What motivates you to write?



Because I am evil. And it leads into two different book ideas that I have for the characters.


Well… I’ll simply answer by saying I need to write. It’s my escape… and honestly, I have so many different stories in my head… if I didn’t write any of these down, I would go crazy… :crazy_face: Also, I feel like I’m better at expressing myself through my characters sometimes. Oh and I love being proud of finishing a story.


that’s so interesting, hello btw. well, I write only when I have like VERY strong emotions


Same. Though, I am already crazy so… xD


Yep. It’s often when I come up with the details of their background. Like, I know right now they’re best friends, but how did they become best friends? What was that cementing glue that got them to get past themselves? Sort of thing.


First I tried to write stories but then I realised that’s what I’m not made for, so I start writing
'bout life stuff, things like that




That too.


idk why, the inspirations only comes when I’m feeling or sooo bad o too good


That post-story euphoria is REAL though.


i was riding such a high when I finished my first draft xD


I’d like to say that I express myself better through my writing; it’s one of the things I’m working on. That being said, I feel like my current MC suffers a lot from my own personal need to distract others from issues by talking about everything else. And I think I’m more anxious about the day when I need to make her start talking then she is.




I can understand that. That’s what I did a lot as a teenager. Now, I’ve happily stuffed my emotions into a genie lamp (infinite power, teeny tiny living space), and put a do not disturb placard on it. Writing’s turning into my way of letting them out in a healthier manner.


well, totally get u


I started writing because I was a bookworm as a kid and had always enjoyed anything to do with language, as well as an imagination that was more active than I knew what to do with. In school it was because I was very ill and desperately miserable. I’ve always been a compulsive daydreamer and at school it became a kind of addiction which I managed with my writing, and still do today, though I have a lot of avenues I express it in nowadays to keep myself grounded.

The writing in and of itself I do because I love it; I love inhabiting the worlds and characters I make and most days actively look forward to the time I put aside to do it. I find it fun as escapism, as an academic exercise (I love puzzling out plots and doing research, and improving and applying techniques and knowledge from the books I read) and because when I don’t, I genuinely go a bit stir-crazy. People notice :joy: Not writing is just…not an option for me. If someone told me for certain that I would never be published or make money or be recognised from writing, or hardly anyone would ever read it, no matter how long I did it, I know I’d still write.

Tl;dr very few things make me happier. If that’s not enough to motivate me at any given time then I’m having a very bad day, lol


please teach me that, I think my lamp broke a long time ago


Nope, that makes perfect sense. It’s hard to be motivated about anything really when you’re just feeling moderate/apathetic/normal/insert proper emotion here.


hell yes


Writer’s block once made me send my character to bed because I was tired. I feel like I’m treating them badly sometimes :joy: “here’s how I feel, you’ll feel that too”