What makes your female MC special?

Wattpad has some amazing protagonists out there, but also a lot of cookie cutter characters.

Pick ONE female protagonist of yours and explain what makes her unique, lovable, interesting, etc. What’s her personality like? Why should I want to read about her? (Not the story’s plot, not your MC’s powers, sexuality, ethnicity, or trauma, but why I will fall in love with her).

My example:

3 things to know about Alex: 1) her best friends are an old mongrel and an 80-year old psychic woman 2) she’d rather throw herself off a mountain than wear something with ruffles 3) she loved her big brother more than anything, and she dreams of following in his footsteps.

Alex is a tenacious, opinionated, and heavily flawed young women who won’t back down from a challenge. She thinks deeply about the world around her, always on a quest for answers, for the truth (and maybe she’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist lmao). Despite the discrimination she faces, she never gives in to the pressures of society. Instead, she faces them head on (albeit, rather stupidly), and she does her best to fight for the voiceless, even when the world is set against her.

She’s got a loud, sarcastic, and humorous personality, and if you say something sexist, she’ll be the first to throw fists. (We stan an impulsive little bean). But at the same time, she carries a quiet loneliness with her that stems from a deep-rooted fear of intimacy, and she has a lot of baggage to shed before she can open her heart again.

While she indeed sucks at feelings, it’s Alex’s compassion for humanity that might just save the world.

Nancy Nagle
Damned of the 2/19th Series

Nancy Nagle is not lovable to anyone beyond the broken people who inhabit the shadowy military unit of Second Group of the 19th Gas & Flame Regiment, referred to as 2/19th Special Weapons Group.

A strong willed female soldier, Nancy Nagle brings skill, determination, and dedication to the story. She is a highly skilled medic who pulls her own weight in the series and without whom many of the series protagonists would have died of injuries or circumstances.

She lives in a world that is as harsh and uncaring as is survivably possible. From the uncaring casual inhumanity of the 1980’s military to the rigors of intense close quarters kinetic combat, she backs down from very little and faces everything with solid courage. In her Military Occupational Specialty she is highly skilled, one of the first female soldiers to graduate the demanding and rigorous Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Field Warfare Specialist school when it was finally opened up to female applicants, she proves time and again she has what it takes to stand next to her comrades when everything comes apart and the Gods of War laugh in bloody mockery of her life.

She’s sexist against most other females, particularly civilian women, who she holds in contempt and disdain. She’s cold and cruel to many people outside of her close circle of friends and outside of her squad and fellow “crew mates” at the deadly FSTS-317/NATO-93 site. She despises weakness, in herself and others, believing that giving into “womanly weakness” leads to death. Not only hers, but those around her.

She’s not wrong.

She’s a hard drinker, joining with her male friends to put back the drinks as they share tiny bits of enjoyment wrested from lives filled with misery. She loves her friends intensely, almost painfully, even though she rarely shows it. At times her facade is shattered to show the caring person as she cradles the dying or weeps for the lost.

But bit by bit, the reader watches her lost more and more of herself as the series progresses. Like every other protagonist of the series, the civilians she protects require more and more of her to be ground away, stripping away bits and pieces of her until she feels there is nothing left of the woman we meet in the first book.

As the series goes on, Nancy Nagle faces every challenge next to her friends, learning to lean on them and let them lean on her, to share the burden of pain and suffering. She constantly seeks to improve her skills and learn new things to let her survive on the modern battlefield.

She’s a complex female soldier, her past from before the series takes place effecting her less than the events that occur in the book series. Eventually she is forced to make the hardest choice of her life. Her own desires weighed against a tiny innocent life.

Finally, eventually, the odds catch up to her and like the rest of Echo-Five-Actual, she discovers that what she had said thirty years before was true.

Nobody gets off the mountain alive.


She sounds pretty cold. I love it.

Character progression and development is my #1 priority when I’m looking to read a story. I like that she harbors some internal misogyny (like Alex) at the beginning. I’m sure her journey is extremely satisfying.

I knew I was doing good when at about Book 10 many readers felt she had turned her back on the rest of the protagonists and had thrown them away to pursue living a lie, and in Book 12 when her reasonings were revealed more than a few of the readers stated that the two chapters had made them cry and that it wasn’t fair that she had been forced to make the choice she did.

That and readers love when she bursts through the door yelling “IT’S FUCKING TIME!” and either starts shooting at everyone in the room or marches into the room wearing a nightgown and fuzzy bunny slippers and gives the protagonist sloppy drunken kisses.


My character Alethea is a hell raiser and a crack head type. She’s an ex special forces officer and a chocoholic. She can do anything even infiltrating a terrorist base just for a piece of it.


Well okay…


One who embraces their imperfections and selfish desires. Becoming corruption itself, and eventually being branded an Iconoclast.

Book 1

In this version of the book, her past as the Iconoclast has been sealed away. This is due to her request of an old friend at the end of the third book. Anyway, I will keep descriptions based on books from here.

In this book

She descends to the world of Midgard, It is here due to an error on her part that spiraled a war throughout this world. This book, she aims to right the wrong that has been committed. Throughout this book, there is consistent growth. While she searches for her old friend, after being separated due to a battle against Hades, she battles against the creatures of the Endless Night, where the Four Generals have risen once again. She is known to be softhearted, but also relentless towards her enemies. This book touches off on her bond with her old friend, and ultimately builds up to the reawakening of the Iconoclast. She goes from a character who relies on her own abilities, and no one else, to gaining some valuable friends, and accepting their aid. Throughout the story, the development with the MC and her friends are more like a family really. Though most of all though, this book covers her long forgotten past.

Book 2

This here dives into the prequel, much before the events of Book 1. In this book, it begins by covering her life as a bounty hunter. As it progresses, she begins to notice discrepancies in her memories. Memories in which she believes does not belong to her. Feeling the dread of those memories, where certain words were never spoken, she continues on to confront her old friend. Which at the time she has no recollection of their previous life together, and the memories that surfaces reveals a past in which conflicts with her own. Anyway, throughout this book it covers the birth of the Iconoclast, how she tackles the seven trials(seven sins), becoming corruption itself. All to grasp the chance to return to the time she was most happy, to finally have those words being spoken. This book throughout, she comes into contact with many events from her past, breaking down barriers that she was inferior towards prior to the events of the book. As she dives deeper into despair, as she become corruption itself, she grabs onto the hope that one day even if it is an eternity, that the time will come where her desires will be realized.

Book 3

This book takes place 500 years after book 2. Where she is forcibly reawakened by the antagonist, her memories erased as a way to keep control over her, to be able to use her in the Great War. The beginning part of this book, she leads her squad against orders to find her old friend, knowing well that there will be safety once they reunite. It is here that the malicious intent of the gods have been revealed, after her comrades were slaughtered by the enemies. Realizing how much has been stolen from her allies. Throughout this book she dives deeper into her despair, becoming corruption itself. Even one of the antagonist stated that she is an abomination upon the world. It is towards the end of this book that she becomes the first Iconoclast. In the end, she knew that if she struck down the antagonist that she will be eternally despised. Even, to be able to grasp such a chance, for there to be any hope of the life she desire to become a reality, she embraces those imperfections and selfish desires, striking down the antagonist, and damning all the Nine Worlds. This is where she requests of her old friend to seal away her memories until she is ready to face up to the many sins she has committed.

Which now gets into book 1, where throughout her old friend sets certain events into place to trigger her reawakening. Thus the Bringer of Demise awakens once again, the Iconoclast.

It’s a long, dark, and tragic tale.

I did my best to shorten this.


in stark contrast to all my other characters, elaia sy is the protagonist of a dozen tragedies constantly choosing kindness where she’s tempted to do the opposite. she’s a static character and a metapostmodern dive into not placing the usual angsty hardass front and center of a tragedy


Can I pick an antagonist?

Those are a lot of actions XD What’s her personality like at the beginning?

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What’s her personality like?


I love characters who are kind. It takes a lot of courage. Does she have any flaws? Any quirks?

a touch of traumatic brain injury and self-hate much of her quirks are closely tied to getting bullied so idk i wouldnt call em quirks hhhh

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She’s crazy. That’s the best word I can describe her. She always makes trouble even to her commanding officer but she’s also badass and trustworthy since she’s an ex-captain of the special forces. She may mock you and make trouble but at the end of the day she’ll take a bullet for you if needed.


Lmao that’s great. I love the crazy ones!!

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I’ll give it from the prequel, since that is technically the beginning.

Her personality at the beginning was more open, she was much more kind, was much more softhearted. Though she’s a very complex character even then. Having a mischievous side as well as being more of an adventurous person.

In the present context, everything is only at a minimum. Kind? Yes, still kind, but relentless as well. Softhearted? Yes, though not beforehand, it is usually after the conflict is at an end. Mischievous side? That still remains, but that as well became limited.

The series shows how she goes from a content life, to someone who became the enemy of the world itself, all to gain a chance to returning to the time she was most happy.

In short, she is the MC as well as the antagonist. Even though she has fallen so far, her soft-heart still remains, which keeps her from completely going under, and one of the reasons why she becomes an Iconoclast.

There is too much to list lol


I know. Cutting mine down was really hard too XD It’s hard to reduce someone so complex down to a few adjectives * glares at query agents *

This gives me a much better picture though!


Haha thank you it’s because the author is a crazy one herself


Lol yeah

It’s a long and tragic story. Book 1 it was her old friend wishing for her return that sets events into place. He goes against her wishes, and tips some events towards her awakening once again. Book 2 shows just how far she will go to have her desires realized, even going as far as devouring the seven sins. Book 3 shows the ending results, the final line that cannot be turned back from, ultimately ending the cycle of an eternal conflict, and damning the Nine Worlds to oblivion, becoming their enemy, and fading into legend itself.

Book 3 however shows the events that takes place after book 1 at the end, since I know readers will get pissed, since book 1 is left on a massive cliffhanger between her and her old friend.



I’m still building my MC but she’s slowly growing. Basically, Isolde is a 16-year-old girl who’s struggling with mental illnesses, and her whole family treats her like a lunatic. She’s been kept at home for most of her life and has never been to a proper school. On her first day at a brand new highschool, we learn how brave, cheeky and daring she is. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone.