What Might You Search? with Nick from Wattpad


I want to search for pretty specific stuff. Mostly Fantasy with queer rep - so that makes the search harder. I don’t feel like it takes into consideration that there’s both #fantasy and #freethelgbt, for example. It shows books who happen to have either tags, and sometimes books that have both.

It’d also be nice if there was an easier way to filter searches even more. Don’t like fanfic? Disregard ALL fanfic books and tags. And not just the -fanfiction option - since people have started using #-fanfiction as a tag.

But to be honest, I don’t use the search engine for anything but finding specific channels at this point, because it’s so bad. If I want to find new books, I take recommendations of my friends. Or I check out the reading lists on the genre channels.

  • Multiple Genres

  • Happy/Sad Ending

  • Completed/Ongoing + Tags + Genre + Reads

  • Sub-genres!!!

  • Reads/Votes/Comments

  • I’d like to be able to exclude genres and tags from my searches

  • I think contests should have a sub-category under every genre.

  • For Fanfictions: Fandoms need their own sub-category not tags.


I would search for

Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mental Illness, Depression, Star Wars (real EU, none of that gross Disney stuff)


I’m really struggling to use the search function. I would like to search for author names to see who I know from the author world who is on Wattpad, but without knowing their exact Wattpad handle this seems impossible. I’d like to search for book titles I’ve had recommended to me that I know are on here, but they don’t seem to appear in search results. I’d like to be able to search for different romance subcategories, such as sci-fi romance or dark romance, horror romance or erotic horror. Common tropes such as second chance romance or reverse harem are also not throwing up results. As a reader I’m lost and as an author, it makes it hard to know how to tag my books when the usual words I’d use to describe them don’t seem to help anyone find them on Wattpad.


The search is not very streamlined at the moment. It hasn’t been since I got on Wattpad, and that was 3 years ago.

If you need to find a book and you know who the author is, you’re more likely to get better results searching for the author.

I know that books often won’t come up when you search them by title unless it’s a very popular book, and right now the tags seemed really messed up, especially concerning rankings.


This is absolutely accurate. Most of the searching that I do on wattpad is to check out what other age-regression stories exist. I need to always keep tabs on the competition, and make sure that no one is stealing my work.

That being said, I only use the search function on the IOS app because it allows me to easily convert the search terms into popular tags. Then I scroll from there. That looks like typing “mental health” into the app search bar, and then I might choose whichever popular tag appeared that most closely fit what I was looking for.


I believe that’s why AO3 has a team of tag-wranglers.

Generally, while authors’ over-tagging is sometimes an issue, the AO3 tag system works amazingly well in narrowing down the stories to what the reader wants to see.


I think WP needs to remove the ability to create a tag starting with a minus. Using these is a cynical attempt to break the search system and it impacts negatively on the users’ experience here.


I do think we need to have the ability to exclude a tag in an advanced search. If I could exclude fanfiction, I shout praises to the heavens.


And I will weep with joy if I could exclude romance and xreader stories


Omg, please take away the xreader stories. That is the STRANGEST thing I’ve seen on wattpad after the onedirection fandom.


High Fantasy and Dragon riding/dragons/dragon rider.

The problem with these tags is that even including the minus Fanfiction bit is that Fanfiction still shows up. Not sure why, but I would love to see this cleaned up. Obviously, a discussion for another thread.

But with the latest Fantasy craze by companies like Netflix and Amazon, I think it wouldn’t hurt Wattpad to promote other Fantasy stories and not just Romance.

I for one don’t really have an interest in Romance, but it keeps getting recommended to me.


Summary: You are married to so and so. Because of this, you cannot do such and such. XD

Yeah, it’s weird.


I would search for Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy and whatever genre interests me.


Since I started writing, I don’t have much time to read. I can’t afford spending the time I’m supposed to use to read to filter out the frustrating results I get on search. By the time I find something I think will be interesting, all my time is gone.

This is why I tend to stick to writers that write a lot so that I don’t ‘run out’ of stories to read quickly. And if I’m desperate for anything new I just ask my friends, ask my readers, or pay attention when a writer I already likes promotes or plug in a book. No searching on my part. i can’t even type a title word for word on search and have the book pop up, and I’m bad with names so R.I.P searching based on usernames.


I’ll bet this feature alone would bring in a new wave of Wattpad users. :joy:


There’s actually a pretty easy way to avoid tagged fanfic! If we add the -fanfiction into the searches, it removes stories with that tag from the results. Of course, this only works if the story is tagged.


Unfortunately some little devils are getting sneaky. They actually tag their book both fanfiction and -fanfiction so it shows up not matter what lol


Please tell me there’s a rule against this


As far as I’m aware, there isn’t. But I definitely feel there should be or that those tags should be blocked from being used somehow.