What motivates you to write?





Yep. I really hate feeling like I’ve bought the same book with three different authors and five different sets of characters.
Diversity in books is good. Uniformity is not.


wow, I think ill see a therapist soon, appreciate ur advice <3


Yes - getting outside the norm is exciting. Sometimes I’m tired of my fantasy land, and want to enjoy me some Crazy Rich Asians. Other times. I cant get enough of my fantasy land.

I have never left Harry Potter. I have seen the Fantastic Beast movies, and strongly feel like they could focus more on the magical creatures. PLL is a better book than TV show, but I feel like at some point the author (Sara Shepherd I think) stopped doing it for the writing and started doing it for the money. There was kind of a sad decline in the quality of writing at the end.


No problem. If you ever want to talk about anything, just message me. I know one of the issues I really struggle with is trusting myself - because if I trust the way that I’m thinking, and that sounds crazy (see, my conversation about mopping), then I’m actually crazy, and I really don’t want that.
No, I’m not crazy. I’m just OCD. Clinically insignificant, but its there.


Like… I’m done reading about the werewolf falling in love with the human… I’m gonna need the werewolf whose pack consists of his three best buddies and who owns a popcorn company falling in love with the Wicca practitioner/bookstore owner who works at a movie theatre specifically for the job perks.
Also, make the popcorn company be under threat of imminent collapse, and the bookstore owner know a thing or two about business that could help out with that. Also, the bookstore owner is obsessed with the moon and kinda… doesn’t have a problem with the werewolf thing—until the werewolf accidentally rampages in the movie theatre, which tears the lovers apart. And then, just as the popcorn company is about to collapse, the bookstore owner (who was never THAT angry, actually) pulls some strings, and the theatre buys the company, saving it. Then they grow old together, both leaving the movie theatre and living a life of solitude with the pack of four, the bookstore, and their Wicca rituals.
The bookstore owner becomes a werewolf. The werewolf becomes the bookstore’s co-owner. They have cute little werewolf babies and write a book together… which gets a movie deal… and then they go back to the theatre after a decade to eat popcorn and watch it.

It may be convoluted, but at least it isn’t tired.


Money motivates me. :slight_smile: I’d still write even if I wasn’t making money, but it would be about 20% of the word count that I currently generate. And that would frustrate me to no end.

Doing it full time, even if it’s only slightly better than minimum wage in the slow seasons, is the only way to accomplish everything that I want to do. Don’t get me wrong. Fans are great. The creative process is powerful and emotional. But I need to be a professional success, or I would almost certainly find something else to do.


Well, I guess for me right now is that I have readers coming back to each chapter I publish. There has been a bit of a drop off however, so I’m hoping people are just waiting for the end of my story which is in about six chapters.

I think they might not have liked the MC breaking up with the prince, but the jokes on them if that’s the reason since she gets together with him in the end again. Yeah, it’s cliche. So sue me. XD


Well, u will believe if I said that my mum has that too? And really I didn’t notice it if the therapist she was going told me and my sister that, we were shocked because we barely notice it


and thank u, I’ll be glad to talk with you anytime :relaxed:


Yep! And while I might not buy that book, cause werewolves aren’t my thing, it’s at least interesting.


I never read about werewolves either. :joy: I like sci-fi and contemporary more.

If someone gave my sci-fi werewolves, then I might change my mind.


I can understand that. There are day’s I go to my job purely because I want the money.
I actually really like what I do. I enjoy it. But the money helps me show up, because my job is a erm…appropriate word/phrase needed…nope…erm circus (yay!) most days.


Cliche’s are great. I love me a good CInderella story. And a good superhero movie. I will literally sit through anything related to The Flash cause I love him so freaking much.


I’m not sure it’s a Cinderella type story, but it’s a Dragon Riding romance with a prince and all the messy emotions that come with royalty in The White Rider.


I will. From what I do at work, I often get to see how a parent’s mental health affects their children’s. MH doesn’t exist in a vacuum, its not it’s own separate thing. Therapy will never fix who we are, it just tries to teach us to cope with it appropriately. Sometimes with prescribed drugs versus street drugs.


I’m sure that exists somewhere. I’d say if someone gave me sci-fi elves, I’d be all over it.
But then there are Vulcans, and I find Star Trek incredibly boring (don’t shoot - I don’t have my red shirt on).


Yep, I can do with a good one of those too.
I find cliches, when done right, comforting. They may not become my favorite, but they’ll be a good go to when my world is in pieces.


Me too, tbh


Oh good. Usually when I tell that to a sci-fi person I get all sorts of comments about trying it again.
My husband is convinced that this version of Star Trek is the one that’ll get me into the franchise. So far Deep Space 9 is the one I like most, and I’m only luke warm about it.