What motivates you to write?



Writer’s block, or just lack of inspiration, or both?


There are stories in my mind that beg to be told. When I’m laying in bed at night and starting to dream, a rush of characters and scenes will invade my mind. I need to write them down and give them a voice. Writing that sounds a bit creepy, lol.

I get motivated and inspired by everything around me. When I listen to music I can close my eyes and imagine a scene that would fit. As I read, I wonder what the world would be like if a few things were different. As I watch TV, I can imagine other stories that are similar. When I travel I can see a certain scene in front of me, and I have to put the words to the page.

I write because I need to. I crave putting the words on a page and watching as the world inside my head fleshes out before me.


So much this! I get to explore my own weaknesses as a person, without actually doing it.


Sí, es una de las cosas más bellas. Algunos de los mejores trabajos que he leído me han hecho olvidar el mundo que me rodea porque son increíbles.
Además, usé el traductor de google para responder, así que espero que no sea tan malo en español. Publiqué el original en inglés, en caso de que algo se perdiera.

Yes, it is one of the most beautiful things. Some of the best works I have read have made me forget about the world around me because they are so awesome.
Also, I used google translate to reply, so I hope it’s not to bad in Spanish. I posted the original English to, in case anything got lost.


That is beautiful.
Also, I do the same thing with dreams.


The feeling that I wanted to finish what I have started. That motivates me. Someone said that before writing for others you need to write for your self. Your number one reader should be yourself. So i think i wanted to read a complete amazing story.


I write(and read) to escape the real world too high five and it’s why I always go for fantasy or paranormal or something not in the present - just anything that doesn’t resemble the boring (and horrible) reality I see daily lol

That said, I think I write to find the kind of true love and strength that doesn’t exist. It helps get me through this cruel world.


On wattpad I write about assassins and hitmen and such, and of course there is erotica as well. But the assassination story has characters that differ in sexuality as well, like a few are gay others are straight and some girly others masculine. I am kind of all over the place. Outside of wattpad I write stories on mythological creature and some scenarios on finding oneself. People seem to enjoy them surprisingly.

I feel like I am all over the place, but don’t want to write the mainstream boy meets girl and lets save the world together type of books.
What do you think?


My life is boring, but when I read I get inspired and when I write emotions explode in me like balloons full of colors. I feel so well when I put my ideas on paper.


I feel the same way! i write mostly just because it’s fun for me and I always say that I’m just doing it for myself regardless if people read it or leave feedback or not but seeing the read counter go up and getting comments does feel good. I’ve been putting my latest piece out there into critique swaps and stuff just to get that feedback


i started writing because I had all these ideas and really wanted to weave a tale. No one else was writing these ideas, so I decided to try.


Sounds similar to my start with writing :slight_smile: I was having a hard time finding a particular type of story that I really wanted to read and one just said “screw it, I’ll write it myself if I can’t find it.”


Yes. I keep on trying to remind myself that my primary reader is me.


Yep. We’re all escapist.


Honestly, that sounds awesome. I’m all for diversity in literature. It drives me nuts when I’m browsing for books and I’ve seen the same story with five different authors.


Emotional rewards, they’re a wonderful thing. I often find I’m more relaxed when I’m done.


I can get the read counter up, but not the comments. Honestly, the lack of comments is a bit discouraging. But I keep telling myself one day someone will feed my vanity.


Yes. Books should be about sharing our original takes and our own ideas.


I find comments are hard to get unless you’re submitting your story to critique groups or book clubs. I have a story that’s been up for a year now and I’ve never done any advertising for it, never put it into a book club, and it has a whole 4 comments :stuck_out_tongue:

In my experience most readers are silent.


Thanks. and true. Probably why I stopped reading for a min. But either way:woman_shrugging:t5:
Ill have to check you out soon, see what you post.