What kind of music do you like to listen to while writing?


Some of my ‘go to’ list, by category.

For just grinding out writing:

William Ackerman - Threes
William Ackerman - Ventana
William Ackerman - Conferring With The Moon
William Ackerman - The Last Day at the Beach
James Horner - Star Trek 3 (Prologue / Main Title)

For writing out something particularly intense:

James Horner - Star Trek 3 (Stealing the Enterprise (starting at @3:11))
James Horner - Apollo 13 (Master Alarm)
Howard Shore - Osgiliath Invaded

John Williams - Princess Leia
John Barry - Two Socks (The Wolf Theme) followed by John Barry - The Buffalo Robe
Howard Shore - The Journey to the Grey Havens

TL;DR: I like listening to instrumental stuff when I write. :slight_smile:


I completely get the sound tracks. I also like Apocalyptica. I find different things help in different scenes so the music library is full and vast all different types.


Mostly things that relate to the characters or story. I find myself listening a lot to Avalanche by BMtH or a majority of Simple Plan’s old stuff. There are even times when I’ll write to love songs that relate to romance stories. It depends on the type of story I’m writing and such~


Imagine Dragons and T0P.


Usually, I would put on some Frank Sinatra or a “Beatles” mix.


My taste in music runs the gamut, but I find it hard to listen to music WHILE writing. I curate playlists inspired by or that inspire my stories. For my latest on Wattpad, I made a playlist to share with readers. It has a very contemporary, Gen-Z vibe that matches the book incredibly well.


When I write, I can’t listen to anything with words I’ll understand (i.e. English) or a beat I can dance to, else, I’ll get distracted. So, that leaves classical music and new age spa type music. Now, when I do my art? It’s angry rock music like Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed!


White noise :neutral_face:


What’s lofi?


Music that fits the Story I wrote. Or even a Documentary!
I need the right mindset. And specific music helps there. How could I wrote about a ball in Versaille, without hearing the sounds of Violins and piano. Or write about the West without a bit country music in the backround, that let me dream of wild open spaces and dustry roads? sniff


Lo-fi (originally spelled low-fi, from the term “low fidelity”) is an aesthetic of recorded music in which the sound quality is lower than the usual contemporary standards (the opposite of high fidelity) and imperfections of the recording and production are audible.

Here I brought the definition!
Basically music with calming, static noises like they’re coming out from a radio. Search lo-fi on youtube and you’ll get a lot of lofi music videos that are good to listen to when studying/writing.


Oh! Like the one I shared here:

Thanks for explaining it for me. They really do help me concentrate.


Music is what defines and creates most of the scenes for my stories but my library is rather absurd since most of it is instrumental VGM. :joy: Yep, videogame soundtracks.

I suppose if some had to be thrown in ‘real’ genres then there’s most variations of rock, some heavy metal in there, don’t really like that. There’s some pop, and grunge style music. There’s even some ballads for calmer moments. It’s generally more invigorating, intense music that’s fast and loud.


I mainly listen to music without any vocals when I write as it can be distracting for me otherwise.

It kind of depends on the type of story, I guess, but I really like to listen to audiomachine


Here’s a good band to listen to while writing: The War On Drugs. Very U2/Bob Dylan/Bruce Springsteen-like. Atmospheric, psychedelic, and introspective stuff. Worth a listen.


Ooh I like it! Very relaxing :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!


I actually listen to Arabic music because for some reason my mind won’t process the words but I still enjoy and sing along haha



Honestly, mostly kpop nowadays. Before, I was all about rock and metal, but something very weird happened… And I do have different playlists for different kind of scenes. For example if I write about romance, it’s romantic songs etc.


Epic movie soundtracks.


I agree about movie soundtracks being a great option. I like to try and specifically go for instrumental scores for films that have a similar genre to that of the story I’m writing.