What Kills A Romance Book For You?

There are things we love in romance, ones that drive us forward with excitement and goosebumps as we anxiously click for the next chapter.

But what are the things that ruin a romance book for you or makes you hesitant to continue, making you lose hope of the book redeeming itself?


Douchebag love interests. Need/whiny/doormat/clingy heroines.

Basically, if I hate one half of the pair, I do not want to read about their so-called epic luuuuurve. Ugh.


I think I’ve said this on another thread as just a turn-off when it comes to reading any genre with a romantic couple, but basically, when the love interests have just met and they fall in love just like that. I get that some people feel the spark, but not everyone does. And in almost every book, it seems to be like that and I just want some variety I guess :rofl: I’m usually not a nit-picky reader, but this is something that has been getting a little old lately :joy:


It does get old. When I was reading up on my trope before I started writing my own, this was a big thing I noticed.

The first book I did a twist on it where the love interest was actually a psycho, so their insta love led to some pretty dark places when she realized she didn’t feel the same way like she thought she did.

The new book is based on their friendship first, which I think turned out better.

But yes, insta love drives me crazy. I get insta lust or insta screw, but loves comes from knowing who the person is, flaws and all.


The MC in my first Wattpad book was crazy whiney and needy, which I didn’t notice until a couple of years after I wrote it. Took it right down when I realized what a terrible relationship I showed.


I guess mine is the misunderstanding kiss. The one where the MC walks in to see the ex girlfriend or whoever kissing him, but doesn’t see him trying to push her off. Then she goes and has revenge sex with someone else, then they make up.


I did it, too. I think a lot of us go through that phase.

Who needs communication, amirite?



These are generally books that start out hot and heavy, but end up showing signs of being toxic or clearly not meant to be. They aren’t good for each other, but the writer doesn’t seem to realize that.


Yeah, I like the more realistic ones, where they start out as friends–maybe even being close since childhood–and then they start having feelings for each other; those are always reads that make my heart melt.

Yep. Lust is instant, but like you said, love takes a little more time. Some people do feel that instant connection, I totally believe in that, but it’s not as often as these stories portray xD


Ugh, I hate this. Especially when you’re already halfway through the book and you can’t really stop reading now.


True. It took me two weeks to memorize my now-husband’s name. He was just a booty call for a long time.

  • When they kiss in the first few chapters. Drag it out, please. The longer, the better.
  • When they’ve been having sex for three months and get married BeCAusE It’S TrUE lovE.
  • Jealousy. A little bit is fine, but don’t give me those “why were you looking at that other girl?”
  • “You’re mine, Stacey,” he growled.
  • When the characters have no personality whatsoever.

Hey, look at that! Think I just described 50 Shades.



It’s really bad how many blurbs alone I’ve seen that advertise stories that fit all those criteria…


Yeah, it’s a shame.
But I love it when a blurb ticks all of those boxes. That way, I at least know I don’t want to read the book :joy:.


Oh yeah!


A romance book is dead for me if it is just romance …

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True! :rofl:

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I’d love to see it where the girl sees this, the ex and her boyfriend kissing, and while in that moment she’s internally freaking out, she stops to notice his visible signs of discomfort and lack of intetest. Maybe a situation where he’s too stunned to stop her.

Instead of storming off, she rushes up to the ex (guy or girl, doesn’t really matter) and goes ham. Slapping, hitting, confronting, and CURSING LIKE A SAILOR FOR HER MAN LOL.


Literally everything you’ve said. :raised_hands:

If this happens, I’m done. I’m out. What else is there to happen? lol The sexual tension is one of the best parts of reading and writing romance and if its gone five chapters in, so am I.

So annoying. If its annoying in real life, its annoying in books. lol

This very rarely works for me. I won’t say it never has, but generally I just roll my eyes at the toxic display of masculinity being disguised as romantic or sexy.