What Other Hobbies Do You Have?

So I see that this topic has come up before, but it’s been a hot minute, so I’m going to bring the topic back up again.

What other Hobbies do you have? I would love to hear not only what it is for you, but why they’re your favorite things to do!

For myself? Oh gosh there’s quite the list!

Artistically? :paintbrush: I am an avid sketch artist, started when I was four years old, it’s such an ingrained hobby that I actually get ANXIOUS if I don’t get time to draw something each week.
In 2006 I jumped feet first into a combination of digital art (photoshop), a digital tablet, and creating a webcomic (which is complete as of two years ago after an 11 year run). I am currently using my talents to work on two full time webcomics (based of course on my stories). I also use it to paint my own book covers (Saving me so much money when it comes to printing my novels!)

OH-00 genesis-thumb

Now this next one could go two ways, it could be considered art :point_up_2:, but it also falls into an outdoors event I love as well. I learned how to build custom fishing rods! I started with fly fishing rods (because I was heavy into fly-fishing at the time) but have since built heavy duty saltwater rods, as well as building and repairing rods for Tournament Fishermen!

As mentioned in passing above, I am an outdoors-man… I hunt, I fish, I hike, I horseback ride (not so much anymore due to bad knees :/) I grew up on the ocean pretty much. Spent every weekend of every summer off of San Diego landing Bonito, Yellowtail, Sheephead and other socal fish! To this day I will ocean fish above any other kind you offer me!

Hunting has been in my life pretty much as long… despite growing up in the suburbs of SD! :slight_smile:

Other lesser frequented hobbies? Sewing, crocheting, gardening…There’s others I can’t remember at this juncture… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to hear from my fellow Wattpad creators! :smiley:

I adore gardening. Mostly vegetables and fruit, but I also dabble in flowers. It makes me happy knowing that I’m growing something that is beneficial to the environment. I love eating what I grow too!!

I also love cooking/baking. I made biscoff brownies yesterday :slight_smile: Cooking helps me put my mind at ease.

My other hobby is guitar. I love to strum or pluck along to a song. Probably not as food as I would like, but I’m getting better.

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I read and draw when I don’t write, but it’s mostly the former. Apart from that, I also enjoy a good nap.

I’m not very remarkable. :joy:

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We garden every year…:slight_smile: This year we have squazucchis… (hybrid plants from our previous year’s yellow squash and zucchini plants. ) we grew radishes (Grew too well and ended up woody pfft), spinach (FAIL), our multitude of peppers are doing well, and our tomatoes are finally starting to produce fruit!

My husband does more of the cooking in our house, though I’m usually in charge of the mexican dishes. Chili and tacos are my best dishes. :slight_smile:

Oh I play the flute and used to play the Barry Saxaphone! I got back into the flute because I often help the school’s marching band with practices and such!

COOL! Thank you for sharing!

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There’s nothing wrong with being a good napper! I wish I could, but I just start an endless cycle of not being able to sleep if I do!

What kinds of stories do you like to read? For me primarily, I’m a Science Fiction reader, though I dabble in urban fantasy and high fantasy as well. What are your favorite authors?

I try not to nap most times, but it’s just so tempting!

I read a lot of fantasy, too. I don’t actually have any favourite authors (I hate picking favourites), but Diana Wynne Jones inspired me as a child and I’d say my writing style is heavily influenced by hers.

I love food!!! Going out to restaurants, cooking, trying street food, ordering take out, brunch and unlimited mimosas (I’m basic, I know!!! -cries-).

My heavy influence was Andre Norton truth be told, and I love it when people say I write like her (yes I’ve had that compliment a time or two!)

Hey, that’s great! I haven’t heard of her, though. Do you have any recommendations of her works?

Love the hybrids! My man makes hybrid plants all the time and passes them off to me if he thinks they won’t make it through the month, since I hate when he tosses the plant babies onto the cement and lets them die. I’m currently growing mulberries, tomatoes, broccoli, carrot, peas and spinach!

Oh I used to be very… monocrhomatic on the food front, but since I was in the navy and after meeting my husband my horizons expanded drastically! I probably eat foods from all over the world these days, Indian Curry, Traditional sushis, Italian food from Italy… oh yeah.

Best food? Oxtails in St. Marteen! Little hole in the wall place that the locals went to! Was the best meal that entire trip! I will have hubby fix ox tails any time we can get a hold of them in our local market! (Still not as good as that one was though!)

The X-Factor
Year of the Unicorn and The Jargoon Pard (both are borderline fantasy and they’re fabulous!)
Honestly? Any of her works are grand!

Nice! I’ll check them out when I can! :smiley:

So, are you working on anything at the moment?


Here’s some of the fruit!

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Reading, writing? Art? LOL

Your hobbies are so cool! I am having trouble reconciling an outdoors man who hunts with sewing & crocheting!

Other than reading & writing, I’ve loved coding (web dev) for a long time and I also love lifting - it can be hard sometimes to haul my ass away from the computer long enough to go to the gym though.

sorry I should have been more specific WOMAN! LMAO! I just wanted to use the general term!

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In general. xD

Don’t I know this one!

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Yessss, I love trying new foods for the first time.

I love oxtail! Especially when it’s slow braised so it’s super tender. P: yummm. I had some at a small Jamaican restaurant recently, so good, I might just get some for takeout tonight…or the jerk chicken. Or both. :woman_shrugging: