What kind of music do you like to listen to while writing?


I personally will listen to movie soundtracks, especially the soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, or ambient music, trip-hop, and road-tripping music!


I feel like music really sets the mood, so it’s different depending on what I’m writing. Right now I’m working on sort of a noir thriller, so I’ve been listening to dreamy noir jazz like Moon Dreams by Miles Davis, etc


I’m not sure if this is an actual genre or not, this is just what I search on YouTube to find the songs, but epic pop is a favorite of mine. I have an entire playlist dedicated to it for my fantasy writing. Right now, Hidden Citizens is a big one. Damned Anthem, UNSECRET. There are more, but those are my favorites.


Miles is a staple of my playlist as well, especially the Kind of Blue album!


Awesome! Yeah, his music just puts me in the perfect writing mood


This playlist is my go-to for my current novel even though I’m not writing anything post apocalyptic. Johnny Cash is a must when writing about the Fae. Or roadtrips.


I’ve mentioned my eclectic music playlist in another thread somewhere, but it’s called “Best of Shady RWBYTale.” It’s a mix of songs from Shady Cicada, the soundtrack of Undertale, and songs from the Rooster Teeth animated series RWBY. It’s got a lot of rock as well as other genres, and fits most of what I write pretty well.


Anything I know all the words to, so it doesn’t distract me. I turn it up super loud and ignore the world.

If I’m writing for a long amount of time, listening to something with lyrics can give me a headache, so I’ll switch over to Ehrling. Love his music.


I go from this:

to this

fairly often lol


I generally vacillate between lofi collections and death/heavy metal like Rivers of Nihil or Outre Tombe, those options create very different scenes. Sometimes also go with some good-old-fashioned rock like The Strokes.


It depends on what the mood of the story is or it just depends on the pacing or the plot.
For something sad but calming

For something fast paced or energetic


I listen to a lot of sad music. (Unless I’m in a mood, then I’ll listen to, like, upbeat music and “battle music”).

I mean, I listen to everything, but I write song, and they’re all sad and poetic. So, I try to listen to similar music as it helps me write songs :slight_smile:


And usually, I’ll be writing a book and halfway through I’ll be like, “OH A SONG I COULD WRITE!”

It’s a really mixed bag.


Ooh I love Sufjan! But it’s hard for me to write when I’m listening to music with lyrics


I guess it depends on everyone.
Also I like sufjan too. My sister introduced me this song and this song blasted me with so much inspiration


The Illinois album is awesome too


I like to listen to Lofi music on my Youtube playlist while writing or practising digital art, it soothes my soul :slight_smile:


I listen to whatever mood the chapter is going to be like, so if it’s sad i’m gonna listen to sad music and if it’s happy i’ll listen to happy music. I feel as if it helps me write and feel the same emotions the characters would.


I can’t listen to music when I write because it disrupts my ability to think up cohesive sentences, but when I do, I either listen to lofi or chillstep.


It’s mostly prog rock/metal for me :slight_smile: I love bands like, Rush, Dream Theater, and Coheed and Cambria