What kind of youtube channel would your character run?

I’ve been thinking about this ever since one of my friends showed me some animated character vlog channel. The game is exactly what it says on the carton:


  • Medora: A paranormal history channel with her background being made up of string charts for the cryptid of the day. Think Polygon Unraveled videos with the chaotic 2 AM on 5 shots espresso feral energy as Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia bit (you know the one).

  • Ilene: Lesbian fashion history and personal hot takes on fashion. Also chaotic, but with more bitter energy instead of feral.

  • Richie: Shitposting and meme edits. Just anarchy and gay.

  • Gene: DIY on fixing cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles ft. all the characters above causing chaos before getting edited out.

  • Kaylee: Bloopers that Gene cut out from his videos.

  • Entire group: Amateur ghost/paranormal hunting channel. Usually ends with zero ghosts, and 100% fleeing the scene after someone catches them for breaking and entering.


Amneris: Weapons and magic (ft. Leo and Nikki).

Leo: Only appears on Amneris’ and Nikki’s channels when forced.

Nikki: 100 things to NOT shape shift into.

Zoe: Recent inventions (ft Jay).

Carmin: “Why visions do not mean people are crazy.”

Dan: Video games ft Leo, Zoe, and Jay. (Shows up in the background of Carmin’s videos and is being stupid.)

Jay: Memes. Memes. Memes. (Tries to ruin everyone else’s videos)

Kayla: “This is why I’m dating an idiot (aka Jay)”. Occassionall makeup video with Hathor, Nikki, And Carmin.

Hathor: Books and travel. Everyone has appeared on her channel at least once.

Colt: “I still do not understand modern day technology.” Appears on Amneris’ and Hathor’s channels when forced



Ebony: Spells. Straight up. The girl is Wicca and practices the Craft. Add the fact that she has had magic since before she died and her death only made it stronger. She also does the occasional video of how to read ancient languages since that mixes in with her Wicca practices. She will also throw in some random mythology here and there. She shows up on her friends’ channels every now and then, usually trying to make fun of them.

Tiye: Gossip gal. Always has something to stay. Her circle of friends will show up on her channel all the time. She also loves making music videos and referencing memes in everything. Ebony will sometimes be seen in the background shaking her head and making apologetic faces to the camera at some of Tiye’s . . . comments on the world.

Isaac: You know all those stupid things people do to make them look cool? Yeah, that sums up his channel. He’s always ‘accidentally’ injuring himself by making a fool out of himself. Though, he does do some pretty impressive moves on the skateboard. He will show up on Ebony’s channel every now and then when she starts fawning over how cute is dog is. They always end up fighting about everything, to the delight of viewers. Apparently they argue like a married couple. When asked on his channel, he will deny this


Dalmishian would run a book reviews one; Loran a channel about swordplay; Matthew, how to hunt with your fox; Alyssa: Girl power! :joy::joy:

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Tyr: Tyrrisms, which comprises of: dramatic readings (starring a random guest to voice act), Roasting people or comments, videos about making fun of things, Comedy sketches and stand ups, Conciousness and where it falls flat series, and whatever other comedy thing he can come up with.

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Berlin: Her channel is named after some goth, punk, or emo song. She mainly covers edgy songs and reads off Tumblr posts. She does the occasional storytime video, though, and sometimes writes her own music. She uses an electric guitar for her music because she’s too good for a ukelele. Occasionally Mark makes an appearance, despite the fact that flute and electric guitar is a bit of a weird combination.

Chelsea: It’s named after her. She does makeup tutorials and school gossip. Kiran and Avery often make appearances. She’s probably really popular online.

Avery: SPEEDPAINT CHANNEL. It’s called Artvery and she does mainly physical art with some digital. Recently, there’s been a lot more school gossip there than before.

Kiran: Vlog channel named after himself because he is pretty much a high school Jake Paul.

Mark: It’s not named after him. It’s a music channel about flute and school band. He also talks about being gay a lot and has Rich on.

Rich: Something about D&D.


Hella: anything outdoor related.
Augusta (unp. wip): spiritual, mental health

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Im using a few characters from my work in progress Seven seas but I have many other characters I could do this about.
Lynx: Lynx would definitely have a travel vlog with all of the shenanigans he gets into while traveling.For this question Im ignoring the fact that Lynx or any of my characters in Seven Seas wouldnt have one at all because he rarely uses technology.He might have a few challenge videos as well.Lots of messing around.

