What is your monster(s) like in your story?


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Something (either a parasite or a spirit depending on the genre) that builds a larger body using organic materials it collects from corpses. It infects fresh dead tissue and adapts it into its body, a little like a zombie but more just a mass of flesh that can occasionally become lucky enough to gain mobility that enables it to go out and find other raw materials to build itself with. These masses can grow to gargantuan proportions and, if the conditions were right and the material collected fresh enough, can take on pieces of personalities and fragments of memories from the brains it assimilates, building a level of intelligence and awareness.

Edit: I haven’t posted this story yet, but keep an eye out for my babies in the future.


I have grims in one series. The other I guess you could call them witch like. The other stories are more realistic.


I have a species that are born with no arms or eyes. They have a keen sense of smell and hearing, so they look scary as well as being great trackers. They are grey with four tentacles on their back. They are really fast and can utilize the magic system to shoot silver energy beams from the mouth. They often times use the magic system to increase the strength, speed and durability of their tentacles. They normally live in swampy areas and use their tentacles to move about on treetops and to keep their body above ground. They travel in large packs and wail very loudly before they launch on their prey. Naturally, I call the Wailers. :joy:


Your monsters sound fascinating! Love the concept.


Is it okay to put our own demons in this thread?


Not sure if mine is a monster, but he is a psychopath. An ex-cop is released from prison and seeks his own brand of justice.


Like your own personal demons? I’m mainly asking for monsters far as creatures and maybe people.


No just a demon creature I created to reflect on corruption of Hollywood productions. Is that okay?




Director Srivus

He makes deals with corrupted Hollywood producers, director, music CEO and writers by covering up their criminal record. But, in exchange for sucking half of their life source, and their business which causes stars do go insane, running black markets to a different world and etc.


I haven’t really gotten far enough into the book to explore him all that much yet, but here’s Ross. And suffice to say he’s a shape shifting fae who may or may not have already tried to lure the heroine to her death. Charming love interest, I know. :^) Really though, I’m really looking forward to explore the conflict between his more human and beastly side.


Did you draw them?


Yeah yeah
Quite a while ago actually, when I first started their story, but then it went on a hiatus and same sorta happened to the art. :>


My drawing is not worthy to yours.


Don’t talk down about yourself :heart:
Not a good attitude to have. If you really have a passion for this better look at other peoples art and aim even higher! :smiley:
How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?


about to be 21 this week.


You’ve got your entire life ahead of you :stuck_out_tongue:
More than enough time to keep drawing and having a fun time doing so!