What is your wordcount?

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I’m in the process of writing a high fantasy novel and was wondering how long it should be… Any suggestions?

This link describes expected word counts for books depending on genre and target audience (for an adult high fantasy, the range is 90K-124K, with the sweet spot being 100-115K). Not that those are the word counts traditional publishers expect. If you’re aiming for indie publishing or for serializing your novel here on Wattpad and don’t care for what publishing houses want, you’ve certainly got more leeway. But those numbers are still worth keeping in mind because they’re more or less what the genre readers expect, too, in a way. A book far below the range could be considered too slim at a glance, and a reader might wonder if there’s enough worldbuilding and adventure and other delightful things in it. A book far above the range might seem to intimidating.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t hit that sweet spot with your first draft, though. Some people are overwirters and need to trim down a lot in revisions, while others’ first drafts are more like story skeletons they later need to grow more details over.


Awesome! Just read the article (super helpful). Thanks for linking it :relieved:


Life, Love And A Little Coffee: 144k

The Thousand Words We Spoke (Novella): 33k

The three other novellas I have currently going on will be somewhere between 25-35k as well.


I’m currently working on a high fantasy wip which I’ve temporarily broken down into five parts for ease. I’m currently working through the second part and have a (total) wordcount of ~138k.

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I’m writing a fantasy novel and the wordcount right now is 51k

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Woah. 144k?!?!?! How long did that take you???

Nice! How long are you intending it to be?

Parts - that’s a good way to think about it. I might have to try that :grin:
Is it 138k for what you’ve done so far ( just part 1 and some of part 2 ?)

So far, I think my book might be around 100k or so.

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That’s the optimum length for a fantasy. Good luck!!

Year and a half.

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Thanks :smiley: Good luck to you too!

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My book- which is basically an entire season of a TV show worth of adventure and excitement- is currently at 220k written words with still 36-ish chapters to go (my chapters are usually around 2k-4k words long) :sweat_smile:

Since you had asked someone else how long it too them to get to 144k, I’ll go ahead and say it took me seven months to get those 220k words written. ^^ I write like the wind!

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That is madness :joy: Gotta be prepared to do anything for Gordon though. How do you even write that fast?!?!?!?

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I try to write two chapters a week, sometimes I write more, but honestly it’s due to the fact that I’m practicing to become an actual novelist. :stuck_out_tongue: My book has been very successful and many people like it, I’m thinking of trying to make being an author my job so I put a lot of focus and effort towards it! I just did the math, prompted by your thread, and realized I still have 50k-90k words to go :joy: So my freakin’ book is going to be anywhere from 270k to 310k words long! That’s like two Lord of the Rings books! Whaat!

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I wish I had the discipline and/or speed to write like you (don’t really mind which one - need both tbh) :joy:. What do you plan on writing next?

I’m probably going to write a werewolf romance/action story next, lots of lovin’, lots of fightin’, but most of all I get those sweet, sweet buckeroonies. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to probably serialize on radishfiction, then publish the whole thing on Amazon once I finish my book.

But I have many other ideas that are more unique, I just think a werewolf romance is a good way to make cash more quickly than hoping that my zombie, AI, social media, stalker, end of the world, or evil king/queen books would get as many reads. :taps chin:

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I guess romance/werewolf stuff is pretty popular but I wonder how long it’ll last… Also those books aren’t going to be tome length though, right? :grin:

High fantasy should be around 90,000–125,000 words, according to Google. But this is just a standard, so it could be just a bit lower or even higher. It depends on the plot.

For me, I’m currently writing a sci-fi fantasy with a word count goal of 100,000 words. The rate it’s going, I feel as though it will go way over, but I’m unsure. It currently sits at 17,000 words.