What Misused Words Bug You the Most?


Why does everyone misuse this word?!?!?!

Seriously. Decimate.

“The city’s population was decimated.”

So the city’s population was reduced by a factor of one tenth, specifically?

The worst part is that there is an easy alternative: devastate. It’s accurate, sounds like decimate, and gets the job done perfectly! This isn’t just in random stories, like the news misuses this word. LOTS of people misused it.

Which ones irritate you?

(Edit: Removed antisocial/asocial because apparently I was using asocial wrong! The word asocial makes no sense.)

Poisonous vs. venomous


Their, there, they’re… :roll_eyes:

We learn these words in like, first grade people. When in doubt, ask google. It’s not that hard. :joy:


Oh man, I’m about to piss you off, lol.

I know there’s a difference, but I couldn’t, if pressed, actually tell you.


I definitely agree, but I had kind of a revelation recently about this. I’ve been writing for 15 years now, and when going over my work, I sometimes found that I misused these words. I think what’s happening, more often than not, is that most people actually understand the difference, (I mean, I hope, then again, f**king videos like Gucci Gang has over 100M views so maybe not…), it’s that the brain is misfiring in the actual moment of writing. That’s at least what happens with me.

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If you try to eat it, you die.

If it tries to eat you, you die.


So does that mean venom is only produced by living things and poison isn’t?


Living things can be poisonous ie the monarch butterfly. But it won’t hurt you unless you consume it.

Whereas a snake bite, it hurts you without you directly doing anything like trying to eat it.


Way too complicated.

lol, seriously though, that makes sense. That’s definitely something I imagine gets mixed up a lot.


Yeah. My classmates know the difference, but my English teacher didn’t???

That was a painful day for me.


Oh for sure, me too… I also have used thy instead of thigh, (I mean really?! :joy: ) waste instead of waist (that was awkward) crumbled instead of crumpled etc.

But I mean an entire book filled to the brim with their, they’re, there all being misused. Or, sometimes, they pick just one and use it indiscriminately for all things. It’s usually accompanied by numerous other misspellings but those jump out at me a lot.


Irony, seriously, it doesn’t mean what you think it means. Irony is that something happens that is the complete opposite of what you expected would happen like a burning Fire Truck. People seem to like to use it to describe any random coincidence or more than that almost anything odd in general


Yeah. When you’ve spent enough time reading and/or writing, those ‘theres’ and their variants are like a record needle skipping.


Maybe they’re just using the word ironically.


But yeah, man, this is a word that has been put through the slaughterhouse, just butchered to hell and back over the past decade or so. People picked it up, especially hipsters, and just ruined it.

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You have the same thing with decimate. I have another word “than.” It’s a comparison word,. The word is just thrown in at random in the place of then when misused.


Yes, definitely. This one is important. Another one that takes a little bit of nuance (and I mean a little) to know when to use. It gets misused a lot.


Literally xD
I mean it’s okay when it’s used for fun but sometimes it’s just overused.

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Could ‘of’ vs ‘have’

It makes ZERO sense.


I have another “metal.” As in the subgenre of music. People use it in the place of “radical” which we can now say was a lame slang word.

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