What motivates you to write?



I wanna know what that feels like!
Also, apparently wattpad thinks I type to fast and I’m replying to much at once. So they’re making me slow down. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


See I don’t know about anyone else, but my whole life I’d get sparks of emotions and scenarios popping in and out of my head and I’d just acknowledge them but dismiss them. Now that I’ve discovered writing it’s the perfect tool to make those random visions reality.


I’m glad someone does.
Also, I’m so sorry. Being able to understand me is a scary thing.


don’t think that, I think it’s not toooo scary, bcz I think the same, well, almost at all


That’s actually pretty awesome. I read a lot as a kid to. I find now that I’m an adult I have less time to be able to, which kind of sucks.
What kind of books did you read? I read a lot of fantasy (Harry Potter, James Mallory, and really, if it has magic/elves/unicorns I’ve probably tried it at some point), but find I tend to want to write a lot of drama. Without the fantasy stuff that really captures my imagination.
Then again, I got really hooked on Crazy Rich Asians, so maybe I like reading it too.


The placard or the emotional outlet?


Been there, done that. Usually it shows up in the form of fillers in my books because I stalled out but want to keep going.




Yep, I’ve gotten that too. Usually it started from TV shows or books I liked. I liked to create my own universe within them. Occasionally, I get a character that’s decided they’re going to make their own universe, and so thy do.


You don’t want the do not disturb placard. It’s really screwed up my personal relationships. I spent so long denying my emotions, and more importantly my anxiety and OCD, that my husband complains that I get to emotional now. I’m also trying really hard to learn how to communicate about things, which is really difficult. He and I literally had a conversation the other day about why I can’t just sweep. The condensed answer is that if inkyys has to sweep, then inkyys has to mop. And I couldn’t mop that day because the steam mop head needed a trip through the wash. So then I had to explain that inkyys cannot wait for the mop head to be done in the dryer, cause at that point I’ll have to dust everything again. And then sweep and mop. If I don’t do it any of those ways then I’m going to be really angry and no one will understand why.

Emotional outlets however, I can do. Art was really good for me, especially in high school. I find that it actually still calms me down a lot, on the rare chance I get to sit down and paint something. Writing is also a really good one. I once tried writing in a journal everyday for a year, and I had to fill three pages a day. Even if it was just me writing “I have nothing to write” because eventually it just starts coming out. Therapy was probably one of the best things I’ve done for myself, though. Cause I can tell him everything, and he can’t tell anyone. Which is really awesome. Also, he’s good at helping me put names to my emotions, because I’m pretty bad at that. And understanding what I’m feeling has helped me deal with them a lot. Also, thinking about myself helps too. It’s kind of scary, but I find that it helps more if I put a character in one of the situations that I’m dealing with. Then I can explore myself through them.


Having a passion for writing and the ability to set my story free from my head are some of the main reasons why I’m motivated to write. I also want to inspire others and escape life as well. c:


I think I read Harry Potter like seven times as a kid :joy: (my first ever attempt at a book was a harry potter fanfiction that makes me despair of myself now) I’ve only relatively recently got back into reading on a regular basis - after a health/occupational improvement which means I don’t need to sleep in every spare minute I can get, haha - and I’m still very much a fantasy reader. I used to read stuff like Ingo (Helen Dunmore) and Wolf Brother (Michelle Paver), and later on Michael Scott (The Alchemist) and Allison Croggon (Pellinor). Twilight made it in there for quite some time. My dad used to read The Hobbit to me as a bedtime story when I was very small. Though I’ve always loved historical fiction, too, like The Book Thief. I write fantasy these days, though my reading is a lot broader than it used to be - horror, sci-fi, mystery, contemporary general fiction, the odd bit of crime. Still about 70% fantasy, not going to lie, haha.

I’ve been debating on picking up Crazy Rich Asians, I keep hearing really good things about it.


Yes! There’s something so cathartic about getting what’s in my head on a word doc.


I sense a common theme in this thread. Escapism. Just jumpin’ ship right and left. :joy:


Pick it up! Its a 500-some page book I read in about two days. And stayed up incredibly late doing so, even though it meant I was dead tired at work the next day (oops). I didn’t hate myself for that too much.

Right now I’m in the middle of a series about magical England set in modern day, where the magic users are in charge of society and the not-magical people are trying to overthrow them, and its pretty decent. Also, there’s another series out there with a kid who has black magic that’s known to drive his people insane if they use it, so he’s been exiled and is travelling with someone else and a squirrelcat because of it. I’m also really bad at remembering names, and since I’m not at my desk, this is kind of the best I can do. I did read Twilight in my high school/college years, but lost interest in it after the first movie. Also read Pretty Little Liars. I have a soft spot for anything Lillian Jackson Braun because my grandma and I used to read her books together. I also have a pile of to be read books at least two feet tall. I’ll get to them all some day.


What’s a book worth if you can’t escape in it? Seriously, though, some of the best books I’ve read are the ones where I forget that there’s an outside world (until my stomach tells me its food time).


I know, right?

That’s why I hate having to read boring books for assignments. It’s no wonder kids seem to hate to read when they’re given stuff that they don’t get that with. For example, I find it really hard to forget about the outside world when I’m reading Tolkien, because I can’t get into the story. Nothing against Tolkien, it’s just that I get tripped up and I can’t get into the story.

People like to shit upon YA books from on high because they think they’re bad, but I think there’s at least something that’s really good about them. It’s really easy to lose yourself in them, isn’t it?


It is! My biggest gripe with YA is that I feel like a lot of them are the same book with the same tropes. Then I go check the sci-fi/fantasy section and have the same issue. So, I’m well aware that it’s the publishers doing it rather than the authors.


They do tend to be pretty, uh… uniform. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like my stories like I like my salad. Full of random shit. I wish people embraced what makes their stories different more.


I might do - I’ve been feeling like reading something outside my usual :smile: And hasn’t everyone done that at some point? lol I know I’ve pulled a lot of almost-allnighters because I was just not going to sleep unless I reached the end of the book, haha.

My twilight phase lasted a couple of years, but I never watched the last two movies. I can’t say I ever really left the Harry Potter phase, to be honest, though I’ve stubbornly not read anything outside the original series :joy: I didn’t realise Pretty Little Liars was a book, too (I live under a rock), though I haven’t watched it either. I’ll always read the book in favour of watching something. I’m currently reading Touch by Claire North in which the main character is an entity that lives in other people’s bodies, switching between them when they need to and has a target on their head, and is a thriller/paranormal which I’m really enjoying so far. They’re occupying the body of an assassin who tried to kill them and shot their last host, which is a very interesting angle. Odd…but good :joy:

I relate so hard to the overbearing to-read pile :sweat_smile: