What Might You Search? with Nick from Wattpad


What do you mean?


Good Fantasy as well as Romance that don’t necessarily have the many clichès that go with them. Also fanfictions of my favorite fandoms (ex. Harry Potter) and stories about the gods/goddesses of different religions and/or mythologies, et cetera.


Yesss, I’m so annoyed of that actually, since I think it just helps to promote stories that are poorly written and mindlessly pumped out. It’s a way to take advantage of the system to rack up votes while also gaining publicity from constant updates.

Also, some contests say to have a certain number of “parts” in order to qualify, which I find annoying, because I’ll have written 15,000 words already, but not be able to participate, because I need at least 10 chapters to enter when I only have 4. And then I’ll see a book that has 20 parts with only 500 words for each part. Like… obviously parts are a misleading indicator of quantity written.

I also feel that it’ll be easier to sort for the more serious works, if there were a word count search. Back on FictionPress I used the word count as a filter for basic quality control.


What if the tag described the official thing and another thing? Random example: let’s pretend WP teamed up with the show Scandal. Would all the books that currently use #scandal to describe their drama be forced to drop the tag?


I wish we could see the word count of a book before we start reading


I never use the search section because I can’t figure it out. – Unless I’m looking for a specific book or a user. And even then, I don’t always get what I’m looking for.

I would like an in-dept search function. A way for us to search for genres and then add which words/tags we would like the results to reflect, and what words/tags we don’t want the result to reflect.

I have zero interest in poetry, fan fiction, vampires, or werewolves, but I don’t know how to exclude that from my search results.
There might be a way, but then there needs to be a guide for how to use the search engine.


at the moment you have to search what you DO want as #fantasy with what you DON’T want as -badboys
Like you say though, there is no official guide, and it’s still a mess. i only found this way of searching out a few weeks ago, but it’s still not up to standard


I see what you mean now. Maybe in that case, those things could/would be tagged differently? Like: scandal-the-show, or like Scandal (TV)?


Yeah, that would fix it pretty easily :sweat_smile:


Yes, that would also be a nice feature. Right now, I have to manually add up all my words together to get an idea of how much I’ve written. It’d be nice if you could see the total word count somewhere for a story.


It sounds like you’re writing directly on Wattpad! That’s cool; it might inspire you to be more creative or help the words flow easier. If that’s the case, though, I strongly suggest you copy and paste your works over to a word processor just in case something happens with Wattpad and your story glitches. You can also pretty easily do a word count in those programs!


Yeah, I write through the app directly. I literally curl up in bed and write lying on my side. It’s probably a contributing factor as to why my writing is so much slower than it should be, but it’s just so comfortable. (Aside from the fact that I can’t use italics in certain fonts.) None of my friends can understand how I write on mobile, but I just find it so convenient~


I basically stick with genres and sub-genres when I search. So most of my searches would include: Fantasy, high fantasy, portal fantasy, dark fantasy. Then if I know i feel like only reading YA then I’d search Young Adult. If I didn’t care, I’d leave the age group out.

I’d also make sure the mature filter was on LOL

If I’m using any non-genre tags it’s usually to exclude something I don’t feel like reading IE -werewolf -badboy -erotica


I don’t search anymore. I live off reader recommendations now.


When I search, I’m usually looking for good quality Pokémon fanfic. Personally, I prefer it without any romance or focus on romantic relationships, and I’m usually also looking for books I haven’t seen elsewhere (like in my newsfeed). If I’m really in the mood to find more good books to read, I’ll search for a good review book (typically selecting ones with perfect grammar/spelling/etc. in the description and lots of chapters to show dedication). I’ll also check the Featured List and past Watty winners, but I’m not sure that counts as the kind of search you’re talking about.

If I could search for something that I can’t do very well currently, it would be to search for fanfic other than Real Person Fanfic, which I don’t personally care for. When looking at the fanfic genre, a lot of it is RPF, and it’s often difficult to tell what the fandom is just based on the title, cover, few tags, and bit of description displayed. Some people state it in the title, but not all, sadly. I would really enjoy being able to step outside my usual fandom from time to time if I could see what kinds of good fanfics there are for other fandoms that I like, even if I don’t have specific ones in mind before searching.


Pretty much this.


I am often looking for books with LGBT characters, specifically fiction with trans male protagonists. The tags definitely help a bit, but it would be nice if I could also exclude things I’m not interested in, such as fan fiction.

Also, I use the search tool to look for community pages, but am disappointed that when searching profiles I can’t filter by recent activity levels like I can when searching stories. I get excited by profiles such as “TransgendetBookPress,” but have to click through their page to realize they have zero activity for the past two years.


As a person who runs a community page, this is one of my biggest frustrations! Our page is active and willing to help, but it gets buried under accounts that have been abandoned for years! Seems like nothing I do can help the search results for our profile do any better, so I have to resort to trying to make sure our most popular book is ranking well.


THIS is pretty much the only thing I use search for–RESEARCH. Needless to say, my “based on your searches” suggestions are always–insanely random.

My user behavior on Wattpad would not be an accurate sample of how I would search the site “as a reader.” My user behavior on Wattpad will only show how I utilize the search function as a writer–which is primarily for research and networking.

I gave up on searching a couple months after I joined Wattpad (January 2015). Never found what I was looking for because it existed somewhere outside of YA and NA.

When I did use the search function (back in 2015), I was primarily looking for ANYTHING that had older characters as the leads–preferably something in the romcom, humor, romance, mystery, chicklit, general fiction, fantasy, sci-fi or action/adventure genres. I’m not going to lie–I wouldn’t have been too picky. Probably would’ve read anything except horror…

Some of the keywords I attempted to search for were: 30’s, 30-Something, 40’s, 40-Something, middle age, midlife, older lead, older protagonist, gen-x, generation x, starting over, mature adult, etc. I even got so desperate I searched for midlife crisis. Nada.

What do I typically search for on Amazon as a reader (since I still search for books on that site)? Usually non-fiction material that will help me improve my life or a skill in some way–whether it be Photoshop, Feng Shui, travel guides (for summer road trips), self-help, psychology, physics, lucid dreaming, etc. Oh–I also search for Wattpad authors so I can purchase their books. :slight_smile:


Yes!!! I see Search as a SEARCH, and Discover is to, well, discover! Do people really search for stuff like “fantasy”? when you have a “fantasy” section in Discover?

If it was me the search feature would be small & in a corner, to search for specific titles or usernames. The discover feature would be bigger and have more options, not only by tags & hot/rising/new but also recommandations, try something new, etc, within the genres!