What Might You Search? with Nick from Wattpad


Honestly, I don’t search because I’m interested in unique, lesser known stories and the results tend to bring me to what’s popular. The unique, lesser-knowns are just too hard to reach sometimes, especially on mobile. And then sometimes I want a series, and they’re hard to suss out, too. Not impossible, just not worth my time in the search.

Part of that is because the writers are all trying to tag their stories to the same thing, or no one is searching the more obscure term because it’s more obscure and probably requires a more dedicated searcher to come up with.

And I hate the 'length;

Give me a word count. I’m sure 50+ chapters is great for someone (especially for anyone where ads are a PITA)…But I want to know if it’s a good 90k or if it’s 15000 over 40 chapters.

All onboard with the idea of more author-refined details over tags. Was going to suggest something similar. Could help with the advanced search filters.


Mature, number of chapters, and complete are already filter options:




Yeah, I know, I just wanted to say what all it could have in the Advanced options :wink: And it’s true I haven’t used this function for a long time so I forgot about the length :sweat_smile:


I like searching for sci-fi/fantasy subgenres. I also think it’d be cool to be able to search for books in terms of when they were last updated/read count (I kinda like finding new, undiscovered authors. Plus, if a book hasn’t been updated in years/won’t ever be updated, it’d be nice to filter some of those out)

Idk if anyone has brought up these ideas yet - I haven’t quite had a chance to go through all the comments.


I agree. Having the option to separate books left un-updated in three, six, nine, twelves month period will clean up the search engine to find updated works.


Not to sound like a broken record, but… you can do this already.


I’ve noticed results in languages I can’t read, both in recommendations and search. Is this due to lack of a language filter, or have some foreign-language authors accidentally marked their books as English?


I typically search for contests & awards, book clubs, and reviews. I’ll sometimes search for a specific writers who catch you attention in the Community. I rarely search for a tag or genre.


I think the latter holds true. Due to wrong language selection, many stories turn up in the English recommendations.


I generally use it for searching fanfiction - specifically Harry Potter fanfiction :joy:

With other genres I tend to go by the recommendations on my home page/ on the books I’m reading.


I wish we could report stories for that. It would probably help the author too, by recategorizong their book to appear in front of users who can actually read it.


If you come across stories like these, you can drop/post the story links to Content Ambassadors like Angel @Angelic_Vamp and Mira @miramallows by PM on Wattpad. :slight_smile:


Good idea. But it would be nice if it were streamlined as a Report option.


Ah, makes sense. As @Nablai said above, feel free to drop books by my PMs :nerd_face:
Also, I believe the search gives results by your preferred Setting languages first, then lists other languages too (hence, your results may not just be limited to English). However, if you notice that a book is really high up your search results but isn’t English, I can help check. :heart:


It’s been a long time since I’ve heard fictionpress’ name uttered! Yes, they did have a nice filtering system with a lot of options to help you find what you’re looking for.


I sometimes search for Dark Fantasy, and by that I mean the (sub) genre that intersects with Fantasy, Horror, and Paranormal to some extent; not necessarily stories about characters who have fantasies and/or Dark Romance.

Also I try to search for stories that have a combinations of things, like vampires and angels or which are Dark Fantasy and in a contest, or Dark Fantasy and have LGBTQ+ rep.


Omg I would love to read that story! It sounds so interesting :slight_smile:


It’s “The Silver Option” by Elizabeth Lasky, a traditionally published paperback available at bookstores and on Amazon.