What makes your antagonist a good villain?

Does your story have a mean girl? An evil man? A nemesis that is competing with your main character? Consider the following questions to explain what makes the antagonist of your story a good villain:

What makes your antagonist different?
What is the reasoning behind their mischief?
Why do they resent the main character?

No one knows who it is :wink:

And, apparently, no one but me knows this, either, and it’s pretty firmly in that section marked SPOILERS… :grin:

They don’t even know the MC. My MC’s just love to meddle- or in their own, more heroic words-

“Why are we doing this? We’re just ordinary people.”

“Yeah, but we’re the ordinary people who stopped saying that.”

They’re the devil and they’re highly unpredictable. Also a bit of a spoiler there :wink:

They we’re trying to be protective since they’re the MC’s great uncle.

Same reasoning as above.

Answered above family drama, you know

One of them manipulates the MC into believing she’s doing the right thing, and the other uses the MCs escape as an excuse to invade the land.

The first lusts for power and the second wants to save her people from extinction.

The first doesn’t really resent the main character, he just enjoys watching people suffer. The second doesn’t either, but tradition dictates she must kill her because her escape made her and her people appear weak.

My WIP antagonist is an Avenger Archetype. With limited access to justice in my setting, my protagonist is still on the side of the established order, finding good in the contemporary rulers & capable of seeing the natural justice and/or poetic justice to eventually occur, while the antagonist has the holy redeemer mindset. I am hoping to present it as an idealist and a realist clash.

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I censored it, hope it’s alright.

What makes them different? They aren’t one person, everyone is an a**hole to someone.

Reasoning? People are d*cks.

Why do they resent the MC? Ah well let’s see… The MC is a homesick 15 yr old that thinks the world is what’s wrong with his life. Sound annoying? Now you know why there’s more than one antagonist, including himself.


She’s actually the protagonist and could be seen as the hero.


My antagonist wants everyone in the univers to bow and pray to his gods

He has brainwashed by these gods and turned into their prophet

He hates the MC because he wants the people to live free and because he is a God, and the fact that his gods aren’t the only ones bothers him


Alfonso Rivera from “Memories of Ignacia Contreras”:
Alfonso Rivera thinks he’s bringing good into the world, by creating a united, fascistic world, he truly sees himself not only as the good guy, but as the greatest, believing his superpower is a gift from God and that he is the second coming of Jesus, he believes he is destined to rule the world, and believes the inmune population to be truly evil, being inmune because of their closety to the devil. Of course that is bullshit, the inmune population simply have different genes. He resents the main character because she betrayed him and the Empire, and the Party, that is a pretty big deal, he feels like she is Judas, he feels like the hero of the novel who was betrayed by the evil inmune lady who pretended to be his friend from the first years

Other antagonists from “Memories of Ignacia Contreras”:
Nothing much to say about these, they were brainwashed by Alfonso using his power, they are thus very empty individuals, just doing what Alfonso says, they still have certain independence, but for the most part are very underdeveloped on purpose, because they were brainwashed and unable to think for themselves

General Sophia, from “The Nazi Huntress”:
She’s a nazi, nothing more to say. She was educated in the ways of nazism since a young age, and joined the military to further impose them on the world, believing that Germany was the greatnest nation in the world and that Jews deserved it, and that Germany was just meant to rule everyone. Being a nazi general, she’s pure evil, has sociopathic tendecies, and aproves of torture and experiment in concentration camps all over the world. Despite having been influenced by the nazi educational system, there is not really an excuse for her, she is mischief because she’s an evil nazi. She obviously resends the protagonist because the MC is responsable for the death of thousands or even million of soldiers all over the world due to her crusade. Despite being evil, her last words were begging for her life, as a coward, like most nazis deserve

Führer Leon, from “The Nazi Huntress”
The biggest bastard of them all. Close friend of Hitler during his late years, a complete supporter of the Nazi Party, he was born in the late WW2, so he really had no choice in the educational system, but he still actively decided to become part of the Nazi Party, joining the Hitler’s Youth and becoming it’s leader, to later go to Hamburg University and becoming a political leader there too, becoming finally Hitler’s second in command by 1960, when Hitler died, it was his idea to make it seem like Hitler was inmortal and denying the fact he died, making it seem like Hitler was still the Führer, while it was actually him who ruled the worldwide Reich, and directed the genocide of billions. He resents the MC because… well, she killed hundreds of millions of soldiers and important people of the Reich, in the end he begged for his life crying tho, like he deserved, and got a pretty gruesome death, but he also killed the MC by shooting her in surprise while getting killed, the bullet didn’t kill her inmediately, giving her enough time to finish her gruesome kill

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The fact that she’s also the protagonist.