Asalei: Educational videos based off of mythology and history.

Kirarose: Videos based on potions and other types of magic all based on healing since thats the only knd of magic he actually has.

Mitchelle: How to flirt 101 but its terrible and can be summed up with ‘Ask the person out you coward’.Also lots of videos of him just messing around and being an absolute dork.No order at all he embraces chaos on his channel.

Slightly sad none of my characters would have a buzzfeed unsolved type of channel but its whatever.


Quinn would 100% run a history channel. Probably really inebriated to avoid crying on camera. So like Drunk History but not as stream-of-consciousness and probably not as funny

Lorne and Jaya wouldn’t have a YouTube channel but I bet they’d have a manyvids.

Dakota would run one of those religion deconstruction channels a la Dear Mr. Atheist and TellTale and Rachel Oates

Maka would probably have a channel for learning about sign language

You know that YouTube channel of the guy who identifies every single problem with Apple products and how to fix it so you’re not having to buy a new device or spend a boatload on repair costs? That’s the kinda channel Charlie would run.

Siobhan would also have a manyvids but they’d probably run some sort of channel related to gaming as well.

Evelyn would run a channel about botany and natural remedies done right.

Yoru would run a channel kinda like BHB Reptiles except its just about her snakes. all of them. All the long bois

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Quetzalcoatl: Chicken vines.

Posilyn: Disney pranks, try not to laugh videos, and cat videos.

Neutro: How-to videos about fixing computer errors, and cooking tutorials.

Freddy: Prank videos and party compilations.

Peter: Music videos and guitar cleaning tutorials.


A Travel Channel. Just Kaelina vlogging going around the world and experiencing new things since she’s a free spirited person


This is so fun to think about!

Story: Mageia Era

Tai: A vlog channel about his everyday life. He’s kind of boring, so beware.

Mai: She would make a pranking channel. Since she’s basically a ghost, she would possess people’s phone or things and scare them haha

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Reminds me of that one video with two girls singing in their room and a bottle just slides and falls off of their shelf and then the door just SLAMS shut on its own. It’s like their ghost roommate walked in after a long day at work, didn’t want to hear them singing, and just did the pettiest, most passive-aggressive thing possible.

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Wren: Already has a YouTube channel for her sports. She’s a figure skater and a freestyle indoor skydiver, so he videos would be of her just doing some tricks and stuff.

Quincy: He would make a joint one with his little sister and do different hairstyles for her and post tutorial videos on how to do them. He’d also do some cooking tutorials and from time to time some boxing videos.

Felix and Aslan: They would so the weirdest things together and just vlog it. Just imagine two idiots trying to be more idiotic than they already are. Surfing fails, biking fails, fails etc.

it’s 12:21 midnight here and this just made me paranoid hahahahahaha
-nervously typing-

Eh, don’t worry. The worst thing I’ve ever had was a little tea candle getting smacked off of a counter before I tried to chat with whatever was in my bathroom with tarot cards. The spirit called me a bitch and hasn’t messed with anything there since.

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Claire: Cat videos that is surprisingly always popular.

Roxanne: Memes. Trashy memes that’ll even make other meme-lovers cringe.

Grover: Tries to do gaming channels even though he’s an old fart who doesn’t even like games.

Bella: Rants on why parents are the worst things in the world.

Bonnie: Rants on why kids are the worst things in the world.

Rick: A compilation video of he himself being awesome.

Katrina: Cooking tutorials.

Gaska- wouldn’t be interested in Youtube in the first place. But would probably make a Channel about Biology ,Psychology and Learning.

Tome- Pranks. All the Pranks. ,Memes, and probably Song Parodys.

Rixte- Would probably make Tutorial Videos about fixing things. (Maschines etc.)

Kasunya: Speedrawing videos, fashion tips.

Kanon: Gaming channel but it’s probably just him and Kasunya playing Mariokart.

Scarlette: Makeup tutorials and really trashy covers of songs.

Julie: Judgmental reviews of movies, books, and different types of fancy wine.

Kevin: Reviews
Olivia: Conspiracy theories
Sophie: Rants
Veronica: Mummy vlogger
Ryan: General vlogger
Randy: gaming
Christine: Probably wouldn’t even understand how YouTube works
Nazeem: Musical theatre covers
Jesse: Beauty vlogger
Craig: Religious debates
Tina: Probably too cool to be a YouTuber