What is your main character's thoughts on other characters in your book?

Name your character. Then name as many other characters as you want, then put what the main character thinks of them.

Main Character

  • Character A-Thoughts from main character’s POV
  • Character B-Thoughts from main character’s POV
  • Character C-Thoughts from main character’s POV


  • Alex-“A great boss and friend.”

  • Wildcard-“Woman is crazy, but still a good mentor and friend.”

  • Dynamite, Knockout, and Eagle-“My fellow teammates and friends.”

  • Phoenix-“My partner, teammate, and closest friend at work, though she is starting to act strangely around me.”


Alexandre: “No matter what anyone may think, I love Alex”

Wynn: “My anxiety in human form”

Camden: “Is it possible for someone to be too perfect?”

Rita: “I don’t hate her. People think I do but It’s not hate, its… Something else, something that wants to hurt her because even though I fired the first shot she is the one who started the war”

Genna: "BFF we aren’t as close as we used to be but I don’t know what I would be without her.

Maddison: “The only person besides Alex to know everything about me and not run or judge. She’s my Best friend”

Amber: “Sometimes… I wish murder was legal”

Jaxson: “Mr perfect, It’s weird. Had he not met Genna we would probably be dating, I probably wouldn’t be half as messed up as I am now. Funny how life works”



The Lion: “Fussy ol’ big kitty!”
Neil: “A noisy rooster head with a corny taste. At least he isn’t just all crow and no peck.”
Lyn: “Spoiled brat, did the butterfly teach you anything at all?”
Edwin: “I’m n-not afraid of this polar bear! I swear I’m not!”
Sylvia: “Hey, old spinster! Your breath stinks worse than a skunk pee. Go get a husband already, old hag!”
Darren: “Don’t pretend to be that nice to me! Rhino doesn’t suit you; hell, you’re better off as a fox!”
Douglas: “It’s my fault that you died, big bro. I was a coward back then.”



Thomas: ‘He’s my soulmate. I love him. Probably.’

Sam: ‘A good friend. Irrational, a little hyperactive and sometimes foolish…but a good friend and a good person. Gentle and caring.’

Blue: ‘She has an invincible spirit. She might have been my hero if we were on the same side.’

Jason: ‘Who even cares?’

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Svorn: What happened to him? I’m so confused…
Eliza: My beautiful wife! I love each and every part of her so much, and don’t want her to ever get hurt but respect her decisions. She rules my heart!
Elena: She’s such a lovely girl and would make such a good match for Svorn. She helps him so much, but I don’t want her to get hurt by him…
Rav, Alec and Ebb: My gorgeous children! I love them more than life and the universe and everything itself!
The Fire Council: A bunch of disgusting, manipulative freaks!
Jared: An … interesting leader? I wouldn’t call him a good one, but a leader… Great guy, but needs to get his people under control.
Bob: Great guy! Hilarious, amusing, would make a lot better leader than Jared.
Larcens: Hard-working, pretty ignorant sometimes, but hard-working, nice… kind… yep.


Memories of Ignacia Contreras

MC: Ignacia

  • Alfonso: “He’s absolutely crazy, he’s leading us/he lead us into a World War”
  • Natalia: “A good friend, unfortunaly brainwashed by Alfonso”
  • Josefa: “I LOVE HER, she’s like, my best friend, unfortunaly she is brainwashed by Alfonso”
  • Miguel: “That little Alfonso-Loyalist, traitor and bastard, I hate him”
  • Rebeca: (At start of the novel) “She’s my childhood best friend, I appreciate her so much!” (After Rebeca dies) “She’s a martyr, my childhood friend, and one of the reasons I keep fighting”
  • Trinidad: (At start of the novel) “A great friend” (After Rebeca dies) “An Alfonso loyalist, can’t believe she and Rebeca were her friends” (After the downfall of Alfonso) “She’s still brainwashed, poor thing”
  • Zhou: “She’s like my second best friend, and companion in defeating Alfonso”
  • Vladimir: “He’s like a brother to me! I also kind of have a crush on him, but there is a world war going on, we can’t exactly be together yet”
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The Nazi Huntress

MC: Kim Yeong-Min

  • Takashi: “He’s the best thing that ever happened to me! He’s so loyal and smart! He knows so much!”
  • Yoo Yin: (At start of the novel) “She’s nice. She lacks courage to kill nazis though” (After Yoo Yin’s betrayal) “That little bastard! I hope she enjoys hell”
  • Alexander: “A good freedom fighter, he’s slavic, the second race who suffered the most along with the Jews. He’s good”
  • Richard: “A good doctor”
  • Charles: “The leader of the French Resistence, and a great one. I like him, he kills nazis”
  • Elizabeth: “The leader of the American Resistence, I like her”

This book has too many characters but I think with this is enough xd

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Ouch, your character’s close friends were brainwashed.

