What motivates you to write?



I feel this is fairly self-explanatory, but I’m curious why those who are writing, do?

I’ll start - I chose to start writing again to help me escape from my world a bit. I also really want to challenge myself more, as I was starting to feel like I was in a rut. I’m trying to break my habit of sounding like I’m documenting everything when I write these days (thank you, work). I’m also trying to prove to myself that, hey, I can finish a story.

And I actually really think I can finish what I’m writing for a change. I have a pretty clear concept, and I’m much more disciplined now than when I was in my teens. I also have a pretty strong group of characters in my head, who are unfortunately a little to strong sometimes and try to take over for me.


I love my damn characters. Literally, that’s it. I want them to have happy endings, so I have to write them. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t?


That’s awesome! It sounds like you’re in a prime mental and creative space to go the distance and finish a whole book. It definitely helps to have a gaggle of characters pushing against your mind to be written.

I write to process my emotions and cope with my personal issues through fictional settings, which nourishes my mind but results in some pretty heavy storylines. There’s a catharsis in releasing these characters onto the page that I’m frankly addicted to.


I wish you good luck with your writing.

I wrote for a living, but didn’t care for the business part or the self-promotion. So I returned to school and got a science degree, which led to fieldwork and starting a business.

But I enjoy writing so much that I can’t quit. Posting my work on WattPad gives me the satisfaction of being read (by a select few). Sheer numbers don’t matter.

I really love inhabiting characters and doing heaps of research to get their times and places right. I also write poetry, for the music and texture of words and the pleasure of letting them fly free. I love how unpredictable poetry can be.


Actually, that’s really awesome.
I think I’m going to remember that going forward, cause really, they deserve it.


I agree with that. I definitely do it to deal with my anxiety some. Except then my therapist has to remind me I’m not in his office to discuss my writing, or work. So, oops?

Also, I feel like getting my characters to do what I want them to is like herding cats. Either I have to open a can of food, or find just the right shiny object to attract them to the end goal. Otherwise they’d loaf around and do screw all.


I started out that way - wanting to write for a living. Ended up starting school as an art major, then came full circle with a history degree (ugh, so many papers) and have a career in social work (legislators LOVE giving us paperwork, which requires lots of documentation and writing). Now, I’m kind of trying to rekindle it.

I’m struggling with the reader thing - because no one is giving me feedback, which is getting frustrating. But, I’m also trying to do this for myself rather than for praise. But, I really like praise and hearing good things about what I’m doing, so its a bit of a struggle. I’m telling myself if I keep posting, they’ll come. Eventually, at some point. Mostly, I’m trying to keep myself to a fairly regular update schedule, because I feel like if I do that, eventually people that keep browsing by will see that I’m a regular poster.

Yes, the research is fun. I’ve learned far more about medicine since I started writing this story than I previously wanted to learn. Reddit, the Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and similar have really become frequent sites for me when I’m trying to get a feel for something.


When I write it is like exposing a part of my imagination to other people, whether it be a big crowd or to one person. I enjoy seeing them smile or think, and maybe even both, and when they ask me questions about what I wrote it just makes me feel good as a whole.
On top of that I get to think up individual characters and make them their own and complex. Like you can talk to them yourself if possible. There is no straight forward answer from me i guess. :yum::blush:


That’s actually what terrifies me about writing (exposing myself). I also recognize that I am a creature of vanity, and like the praise. So I post what I do to satisfy those needs. I also try really hard not to do it right before bed, so I can sleep. I’m usually not this smart, though.
I’m finding these answers in general are pretty complex. I’m also recognizing some of my own motivations that I hadn’t recognized.


Enjoyment, excitement, belief in the idea and that I can do it, therapy.


I can understand that. I actually find my best work coming out right before I go to sleep. But I wouldn’t say you aren’t as smart because of such a habit? Everyone is different. Ya know. But I am glad you see some of your motivations in what I wrote,makes me feel nice. I don’t mean for my answers to come out as complex.

I’m still new to this btw so hopefully I don’t tap something and everything disappears. :joy:


I write because I want to create a world that is different from the world that I live in now. I want to make an escape for people and have them forget about the real world.
I also want to cause people (readers of my books) to cry while I laugh at their pain.


My motivation for writing is that the story gotta get told!


I am so tempted right now to call you a troll-author for that. Except, then I’d be a hypocrite, so I’m not gonna.
I find writing is my escape, rather than trying to create one for others. I think it’d be more accurate for me to say that I’m trying to share my escape with them.


I like getting people interested in my books. I do have one book that’s ending is just one word, and I am sure that people would get mad at me for it. xD It isn’t up on watt, yet.


Eh, it’s not so much a matter that the writing or motivations themselves are complex. I think I was trying to get at that there’s more than one motivation for all of us.
Also, I will write before bed, I find it unwinds me. I also often imagine what my characters are up to before I go to sleep. Or when I’m bored at work. Or when I’m stuck in traffic. Or really, anywhere. I just try not to post before bed, because then I’m worried about what people way say (nothing so far). But, when I first posted my new work, I was up an extra two hours because I wanted to read all the reviews. Didn’t need to stay up for that, apparently.


Actually, that sounds pretty awesome, having a one word ending. Although, as a reader I might be going why???


Mostly because I’m enamored with the thought of provoking strong reactions in people. Probably because I’m such a plain, forgettable person in my normal interactions with most people I’m not super comfortable around yet. xD

Both in the sense of Tragedy in Comedy, causing either sadness or happiness.


All of the above.
Specially therapy, cause life’s pretty wacky.


Oh my God, same. xD I go like 'huh I wonder what such and such has been doing. Let’s look into their world and get motivated to write it again.