What Makes Your Character’s Feel Different?


The love interest. The MC. The supporting character’s.

What makes each of your character’s feel different than many you’re used to reading or many from the trope you write?

No promoting your story, but I would like when you list your character’s and why they are different, you provide us with one line of dialog that really captures their personality.


Alrighty. I guess I’ll kick it off.

The MC has a very quiet, collected nature, but is also incredibly quirky. She’s incredibly close to her family.

The Love interest is kind hearted, sweet and very protective (but not in the taking over and handling shit for her kind of way). Whereas a lot of love interests are these brooding sex gods, he’s much more humble and has only ever been with one woman who he was with for fifteen years. He also tends to dress himself down rather than accentuate his good looks because he’d rather be seen for his mind and personality.

The Supporting Characters have bigger roles in this book, something I’m not used to doing. When the MC’s father is in the scene, he honestly takes the center stage. He’s become one of my favorite character’s I’ve ever written because he’s just so badass and ridiculous.


I’m writing from both the guy’s pov and the girl’s, so that’s a little different.

The girl is more confident than the usual heroine of a romance story. She knows she’s pretty, and doesn’t spend paragraphs bemoaning her looks. She has more than one friend, which I don’t see a lot of. She has a life outside of her love intrest, too.

The guy isn’t a bad boy, or a player, or anything like that. He’s got a lot of issues, and he’s the type of person who wants to change the world, and might actually pull it off, if he doesn’t become a suicide statistic first.

And his best friend has stolen my heart. Every time I think about him, I want to cry and give him a hug. It’s my own fault he’s in such a mess, but I feel bad for anyway.


I do both POV’s too. My first MC back in 1996 was a male and I’ve always enjoyed writing through them.

I like how much you’ve seemed to connect to the side character. I feel like a story really becomes special once the side character’s can steal your heart.


I haven’t gotten too much in to his life in the story yet, although I’ve definitely started to hint at the fact that he doesn’t have it so great.


Your love interest sounds a lot like mine, actually. Except he knows he’s super pretty - and isn’t sure how he feels about that. He wants people to look beyond how he looks and most don’t - and if they do, they don’t like what they see, because he’s not what they expect. They expect a confident guy who knows everything, but reality is that he’s a pretty insecure guy who just wants something real.

The MC is… Quiet too. Usually lets his fits talk for him. He’s been to prison for a long time, so he has issues re-assimilating to normal society. Also, he can’t for the life of him understand what the Love interest sees in him.

Supporting character is the Love interest older brother. He’s the epitome of the “gentle giant.” He’s supportive, smart, nice and above all: gentle.

Another supporting character is the MC’s twin. She’s the opposite of the gentle giant. She is angry, aggressive, wild, loud-mouthed - but she’s also loyal and loving to the lucky selected few.

I don’t know if that makes them feel different? I hope so.


Your first guy and my guy should go have a beer. Or coffee.


My MC and her LI live in the world where the social roles and expectations are reversed.

She believes that nature did not grant men wisdom to lead and rule, they are dispencible and have to be married off at an early age and confined to household so a wife can take care of them and the could while their time in the company of their brother-husbands.

She is also old enough to know that in love and in war everything is fair, so when confronted by a sassy teen rival, after a period of soul searching she plays dirty, and she plays to win.

My LI is a beleaguered Duke who is hanging to his crown on technicality because he cannot inherit as a male. He is enamoured with the military glory, in the society that values a bad peace over a good war.

My support characters include her middle daughter who got no temperament for war, but is spiritual and magic-inclined instead; and Duke’s sister conceived of a Divine and born a deaf-mute dwarf as a result.

I am not sure about the appeal of my story to anyone, but I can see a lot of ‘not like anything else’ in it.


My MC is very much so a classic Romantic, and I mean Romantic in the literary sense, not in the relationship sense. She is an aesthete, a nature-lover, very artistic, and sensitive. She also has the supernatural ability to conjure living plants, flowers, and insects out of her embroidery, so that’s pretty cool.

Her LI is also very in tune with nature, though more outgoing and assertive. She is playful, free-spirited, and independent and holds a (justifiable) mistrust for authority. She is also a really good with animals and a decent bowhunter.

The Antagonist is basically everything you would expect a villain to be: manipulative, ruthless, abusive. He does all sorts of horrible things to the MC throughout the course of the story, but he has a strong sense of responsibility towards the people he rules, and which is what he uses to justify some of his more abhorrent behavior. In other words, he’s a bad person, but a good leader, and his strong desire to hold his world together and do right by his people leads him to some pretty wicked extremes. The MC actually ends up learning quite a bit from him and ends of growing as a person because of it.


My MC is abrupt and curses a lot. She’s a street-fighter. She’s a worker. She’s quite physically strong due to things that she’s managed to battle through, but she’s always managed to just stay on top. She’s dominant, all for woman power. She’s very much against the idea of falling in love with anyone anymore, since a bad breakup three years prior to the book’s events, she doesn’t think that love is something that is for her.

The Love Interest is her ex boyfriend, the one that she had the bad breakup with. He is generally similar to her personality wise. They are both tough nuts, but he’s much calmer than she is. He also was a MMA fighter in the same arena that she stayed at. He is more business focused, runs an investment company - he’s considerably richer than she is.

The antagonist is the brother of the MC’s mentor, who owns the fighting arena, he’s pretty much evil in that he’s completely family focused and wants the best for his spoiled brat of a daughter. He’s jealousy and greed if it took a human form. Directly, he is his brother’s rival and his daughter is the MC’s rival.