What motivates you to write?

Story specific, if I feel pretty attached to the story I’m writing I can find the motivation in that

If not, then it’s music, action, some awsome scene I see, stuff to get my blood pumping. Maybe getting struck be creativity.

I write, because I like to create stories. Since I was young I envisioned parts of stories, like little movies in my head. I never thought about actually writing them down until I had to write a short story for a school project. It had to be 1 or 2 pages long, but instead I wrote 5, because I had so much inspiration. From that moment on I knew that I had to keep writing and I did!
I write, because I like the feeling that it gives me. It’s hard to describe that, but when I write I am in a whole other world and let’s not talk about the feeling that I get when I have a good idea. I like to think about what could happen or what the character would do.
Let’s say that I write mostly for myself, but of course there is a part of me that writes for others. I want to take others on a journey and I want them to be able to get away from the world for just a second when they read. I want to be able to take them on the emotional rollercoaster that I go through when I read a good book. At least I hope I can do something like that.

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What motivates me to write? You guys! All of you. Every single creative who’s already put their work out there motivates me to write. I can never consume something creative without thoughts like: “wow this is so intriguing! i wonder if i could make something like this?” or “wow why’d they do it this way? I bet i could make something better?” Looking and admiring others’s work is what inspires me to make and create more; to spin it on its head, to improve it, or to make something entirely different.


Write this. Like, yesterday. Because this is some quirky rom com urban fantasy mash-up that I didn’t realize I needed in my life until now.

In one word: Grief.

My best friend actually just nailed it when I came back to writing a couple of weeks ago after taking a few years coughcough6 off. She said “I don’t wish you damage, but you always do your best/most productive writing when you are hurting.” And that’s because I am highly motivated to gtfo of my world and into a fictional one. My first three books were written after losses, my fourth after my divorce (it’s also my weakest), and now on the heels of losing my person, I’ve started writing again.

:woman_shrugging: Not a fan of reality right now. I mean, I’m also pretty terrible to my main characters in my fantasy series, so I’m not sure why their world is more appealing. :rofl:

Too bad I don’t write rom-coms :joy:

This is why I write the most when I have work to avoid…

That’s how I was in college but it was fanfiction I was writing. Intense project coming up? I think you meant another episode of Stargate SG1. Finals on the horizon? I think I should plan another season of Blood Ties since it got cancelled.

And yes I know how much those references date me. :rofl: But now I have a 9-5 that I can’t actually avoid (it’s obvious when I do).

We won’t call your werewolf in the workplace a rom-com. We’ll call it fun urban fiction. Because I needs it!

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