What is your monster(s) like in your story?


So, tell me, what type of monster(s) do you have in your story? Feel free to comment on each other’s monster and say what you feel about it.

My Turn:

In my story, the Fallen Angels are actually parasitic creatures that take over the human body when it’s physically weak and turns it into a Berserker. When the human becomes a Berserker, their body gets monstrously mutated/physically deformed turning them into mutant humanoid monster. The Berserker kills their victims and commits other heinous crimes mindlessly. Fallen Angels can no longer be separated from the human body once they take it over. In order to save the once human, you must kill them even though they are no longer human anymore.

What do you think? Now you try.




I have ferals in… Lol, the book is titled “Feral”. The story is set in a world where everyone is aan animal shifter but due to a brain deficiency some turn feral. They turn into grotesque versions of themselves, unable to control their animal behaviour. So they basically turn into the most basic animal version of themselves and can’t change back to human.

Also, I love your monsters! It reminds me a little of Resident Evil.


I have similar creatures. When a human tapped into dark mana they are slowly driven mad. Over time dark mana completely mutates the person into a deformed monster with pitch-black skin and red eyes. They are super strong, fast and durable. The body goes on a rampage, killing anything that moves while the consciousness is trapped in a black void known as the Fallen Place. If a small force of sixty or over is killed in a cluster their remains become one and take form as a giant pitch-black monster with various weapons. To kill it you must destroy the core twice, with the core become stronger according to the attack that destroyed its core the first time. One can escape the Fallen Place if they have a very strong will. It helps if one can find an anchor. If one returns from the Fallen Place they will be granted incredible power as well as the ability to use dark mana without fear.


I like how we all three have “from human to monster” as our monsters. They’re one of my faves! :smile:


The only thing is Fallen Angels are created by a deity that has gone mad.


My monsters in my story vary actually, my story is about people with abilities who live in the world normally. Some of them have their own communities and the government is aware of them.

Anyway it’s my story “Free Falling” and the monsters that are gonna be shown are sometimes obvious. Other times they’re people in your own home or even your own neighbor. It’s quite terrifying because it doesn’t paint a black and white world like romance stories. Because it’s not a romance story.

The obvious monsters are terrifying serial killers and scientists with abilities they use for “experiments” even though they get a pleasure out of it. Some of them know how to torture in ways that normal people can’t do.

My story is a mixture of some action, adventure, horror and humor.


Right! I just love resident evil so of course i was inspired. Lol. Mine is the only one with a escape route XD


I also have monsters like gargoyles, dragons, Cerberi, griffons, and much much MUCH more.


Looooove Resident Evil. :black_heart:

And lol, yes. Once you go feral there’s no way back. Well, you’re also born feral and will gradually progress until you’re just… Stuck. So it’s a gift that keeps giving!


I have a lot of monsters. Some good, some bad. My main WIP right now doesn’t have too many that can’t just be summarized with the words ‘Evil dictator society’ but in my writing competition submissions I have a few and the horror one shot I did for Halloween this year has one. The Halloween one shot basically featured one of the ‘Suits’, basically a cursed costume that takes over whoever puts it on and kills them to take over their body fully. Then they go on a killing spree because they need blood to use their supernatural powers. The first one was Midnight btw in “Suit and Blood.” (I know, dumb name but I did it in a week so sue me, actually don’t).


In my supernatural story “Connie Supernatural Friends”, I create the actually parallel earth called, “Earth X.”

Which filled, with my own monsters and all of the international monsters, demons, aliens and corrupt government you hear in conspiracies.


That’s not a very good gift Santa :joy:


Anyone else?


Wow. It’s kinda like Legion meets Resident Evil lol!! A very unique and interesting take. Reminds me of when George Lucas changed the Force from something metaphysical and religious into something biochemical in the Star Wars prequels lol!!!


In mine, I decided to attempt to blend as many myths, conspiracy theories, and legends into one story as I possibly could. So there are creatures in my series that, although I don’t come out and name them as such, could be considered angels and demons…although none of them act stereotypically angelic to be honest lol!! They are probably more akin to the angels from the movie Legion. But wait! There’s more! I also blend a bit of vampire lore into these creatures along with concepts from the old television series, Highlander, and the nazghul (spelling?) from Lord of the Rings. They are humanoid, often wearing black hooded robes or trench coats, carrying silver swords or daggers (the handles of course are wrapped so that the silver part, which does actually produce an affect similar to chemical burns) doesn’t touch the user’s skin. They are tall, with deep soul-penetrating black eyes, and do have certain supernatural/superhuman abilities. They are the servants of elder gods. And…the lore is still in development even as I finish book one and start posting book 2 lol!!


OMG ME TOO!!!:laughing::laughing::smiley::smiley:


most of my monsters are from mythologies to whatever gets in my head as my story progresses.

like abominations are mostly composed of a combination of animals turned into one thing, like a frankenstein monster, but with so many limbs.

my other monsters vary from withered to humanoid yet corrupted


In my series Insanity, the monsters are humans that were heavily mutated (claws/sharp or pointed teeth/horns/limbs become twisted or disfigured/etc) by having their DNA combined with different types of animal DNA that turned them into dangerous creatures that will eat anything not infected (and even other types of mutants if they’re hungry enough). They can also heal from almost anything that’s not a death blow, and if they bite/scratch someone that person becomes infected (in zombie-like fashion but, unlike zombies, they are still alive). Certain types are stronger, faster, and/or more agile than humans.


Had no idea to be honest. :slightly_smiling_face: