What is your writing secret?


I’ve been participating in the JuneBugWriter challenge on Instagram (created by tifftheawesome_wattpad) and I encourage you all to join; it’s super fun and it’s never too late to join in! and today’s topic was: what is your writing secret?

In response, I posted a picture of one of my reader’s comments, complimenting me and saying that my writing is realistic to her, and I said, “That is my writing secret: being realistic.”

The reason for this is because realism adds depth and meaning to your stories, and it also can make it more original and have it stand out more. I mean, think of the bad boy/good girl stories. If it were realistic, you can just make them human and have various characteristics that make them seem “that way.”

Realism doesn’t always mean adding sadness and unhappy endings, it just means that it should be more real-life based. Not everything is happiness and rainbows and butterflies. So adding some of that “real-life sprinkles” helps improve your story.

In the end, if you’re looking to make your story more original, add depth to it, and or make it stand out, then add realism to it. That’s my writing secret.

So what’s yours?


My writing secret is that I word vomit a lot of my stories and they magically end up working out.

I have no idea how.


Heart, Word Wars, and my erratic mind. The stories don’t always work out, but I can still get springboards from them.


I read my work aloud. This helps me spot parts that feel stiff, weak, boring, or whatever. Sometimes it helps me spot awkward sentences that need streamlining. It’s especially useful when editing dialogue to sound like realistic banter instead of two people reading off a script. Pacing issues sometimes stand out too, when I read a passage aloud. You should try it!


Same. We are twinsies lol. I usually do the word vomit thing. The first draft of Ravensdale was complete word vomit and oddly, it worked out. Like my story had a brain or something


I can relate so much.

Do you ever get readers praising your story for being “well thought out” but find yourself unsure how to respond? It’s not until people point out all the hidden meaning and symbolism do I notice it. And then I go back, all confused, and wonder how I managed to put it all together. #magic :rofl:


This. Yes. Yes. Yes. LOL. It was funny because a lot of people were saying “Why is this story so confusing… I’ll reread. Oh haha now it makes sense”


My writing secret might actually be that I’m a pantser and the only “editing” I do is spellcheck (I put it in quotes because I don’t consider that editing)

I mean I’m very upfront about that being all I do to the drafts I put on wattpad so it’s not technically a secret, but I still get a bunch of people who are shocked that’s all I do. I guess to some readers they don’t notice the same plot holes I know are there lol they still think I’ve fully planned and edited my books. My dyslexic word swaps are probably impossible to miss lol but that seems to be the only thing people complain about the most. Either that or people just don’t tell me when they see a major issue. So I guess it could be a combo of them not noticing and some just not telling me.


When I write I just start and keep going with whatever pops into my brain. It’s a bit weird, but it’s just a nice way I get everything out.




Haha, I also word vomit sometimes in my stories. xD Sometimes it works, other times? Not so much. Lol.


I love reading my work out loud. In fact, I read everything out loud. Whatever I type out (like now) and whatever I read. xD Everyone keeps asking me, “Who are you talking to?”

“Myself, of course. And no, I’m not crazy.” Haha


I tried to not plan stories. It has never worked out for me because they all went nowhere and I’d give up on them so easily. I’ve just been a big planner in life that it stuck to me as a writer. Though, honestly, I don’t plan so much in stories. Just enough to know what I’m doing. xD

So I applaud those that can create a novel without a plan and stick to it to the end. :wink:


I will say the one thing I do need somewhat planned is the ending. I mean not detailed, just enough to know where the story is going (though it often still changes as I write) otherwise I did have the same issue where the books died on the vine. So I’ll have my end game and then just start writing.

I think the reason pantsing works in my favor is because I am lazy. Like really lazy. Plotting everything out is a lot of work LOL I want to just write.