What motivates you to write?



I dont really have a deep reason for writing I mostly do it because I like to Ive used it as a distraction in the past but I really just like doing it.


for real though. I know just recently I only just got a few comments on my stories from the same person lol. Was pretty excited about it for some reason. But they truly don’t talk much


Hi, everyone! Wow, there are a lot of awesome reasons here for why you guys started writing lol. As for me, I started writing because I used to have a lot of trouble expressing myself verbally, so I found a way to do it through writing. Which has proved to be much more convenient and beautiful. Plus, I have so much creativity and imagination to spare, it’s ridiculous at times.

As for what motivates me to write… I’d say it’s convincing myself, one day I’ll be able to hold one of my own written ideas in my hand. And other people will be reading it and relating to my characters (maybe not on this app), but somewhere in the world.


I was practically born telling/writing stories, but it really developed in my teens, when I felt isolated and depressed. Part of it was that there were these voices (my characters) that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. I’d space out irl to listen inward at the bickering couple, or the woman that wanted to die but couldn’t seem to, despite her best attempts. At the time, a part of me really resonated with wanting to die but couldn’t seem to. So I wrote about the woman, and the events that led her to be suicidal but unable to die. When I finished the book, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I did it. A thought that stuck in my mind was “I can let go, now.” I’d finished the book, and was able to let go of the problems that woman went through, and therefore my issues surrounding why I wanted to die. For both me and my character, the ending of that book was the first time we both wanted to live.

I also write because it’s thrilling. It’s so satisfying to have things click into place and become alive. Something I created stands and breathes before me. It’s beautiful and scary and amazing to me, that humanity has the ability to create worlds in so many different art forms.


Personally I write because it just helps me escape from real life and let my imagination flow. I generally really enjoy creating stories and writing them down when inspiration hits me haha.
I suppose it’s similar for many people who do creative things like writing stories or drawing.


I’m learning this. It’s difficult, cause I really wanna know what people think. But, I also can’t force people into it, and at the end of the day I’m the one that has to be happy with my work.


Yeah, that’s definitely made it harder for me to find books.


I dealt with a lot of those issues in my teenage years too! I dealt with it by writing cringey fanfics.


Hello fellow escapist.


I just think: the more I write, the better I can be. Or, the more I write, the more I can put out, and the more I can get my work out there and be noticed. It’s all about what you want out of your writing, too. So I like completing things – I hate incomplete works. So I sort of HAVE to finish what I’m doing


Hi! :sparkles:


If you’re really looking for feedback I’m sure you could find a book club or critique service here on the forums :slight_smile: there are lot of helpful people out there


Yeah, I’m new to Wattpad, and even newer to the forums, so I’m trying everything out. I’m planning on finding a book club or critique service on here when I have time to actually sit down and do it. Today, is not that day though. Maybe tomorrow.


I get that. There’s a lot going on and the forums can take a while to get used to


Years of being unable to find a cowriter and infinitely trying and failing at finding joy in writing alone. I always wrote with other writers. There’s something profoundly upsetting about writing with no one.


I write mainly to prove to myself that i can do it and actually write a whole book. I first started when i was 16 and I’ve only just finished my first novel but feel so happy that i could achieve that.
When i write it’s like i’m in another dimension. It’s like i’m not me anymore but the character that i am writing ( as i write in first person)
I do believe that when you get older you become a better person and a better writer. Writing is a great journey to go on.


Yes, yes it is.


My biggest motivation for writing was so that I could put my experiences and my pain into a story. I could talk about it without actually talking about. I put all of that on my characters in a completely fictional plot and to everyone else, it’s just a story.


Divert and something! I can’t remember the name for the something though.


Songs. Moods. Vibes. Lyrics. Movie dialogues. Movie plots. Anything and everything is an inspiration for me. It’s the little things in life that can help me create a story in my mind and create a different world on paper/computer.