She wants to prove to the world that certain people don’t deserve the rights that they were born with.

… she is the main character.

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Rygilya is fueled by love for the sister he killed.

Rygilya was forced to kill his sister in a last-ditch effort to stay alive. Someone on the Supreme council whom he and his sister served faithfully sent hitmen and mercs to kill his sister after she got close to some secrets. She was sick and didn’t want her powers to be taken. So she had her brother do the deed and escape with her lifeforce. After that he swore vengeance on the council. He wants to kill the MC(his former best friend) to get the power of the dark god within him.

He doesn’t hate the MCs. They are just in the way. Kaden is a means to an end.

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Well, technically speaking, an antagonist isn’t always a villain. Example: In a book, this boy is the protagonist. He does this thing only a handful of people can do, and the antagonist tries to stop him, and has stopped everyone else, from doing this because the antagonist knows that if the protagonist does this he’s giving two worlds a ton of misery. But the actual villain isn’t him. The actual villain is a possessing spirit that would cause the misery mentioned before. An antagonist opposes the protagonist, but doesn’t really have to be bad.

I had to say it.

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1.He’s a male nurse and the Court jester
2. The reasoning behind his mischief he’s a compulsive caretaker
3. He doesn’t resent the main character since she helped him out but if your a hero who’s trying to finish off a monster who just made an emergency call to him, you better say your prayers.

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This is in my romance story, because others will give it away.

She’s not your stereotypical cheerleader girl. She’s blonde, yes, (my MC’s badass best friend is also blond) but she’s kind of introverted, a little sassy, and she doesn’t act fake, usually. She’s pretty studious too.

Envy. It’s all about envy. Which I will get to in the next question.

Like I said, jealousy. Because of the fact that her parents compared her so much to the MC, and shamed her kind of for it, she started to hate her and make her life hell. She’s hated my MC for that, and for having the “kind of perfect life.”

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Does it count if it eventually reveals that the MC is the main antagonist? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To return to the time they were most happy.

They are also the main character, so well, I guess this should be shifted to the main enemy in this case. To cut a long story short, the main enemy plays an important role in the MC’s life being flipped upside down. Is the main enemy in the wrong? Yes. Are they bad? Matter of perspective.

This is sorta like a reverse role really. Though it’s done in such a way that you’ll eventually see that there is no good or bad, only a means of perspective.

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My antagonist is what the MC/protagonist was based on and designed after. They look very similar but act nothing alike, at least in the beginning. I don’t know if that counts as something different.
Their reasons are a bit muddled and I need to find a way to portray them more clearly when I write the second draft. It’s complicated but I suppose if I were to simplify it, they understand machines more than they do people, so are a bit self isolating and alienating. But even more relevant is the fact that he’s a control freak and likes to dominate others, but since he can’t legally treat other people like that, he takes it out on androids. The MC is essentially an android with a soul, and he wants that so that he can legally be an abusive jerk without it being “ethically wrong” because they can’t prove that the MC has a soul.
The antagonist doesn’t resent the MC so much as he does the other person that worked on it with him to create it. When she gets her way with the project more than he does and he inevitably gets fired from it, he tries to get the MC back to make it his own and change it’s appearance to look less human so it doesn’t come into question that it could be more human than originally thought and should have rights. He of course fails at this, and that’s when he starts to resent the MC himself more. Still, he’s more interested in it for his own deranged pleasures than he is hateful towards it. He does think less of the MC though, not thinking of him as a person at all. Again, I need to make this all much clearer than it is so far with the first draft.

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Spoilers for anyone who’s reading The Ephemeral series…

My story is a war story at its heart, so there are many antagonists - humanity itself, war lords, the prejudiced government and ignorant citizens, the actual villain who went a step too far.

There are characters who represent the darkest side of each of these components, but the “ultimate” villain in the story is flirtatious, charming, slightly unhinged human.

The wrongs committed against his country and his own family, along with his father’s dream of a peaceful empire, make up his primary motivations to turn his war into a genocide. He truly sees himself as a hero who’s eradicating the humans incapable of shedding their prejudice. He even tries to tap into my hero’s hatred for her country’s gender laws to convince her of his heroism - to ask her to join him in his fight. He doesn’t resent her - he sees them as two sides of the same coin.

What makes him more than a powerful Hitler “take 2,” however, is his humanity. He’s experienced great personal loss, and his own brother left him to rule a crumbling empire on his own, which led to anger and resentment and feelings of deep betrayal and distrust. He’s been on his own, surrounded only by the darkness he’s created, blinded to the devastation he’s brought upon the world. He’s desperate to clean this slate and start over, not only for world peace, but for his own sanity. He wants a family again. He doesn’t want to be alone.

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