What Might You Search? with Nick from Wattpad


Yeah, are there forbidden tags on here?


Not sure. Might be a better question for @Angelic_Vamp since they’re a content mod. I think some of the more sexual and riskier tags are banned.


Hmm, that makes sense! I was just curious :thinking: Thanks!


Are we talking same tags or sexual tags? I don’t know the first one tbh and as for second I think people can tag but sometimes it’s blocked? I tried #erotic and the hot list or any list doesn’t show except searches. :thinking:


Xeno was curious if there are any tags that were no no’s, not really anything particular exactly but since people are using -fanfiction tags (and similar tags) to skirt around people who exclude those tags from their search if maybe that could be banned and if there were any tags that were. I just figured some of the sexual tags might be considered a no no if there were any.


My mind is blank so I have to ask someone but some of those no no tags would be blocked as I said above. I just type #horny and #fuckme and while you can put them in your books, clicking would lead to nothing.


Ah so they’d basically be empty tags that are there, but do nothing.


Yep. Though I didn’t check all types of no no words I think most of them would lead nothing. Except Daddy. Even though that’s a mature stuff, don’t think it’s one of no no circle.


I’d like an actual way to filter out certain things from a search.

And something like a “don’t show me this again” button.


On the subject of tags, how long until they go into effect if they’ve never been used before? I ask because we are attempting to create a group of books under 1k reads and to do so, we each tagged our book under one that wasn’t being used (2018Undiscovered1k). It’s still pretty new so I’m assuming it takes time to get into the Wattpad algorithm, but we should be able to search for that tag and eventually find the books tagged with that, correct?


That’s a neat idea. I wonder if you maybe just need to have a certain number of books using it? I tried testing a new tag once and it never seemed to get picked up, probably because it was just me.


Thanks! So far we’ve got a decent amount, but I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully with enough of us using it, it should pick up eventually


steam-punk, political-epic fantasy, dragons, military action, dystopia, teen-fic, lgbtq, unrequited love.

These are the current searches of mine or stories that I’m trying to find.


Before I list the genres I like, I’d just like to mention this first (as I think it’s more important):

I would love it if an author could refine the details on their story that could further filter their search. Such as:

  • No Romance/Romance
  • Mature (Select) •Violence | •Erotic | •Scenarios | •Language
  • Intended Target Audience (Select) •Children | •Teenage | •Young Adult | •New Adult | •Adult
  • No Highschool/Highschool (I would love this option. I read so many stories that seem great and then it’s mostly about them in high school. I usually opt right out once I realize that. On the flipside, you could select that you want high school, and I think a lot of younger readers would like that too)
  • Level of Romance (Select) 1 2 3 4 5
  • Level of Action (Select) 1 2 3 4 5
  • Level of Fantasy (Select) 1 2 3 4 5
  • Satire/Serious
  • Internal/External Conflict based (or both)
  • Timeline you created (Yes/No)
  • World you created (Yes/No)

And you could just opt out of selecting any if you wanted (when selecting these as an author). And some of them could allow more than one selection. Basically, add this on top of the tags. Those are things I look for within a story once I select a story.

Right now the tags are FANTASTIC, but they are sooo saturated with the same stories. It’s usually either erotic, werewolf, or billionaire, or all three. I’d honestly be more open to reading some of them if they actually seemed like different books, but they are all mostly clones of each other. That is what makes the tag system feel broken. But once you wade past that? The tags are amazing.

What Genres I like to search for: SciFi | Space SciFi | Planet Exploration Survival Scifi | Historical | Dystopian | Dragon | Romance (well-written romance) | GOOD paranormal romance stories (can’t really search for that though in an engine) | Fantasy | Horror


I search for books that aren’t Young Adult. It’s a tough search! “Mature” and “Adult” mainly connote erotica. Some hashtags help, like #grownupreads, but only a few non-YA stories have that.

I’m tired of opening a book recommendation based on my other interests, only to see it’s about teenagers overreacting to high school drama, again. I wish Wattpad was like a bookstore with different sections for different age groups.


Oh my goodness! This all the way, haha. I think you hit the nail on the head - I want it to be like a bookstore with age groups. I do enjoy a good werewolf story (I write one myself) but I hate when it’s about the high school pack and the alpha is just a kid in charge of seven people. If I could filter out the target age audience I think I’d be much happier.


I would be happy just to select “intended target audience” and the yes/no toggles. Everything else may be too prone to individual authors’ bias; your idea of level 5 romance may be my level 1.


That’s a good point! Then just a toggle of romance yes/no would be a good option then!


I prefer vampires myself, but yeah, if they could be used as something besides a metaphor for a teenager losing her innocence, that would be great.

I actually wrote a paranormal romance once that flips that trope: the vampire is the virgin and it takes an experienced 20something woman to draw him out of his socially anxious shell.


I would use the searching bar if there was “advanced options” like include/exclude tags, yes/no mature, a number of chapters (<= , >=), yes/no complete, and maybe chapter lengths from options (< 5 minutes, 5+ -10 minutes. 10+ minutes) something else, but I can’t think about anything :slightly_smiling_face: