What literary devices do you tend to lean towards the most besides similes and metaphors?

My writing tends to lean towards repetition. I always feel like it creates a dramatic effect that I am looking for!

Let me know which ones you like to use the most!

Alliteration. Especially in my kids books haha

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Anaphora, definitely. I also fall back on the rule of three a lot. More broadly with story structure, I do a lot of cyclical/circular storytelling, which I think works well for character-driven stories.

Pathetic fallacies

I have yet to use Anaphora. I never seems to have the impact I want.

Never heard of Pathetic Fallacies?!

Ohh this. Hard me with rule of threes

homages and call backs

It’s the practice of adding human emotions and responses to inanimate objects, esp with weather.

I didn’t even realize what it was until my lit Prof pointed it ou

I think I use similes like my very life rests in the jaws of a bridge troll who can only be satisfied by a good simile. Not sure this one made the cut.

I also love to hang the gun. That thing is gonna get fired, believe you me.

One of the stories I’m world-building for right now has a magic system which enshrines the rule of three, so there’s no escape anywhere…

I definitely recommend trying it out! It creates this rhythmic, almost hypnotic effect that’s super useful in the right kind of story.

I tend to use Chekov’s gun, which means that if there’s a gun (or any other element in the story that promises something), that gun will get used (and any other narrative element that promises something will get fulfilled) at some point in the story and is, thus, necessary to the plot.

I also tend to use elements of intertextuality to add meaning and complexity to my stories via allusions in dialogue and narrative mentions and quoted extracts used in a different context in the story; I think it’s called “recontextualization.”

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