real villain!


Oh. :joy:


That is really cool. It sucks for Dmitri though.


Yeah. :’(

In the past, he was able to defeat an evil and oppressive ruler of his country(no, he didn’t even kill him), but everyone still hates him because people think he’s the son of a demon.

Hey, at least he’s hot… but figuratively and literally dead inside.


Wow, that is really upsetting that happened to him. But he did some good at least regardless of the people who hated him.


By the Edge of the Sea (not up yet)
Lorna Reid: Artist for an advertising firm
Clare Morrison: Owns and runs a small bakery.

Elizabeth Bennet vs The World
Elizabeth Bennet: Overworked barista and diner waitress
Fitzwilliam Darcy: ???

Salt and Bone
Margot Brennan: Art student.


I don’t know why but I’m sensing a theme with your characters’ job. :slightly_smiling_face:


I like food and art.



Do you fancy food and art personally?


I’m a commission portrait artist and I stress bake.


That’s awesome! :grin:

Are you good at baking? And you must be good at art.


Well I haven’t poisoned anyone yet so…