What makes a good romantic adventure werewolf story?

So here is the question: What makes a good romantic, adventurous werewolf story that isn’t too cliche?
I have one, but I feel like it has a bit too much going on. Is there a limit to how much danger/adventure you can have?

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good plot and good romance

Let’s read each other story and evaluate them whether they are clich, too much going on or too much violence. What say?

I hope not, because theres alot of other stuff going on in mine, not just the romance hehe

Mine too, lol

I feel like you need to have a mix of adventure and romance. You got to make sure that one doesn’t outbalance the other because it sucks when there’s too much action and then boom the characters are in love (and im just like how did that happen), or if the whole book is focused on love and then action is chucked into the last five chapters. Keep building a plot outside of the romance throughout the book, and not let it overpower the love, and you should be good in my opinion!


Well put

Lol. Well said. Good for me, then. Because, in my book the MCs were in love way before the story starts, so there’s no magical change on that level :joy:

Love the way you phrased this!!

Thanks! I have a tendency to ramble LOL

Thank you!

Oh that’s so cool! So is it kind of like two lovebirds that have to survive a bunch of stuff thrown their way? And see if the love survives all the drama?

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Not exactly. They know from the start that their love would never die. However, it’s their only certainty. Not once in the book their love is challenged because nothing and nobody can hold their feelings for each other down.

I wrote it after all the rejections and melodrama I found in the dozens of werewolf novels I read.