What Might You Search? with Nick from Wattpad


Trying a little different approach here. Part of our explorations here are checking out different types of searches, making sure we understand user behaviours.

Unfortunately, a lot of people no longer search or find interesting alternate means of finding content that can make our data noisy or too quiet. To help us better follow with what people are trying to find or might want to find, I’m making a simple ask!

What do you want to search for?

For example, I want to search for Science Fiction, Light Novels, Manga, and Mystery.

So come on in and say what you would like to search or what you typically search for.


Would like to search for: Mythology, folklore (spesific to different countries\cultures, so f.ex. malaysian folklore, asian etc.), retellings of other stories.

pretty much what i search for if i search because i’m usually on a look out for stories around small topics


Nothing. I feel like the tag system has made searching nigh useless. So until that gets replaced or tweaked to the point where I get actual fantasy stories when I search fantasy, then I won’t be searching anything.


light novels, magic, swords and the like, sci fi


I want weirdly specific books.

I want high fantasy about siblings and no romance, steampunk without magic, steampunk with magic, stories about kids going on adventures, deer shapeshifters, Rococo vampires, undersea adventures without mermaids, NO BADBOYS EVER, and illustrated books!


This is because search results are awful tbh. I don’t use the search feature unless it’s to find someone with their username.

What I want to search for are BTS fanfics with taekook/yoonmin/sin that are well-written, have 10+ long chapters and that are NOT text stories, instagram stories, crack fics, or smut with no plot. I want a real story, yet I only get noise :pleading_face:


Also @nick with all these threads you should have you own section or tag in the forums :hugs:


I search werewolf, shifters, sci-fi, historical, magic, fantasy, high fantasy, the main genres and a few specifics. But I don’t search much since so many of the books at the top are one’s Ive already read and genres are bleeding into each other. I almost forget what I used to search, lol. If I can think of anything else I’ll add it.


I want to search for stories by word count. (Like if it’s under 10K, between 10K to 25K, 25K to 50K, 100K+, etc. .) It helps me know how much time the author has devoted and how much time I can expect to invest in reading a work. Searching only by number of parts is misleading in my opinion, because I never have a clear idea of length.


I would like to be able to search for more than just genre. I have in mind the likes of ‘advance searches’ similar to the kind of in-depth searches you can do on anime, light novel, or manga sites.

For example:

  • Searching for major plot themes – (e.g friendship, survival, revenge, war, etc)
  • Searching for keywords – (e.g family, animals, love, death, satire, sports, etc)
  • Searching for character themes – (e.g royalty, assassin, ninja, mafia, robots, etc)
  • Searching for settings – (e.g high school, college, circus, library, etc)
  • Searching by demographic – (e.g what age group the author is targeting)

And so on.


Fictionpress’ advanced search criteria has always been well spoken of.
It should be easier to filter books for your language, of a certain length, age range, and have the ability to exclude genres you might not be comfortable with. Perhaps a maturity rating system would work better too. With a high percentage of the readers being young teens, a book may not be suitable for them, yet not graphic enough to be considered mature.


Here is a partial example of detailed searches you could do with anime/manga for example. The list is much longer, but this screenshot serves to simply convey the general idea:


I mostly search by genre and subgenre, things like: fantasy, high fantasy, magical realism, dystopian, etc. I’ve tried searching by specific settings or types of characters like: space, medieval, royalty, vikings, desert, and things like that, but it’s not very effective because the tones and genres of the books can be very different. A few times I tried searching for a particular tone with words like: drama, comedy, lighthearted, angst, but that didn’t work well at all.

I like the idea of searching by genre and then be able to refine that search. I know we can do that now, kind of, but the way it’s set up is not very user friendly and not very accurate. I’d also like to be able to sort the search results by date updated, word count, reads, etc.


Reminds me of all those books teetering over 30+ parts, yet each “chapter” is less than 200 words. :roll_eyes:


I want something like THAT



I think one possibly sustainable thing we could do is regulate “official tags”. Now, I know this proposal will be met with scrutiny by many, but hear me out. We have a criminal amount of people abusing tags–and labeling them with things that barely apply to the story.

Example: tagging a story with 'princess’ not because a character in the story is of royal background, but because some exquisite lover of the female protagonist addresses her as such by way of nickname. I think that’s kinda ridiculous.

Maybe we could have some sort of system where the community can vote on new tags to add to be ‘officially’ approved. Furthermore, I believe Wattpad should take advantage of the colorful tags, and use them to symbolically represent how much or little the tag applies to the story.

Example: if a story contains 10-20% of a tagged element, the tag would be gray. If it contains 30% of the tagged element, it would be blue, or something. And so on. Then, the tags which most strongly apply to the story would be in more definite colors.

Right now, our tags just look like this, and as far as I’m aware, the colors don’t mean anything?


I also think that having a description (1-2 sentences) describing each tag will help immensely. (Maybe the description shows up if you hover over the tag or something.) That way someone can recognize whether or not the tag applies to the story with accuracy.


I like it, but I feel like it’d be difficult to impliment


It’s a good idea in theory, but with the massive amount of content on Wattpad, regulating tags would be a nightmare.


That’s true. I meant to mention in the post that we could possibly have official and non-official tags. Because some tags are specific to fandoms, contests, projects, and so on. Maybe there could be a limit to how many non-official tags can be used?

I also think that it would be somewhat complicated to implement. I suppose the engineering teams would be able to tell us what would and wouldn’t work.


But what if the official tags describe multiple things?