What motivates you to write?



I don’t mind cliches that much (plus you’re more likely to get readers with cliche works) but I will be attempting some ideas I don’t think have been used much yet or at all for that matter in future projects. I think I’ll be sticking with Fantasy for the most part, but I would like to branch off into different genres.



Star Trek is meh, but I’ll watch it if I’m bored enough lol.


When life starts to suck, I need to write more. It’s my escape.

But when life is going okay or good, I am motivated by wanting to write out the next scene to see how it goes. I am motivated by finishing this book so I can work on other books. I get motivated by my readers who are waiting.


A good book/story. If it’s good enough, I’ll have to stop reading to write my own stuff.


Nice! Self-fulfilling motivation (I think that’s what I’m thinking of).


Yes. I can’t tell you how many characters I’ve created from wanting to be part of a book’s world. Recently, I’ve gotten lazy with creating new people, though. Now I’m starting to recycle old characters into new settings.


Same, but my work hasn’t been getting much attention, so…:persevere: but hopefully that will change soon. I guess I will see eventually. What kind of writings or stories do you do?


Mostly some fan-arts which I wanted to make a story and sometimes I roleplay with my other writing buddies.


Maya Angelou famously said “[a bird] sings because it has a song.” So too, a writer writes because he (or she) has a story. That and writing is a lot cheaper than therapy.


I like exploring the darkest aspect of the self I’m least proud of, and resolving it in a way where I came out better on the other end. I’m highly introspective.


I’ve just always wanted to prove to myself that there is something inside of me that’s magical. Everyone has this magic inside of them. For some it’s music, for others it might be art or science. But for me, I’ve only really been able to touch that magic when I write. What I write may not be very good, but I still feel like I’m in tune with this amazing feeling inside of me that makes me feel like I’m about to burst. If I had to name it, I would say wanderlust, but not a wanderlust for wandering so much. It’s like a wanderlust for new things to learn about myself and everything around me.


Nothing right now. Help. :disappointed_relieved:


Curiously, I never feel as if my writing exposes my deepest self. I don’t get that itchy feeling like when people are staring at me. Someone—T. S. Eliot?—said that poetry exists not to reveal but to conceal.

Publishing memoirs made me feel exposed. It’s bloody strange to have someone you’ve never met ask you personal questions about your life. I prefer fiction. It’s like wearing a series of disguises, putting on costumes and playing in character: hiding in the light. I get to strut and fret, and then melt back into the shadows.

Taking a step back, I recognise themes in my work that reveal my fears and desires, but they’re not as obvious to readers.


Básicamente escribo porque son historias o situaciones que surgen, simplemente lo escribo con el fin de compartir mi imaginación e inventiva, además de pensar que la literatura es uno de los artes más nobles y bellos.


It depends on what strikes me. Usually, I just put a generalized idea of growing up and facing demons. The only story I have on here so far deals with mental health, family, friendship, and the like.
For the most part my ideas seem to fall under general fiction/new adult.
What about you?


Also, I have seen some really inspirational fan arts on tumblr.


I’d say writing is my therapy, but I pay a therapist too. :joy:
Writing is something he strongly encourages me to do, though.


Yeah, as soon as I can make a plot out of it.


I can definitely understand that. To an extent, I do that with my characters. Although, I like to make their issues about thirty times worse than my own.


Like a lust for knowledge, sort of thing?
I like to get to know my characters as I write them. It’s fun when they develop a quirk unexpectedly.