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Her High School friends at first, and later all her nation and then 3/4 of the world

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That is more painful than what mine experienced. He saw the death of his parents with his own eyes and acted too late to save them. Both his siblings were hospitalized. Basically, he had no family to run to. That, PTSD, anger issues, and the fact that he was armed turned him into a merciless killer who will tear through his without leaving a single one.

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Alex Kingsley.

  • Will: He’s such a robot. But I kind of dig it.
  • Fudge: Precious baby who must be protected at all costs.


alex and fudge

  • Mason: Sexist, pompous weed.
  • Tom: Big brother. Bigger idiot.

From Beloved: A Vampire Romance Novella

Crown Prince Ieremias “Tobias” of Fuentes-Alba

Bella-Rose Valentine: “She’s my everything and I love her more than any title, crown or duty. I would give it all up it I had to so we can be together as fate means for us to be”.

Clarke Carlisle: “Pretentious inbred bastard. . . . . . . . He deserves a firm punch right in the family jewels !”

Queen Meshgenet-Alisyndra I: “My dutiful sister, the wise and benevolent ruler of our nation. Intelligent, powerful and decisive. She’s what I aspire to be like when my time comes to reign”

Princess Persephone-Victoria: “The smart-ass sister with the big mouth, still love her though and her combat skills are to be respected”

Prince Emmaniel: “He’s my only brother, wise and dutiful but my god, is he the opposite of his twin !. If vampires could have autism, he’d be the poster child for it !”

Lord Kayden Talos: “The only vampire I trust besides my sister. . . . . . . . . He really could use a mate though since his constant peacocking at social events doesn’t endear him to the court as a noble”

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Madilyn Hughes From a BNHA kind-of-fanfiction (It takes place in the same universe, but on the other side of the planet and has basically no connection to the manga. This list is most of her classmates.)

Zeke Cartosh: “He seems quite nice, but I can also tell he is fighting so many battles against himself. I wish he would just open up to me.”

Travis Cartosh: "Honestly the most out-there person I have ever met. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and his mind is wild.

Eileen Brown: “Is that girl even able to speak?”

Axton Marsh: “Probably the most sane one out of us all.”

Hannah Young: “She wants to be a hero, but crumbles under the thought of people watching her. Poor girl.”

Jack Trepin: “Selfish prick who thinks he is the strongest out of all of us. While that may very well be true, it still isn’t nice to be an ass about it.”

Sasha Lortanie: “She is a little blunt, but sometimes a hammer works better for breaking bones than a scalpel. Wait, that is a bad analogy. Can I start over?”

Alyssa DeMonson: “She isn’t afraid to be the smartest person in the room. Luckily, she isn’t a dick about it. cough cough Jack.”

Norman Zest: “My god he talks fast. I wonder if he would make a good rapper?”

Teryn Grant: “He is a little rough around the edges but… wait. Are they a ‘he’ today or a ‘she’? I can never remember.”

Jason Al’Bardales: “He is probably the only one with comparable strength to Jack. Too bad he is practically scared of his own shadow.”

Mrs. Quiet: “For someone who is in her forties, she spends way too much time thinking she is twenty.”

Principal Brone: “I don’t want to like her that much, but I have no reason not to. Dammit.”

Mr. Harris: “He talks a little bit too much, but when we eventually do get on with the lesson, he is a really good teacher.”

Mr. Bastion: “I never knew the Janitor could be a Martial Arts teacher, incredible chef, and a damn good friend.”

Mrs. Haratune: “For a short, old, Asian lady in a bathrobe, she is still somehow the most intimidating person in the entire school.”

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Jade Archer:

  • Reece Vierra: “I don’t like her. I respect her, but I don’t like her.”
  • Hunter Callvon: “Cute, but dumb. Like, really dumb.”
  • Carter Morbringer: “He thinks he can beat me one on one, but he’s wrong.”
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Lyra - “She’s strange and has a weird love for cracking jokes in a monotone voice, but she’s my … friend? I think that’s the name”

Lunaren - “I don’t think it’s even possible for anyone to be more polite. It’s infuriating”

Dax - “Talk about the walking definition of awkwardness”

Darax - “Puffed-up windbag. If I could shove a stake into that arrogant heart, I would”

Abel Firefly

  • Dean Fullmetal: “My best friend who is a brave guy, helpful nice person, yet he’s a whack that he often fights with Tara for no reason.”
  • Simon Fullmetal: "Another of my best friend who is very kind-hearted as a man, everyone loves his cooking, and he is also the reliable doctor in the team. I consider Simon in the same level as Dean.
  • Tara Fullmetal: “Hm? Oh, Tara, r… right? I… could at least say that she is my best friend as well, but it kinda hurts to say that she is my best friend since I actually wanted her to be more than best friends. Anyway, she’s a sweet happy faced girl who always gets the mood up, and she’s very supportive too, but I really hate it when she turns sad, because seeing her sad makes me sad as well.”
  • Chloe Alexandra: “One of my strongest rival from Eastwind Academy. She’s a very kind-hearted person, she is like a mother figure in the team, everyone wants to protect her from harm, but she is actually a very strong fighter. She is also Dean’s love interest, so I managed to help Dean to be her boyfriend.”
  • Edith Firefly: “Ah, yes, my sweet little sister. Although she is very young and cute, she is actually a genius who can even graduate in the same time with me. Everyone considered her as their little sister.”
  • Cosmo von Stiener: “One of my close friend who is crazy about technology and nerd stuffs. Everytime I see him, he always have his laptop in his bag, but I gotta admit, he is actually good with his laptop, he even can simply hack a store’s security camera, but fortunately he’s not a bad guy.”
  • Wren Claudius: “At first I thought that Wren is a boy, but when I battled Wren in an arena, Wren accidentally drop her hat, and her hair started to parse down, since then I recognized her as a girl, but even if she’s a girl, she still actively talks about the wrestling championship with Dean like nothing happened.”
  • Ursula Scarlet: “At first I hate this girl. I FUCKING HATE HER. To be honest I really hate someone who’s actually guilty but the person doesn’t want to admit it and instead they just blame it to someone else, Ursula is just like that. I also hate her dishonest personality, like if you want something then just freaking do it dammit. But then what actually changed my impression to her is when the first time she said “thank you” to me, and I guess everyone got their rage on her that she finally decide to change. After knowing her more, she still have her dishonest side, but atleast I can see her actual meaning behind it, and she’s actually kinda sweet in the inside.”
  • Melvin Carnaby: “Another of my strongest rival. He has become my rival in 2 ways, first as my rival at the fighters league, and second is when I found out that he actually likes Tara as well. Just like Ursula, I hated this guy in the first place because he is always one step in front of me for getting Tara, but the I found out that even if he is in front, he never underestimate the ones behind him, in fact he always admit how strong the person behind him is, as if the person is in the same line as he is.”

Shia from “Rise”
Rue: She’s a latent catastrophe but she’s my best friend. My partner and crime. I’d be lost without her by my side. Just don’t tell her I said that…
Jason: I used to be afraid of him, but now I know him for the broken self-destructive man he is. Now I’m afraid for him.
Ghost: Ghost is my son. My beautiful furry son.
Havok: A human that’s more demonic than most demons in Kaulaire. If I ever see his ugly face again it would be too soon.
Wargrave: I don’t know much about him. I just know that we’ll meet one day and when we do… I’m going to punch him in the face.

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Ashley Hawkins

Jesse: Why, did he ask about me? Oh, that’s fine. I wasn’t freaked. I uh, think he’s great?
Ambrose: So adorkable! He’s gotta learn to clean those glasses though.
Lu: There has never been a more better human being.
Jett: He’s definitely better than he used to be. You should’ve went to school with him! Wait… no, that wouldn’t be right. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment.
Fletcher: Sex on legs, kinda like his dad - did I really just say that? Damn.
Zoey: I love her to pieces, but this rebellion of hers worries me.
Ciara: No… nope. I ain’t going there. We are not having this conversation.