What made you want to start writing, and what keeps you wanting to write?



The stories I created as an assignment for school made me want to write. I would get English assignments in elementary school, instructing me to follow these specific prompts and I’d create the most bizarre stories. It was fun. My imagination ran wild; and, eventually, I ended up writing for fun. I wrote more than a dozen short stories, but they were all deleted from my old computer, so… it’s hard to get those back.

As for the question, I don’t know what keeps me writing. I would like to say that I’m inspired, that I have motivations; and while I am inspired by so many things, it’s hard to create the story about it, in a way that brings the subject justice. At times, I want to quit, but I don’t. I lack motivation. I lack confidence, I think. But as long as I have people reading the shit stories I put out, whether they love it (genuinely or saying it to spare my emotions) or not, I’ll keep writing more.


When I was younger, I didn’t have a huge interest in writing books mainly because I hated reading. I enjoyed writing poems and songs—mostly songs. I wanted to be a singer/song-writer for years. Turned out, I suck at singing… and I suck at writing songs because they never made sense.

But at age twelve, I became kind of annoyed at how I couldn’t find my “hidden talent.” And I tried everything that was artistic. Couldn’t draw, couldn’t paint, couldn’t sing, couldn’t write poetry and songs, couldn’t act, couldn’t sing, couldn’t play an instrument… It was very discouraging for me.

It wasn’t until I was hooked on Twilight when writing became an option. Now, when I was 10-11 years old, my sister tried to get me to read the series. At the time, I hated reading, so I told her no and that I’d wait for the movies. At the end of the year, when I was eleven, my sister took me to see it in theaters. It opened up a brand new world for me and I loved every moment of it.

When I was twelve and had the books with me, I began reading them. Took me over a year to do it, but I did it nonetheless. When I finished them, it made me feel inspired. I wanted to write my own stories and create my own worlds. So I opened up a Word document and began writing.

Little did I know, the very first story I wrote was a Twilight fan fiction. I had no idea fan fiction existed, so I claimed it as if it was an original (which it wasn’t… lol). I posted this story, along with many others, on an online website that I played with, with my friend from school. It was called iDressup, but it’s no longer up and running.

Anyway, many of the users gave me great reviews (none of which was a critique, just a bunch of “I love this,” and “This is so cool,” kind of comments). Some of which got inspired to write their own stories.

This was what sparked my interest in wanting to continue to write. To inspire others. It’s still part of my motivation today: I want to make other people feel a certain way so they can do something. Whether that’s reading that particular genre/story, writing in general, or something else entirely (like following their dreams, for example).

But my overall motivation would be the passion I have for writing.

Ever since I was nine, I have suffered from depression. One of the biggest ways that I’ve coped with it was binge eating and that isn’t a healthy way to go around it. I became overweight and now, as an adult, I can’t lose that weight easily. I’ve dealt with so many harsh bumps in my life that I’ve just wanted to give up and commit suicide. I’ve even attempted it once. But writing has helped me through it all. It’s allowed me to think clearer, to let me figure things out, to challenge me, to make me see that life isn’t as it always seems. I have a passion for writing not only because it’s creative and lets me create all sorts of wild scenarios, but also because it’s something I can’t live without. It’s my own little coping mechanism when depression is at its worse. It lets me get through the tough days of when I don’t want to deal with the probelms in my life. It helps me feel like I am in control and that this isn’t it. This isn’t the end of my story. Without writing, without feeling like I have a purpose to tell some kind of story I wanted to tell, without seeing people become inspired and engaged through my stories and have something relate to them…? I probably wouldn’t be here or be alive right now.



I started writing because I loved books. I loved reading them, I admired the people who wrote them, and I just loved stories and books and words. They were my entire universe. Okay, maybe that’s hyperbole, but you get it. So I started wondering - what if I could write like them? Create my own universe that I could surround myself in.

And I did. And I do, I keep doing it, because I love it. I agree with @Xenoclea, as well. I have so many ideas and words inside my head the only way to keep them from jumbling my mind up is to write them down. Sometimes I feel like I can’t write. Sometimes I don’t want to. But sometimes words just fill my brain and the writing comes naturally.

Another thing, I guess, is because it feels like escape. Whenever I’m supposed to study - boom, I can just write my way out of boredom (probably should stop doing that, but whatever). Whenever I feel sad, or even more than that, and just feel like life has nothing more to give me, I write. Most of the time it makes me feel better, even if it’s just 50 words.

TL;DR: I started because I loved books. I keep doing it because I love it.


That has got to be the most entertaining ‘how I started writing’ story here.


Oh my god your story is so inspiring I’m cryign


I’m a really quiet person irl so I usually observe people, their behaviour, the way they move etc and I used to imagine a story before going to bed and continued imagining the next day and so on. Since I’ve created so many stories in my head so why not write them out?

I used to have depression when I was 13 and I refused to speak with anyone. Then my parents got me a dog and I started talking to her and eventually got better. Things went downhill when I was in the University. I studied architecture and it got taxing most of the time. I started losing sleep and appetite and it just got worse when I get stuck with design and the submission date was two weeks away. I just panicked and would spend days locked in my dorm and skipping classes just crying and crying. I ended up failing my design studio. I had to retake the subject and extend a semester. I felt so ashamed of myself I would avoid any topic about design or even the word architecture.

Well. Sappy story has ended. I graduated two months ago and didn’t think about my failure anymore. Now I need to start worrying about getting a job.

What made me want to write/ continue writing?

My English tests used to have students to write a story beginning or ending with a sentence back in high school. I thought it was fun and I saved all my works until I moved last year and my mom probably threw it away. I’m using the same method now where I’ll decide on the last sentence of the chapter first before writing down the chapter. I like to watch indie movies where the pace is slower and there’s fewer dialogues. I like that kind of feeling so hopefully my stories give the same vibe.

Ps: sorry for the long post


Well I started writing cos I had so many ideas that went to waste

and then I got the change to write a “book” was more of a booklet acc with 30 pages for a final project in school and I enjoyed it very much

so that’s basically when I started writing on wattpad (I had it before but only read on it)


What keeps me writing?

My hope, that one day, someone will pay to read my works is what keeps me writing.


I started writing when our class was asked to write a poem for a statewide poetry contest run by a magazine. I ended up winning my age group and have loved writing ever since.

Why do I keep writing? It is honestly the only thing I’ve ever found a passion for and the only thing I’ve ever been any good at. I love disappearing into that world, living in my head and putting what I see onto the page. I’m very much an introvert, so writing is where my excitement comes from and living this whole other life without actually having to live it, if that makes sense.


I began writing upon seeing the awesome stories of my brother. I wanted to be cool like him, so I attempted to write (I was about 10). The problem was, I only had thrillers and police stories, and writing that style was quite… unsuccessful, to say the least. :smiley:

Then much later on, my mom brought me J.R.R. Tolkien and Isaac Asimov’s books… and it sparked to me. Creating whole worlds that could envelop you, make you feel hope, all kinds of emotions.
It so happened that I was also a member of an all-around forum, so I gained insight into the world. So the project of writing The Shadow Paradigm began, almost 10 years ago. I lost interest several times until I discovered DeviantArt, and decided to participate in contests, which gave birth to all my short stories.

Now, I continue writing because it has become my lifeline. It’s hard and complex, and half of the time I feel that I’m way not good enough, but I love it. I keep watching movies, shows, and each time, it reassures me that I have every right to write the kind of stories I believe in. :heart: