What Plot Tools Work for You?



:hammer_and_wrench: Tools for Plotting

I recently went to a writing class. The instructor handed out a simplified “Hero’s Journey” plot diagram. I like the hero’s journey plot scheme/template, i.e. Normal World, Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call…all the way to Supreme Ordeal (climax of the story) and Return (denouement).

But there are other (read: simpler) tools out there. What have you found useful in plotting your stories? Or is planning a dirty word to you?

Here is a link to some plot templates for anyone who is interested. http://www.darcypattison.com/writing/plot/29-plot-templates/


o.o there are such things as writing classes? me want!
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I love heros journey. I think that’s the only one I ever really use. I also love the chosen one even though a lot of people hate it.

Now I don’t plan so I’ll throw that in there. I just get a vague idea (some more vague than others) and run with it so I never intentionally set out with anything in mine. But common uses in my books are heros journey, chosen one, and shifters. God I love my shape shifters. I had to force myself to write a fantasy book that didnt have a shifter. :rofl:


I usually break my story up into acts.

Act 1: Inciting incident, introduction
Act 2: The journey, character growth
Act 3: Climax and Resolution

If I ever plot out my story, I try to add in those points then pants the rest of the way. If I know the general direction I want to go and where I want the resolution to be, I’m good to go!


Not all writing classes are created equally.


What do you mean?


Create a new thread and I’ll tell you.

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Yeah, you can find them here and there. We had a recently pubbed YA author (Meg Kassel) give a short plot class at the library. You can also find writing organizations that offer classes as well as adult ed classes.


It’s a really handy way of looking at plotting and characters…and knowing how universal these story elements are gives me a feeling of confidence. Many voracious readers who become writers seem to instinctually follow the Hero’s Journey anyway. What’s wrong with shape shifters???


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Nothing. I love them. But I use them a lot to the point they almost become cliche in my books lol


They’re just your brand :wink:


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Adult ed classes would be great – if I was adult. Also, what is “ed”?