What roles does your two main characters play in your story?

What do they do in the story? What are their roles?

My Turn:

One is a gang member who leaves the horrible place when it is revealed that he has a certain type of blood. The other is an imperial princess who loses her status, gets disowned by her family, and is sent to live in a terrible place because of her blood. But she escapes and is on the run. While the gang member tries to adjust to his new life even though he find it challenging.


One is a dethroned queen, the other is her brother who thinks she’s dead and has been crowned king.

So while the king’s chapters are all about that court drama, the queen’s is more adventure/action like. It’s basically made that way so I can slam all my favourite genres together :joy: So I guess that’s the role they truly play.


They’re both products of the same system; tools to be used, and lambs sent to the slaughter. One is entirely broken, even after breaking free of being manipulated, and is trying to prevent the other from becoming like him, in a world where the government’s war is coming back to bite them and the revolutionaries are looking for a weapon to use.


One is a princess who has the power of the strongest magical artifact ever. The other his her brother, the prince, who also has power but not has much. They have to stop the bad guys getting the artefact


One is a vigilante, the other is a zombie. Both are using the other for their own gains. Good times.

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One is the ward of the royal family of Dasos, who is heavily scarred and suffers from low self-esteem. The other is a reclusive warrior, who fights like a God and doesn’t like socializing with others. Together, they, along with their companions, must save a kidnapped prince from a mad sorcerer.


What? :laughing:

Both are defying the thousands upon thousands of years old laws and heirarchy among their race and struggling with their own inner ‘monster’ while trying to figure out some answers to questions they don’t even know they’re pursuing. Everyone around them it seems knows something about one or both of them, yet nobody will, either through fear, relentless attempt to kill them due to the things they know about the two they don’t know about themselves or because they’re bound by spell.

Has to do with the gods of my story, Divines…

And even they are afraid. One character who recently appeared (mother of my one MC who has been missing and is still keeping the fact she is around from my MC).

“Some secrets though must die though. Do you even know about Xavier’s bloodline?” Merilyn asked.

“No, none other than who his father is. Other than that, I’m as in the dark as everyone else.” I told her.

“Good, make it stay that way, Surge. Gods and monsters are the least of your worries if you found out. Nightmares are just around the corner,” she said.

Nightmares are just around the corner is a hint to something important later on (one of the characters, Nightmare, an Original, he earned Nightmare as a reference by locals but eventually forgot his actual name entirely).

Also, they’re Shapeshiters, they don’t age a ton past they’re 20’s or 30’s, some age into their 40’s or more but not many. (Immortal too, for me, an Immortal has the possibility to live forever but can be killed)


One is leaving a sheltered home to save her kidnapped siblings.

The other is freed from his abusive father and is learning how to be a normal person.

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In Daughters of Fate, the two main characters are twin sisters: Sheala and Cassandra. They are sort of pawns of the the Fates (Goddesses) and wind up as two divided halves of the same whole. As I say in my novel description … While one rushes to meet her destiny, the other is running from what the Fates have decreed. In the end, both will have to make choices as to which side they are on and what they are willing to sacrifice.


They were both made for a single reason, to kill each other.

Two Gods were incredibly bored and were going to just wipe out all the mortals until one posed the idea of giving a mortal the Power of a God. The other decided that he’d give another mortal the Strength of a God. That’s when the cycle began, for 14 generations these two Demi Gods fought and each other, only to be reincarnated to do it all over again.

In the two MC’s generation they’re doing everything in their power to break the cycle as well as to free the mortals from the influence of the Gods


One is an archer who watched her entire village get burned to the ground by a bloodthirsty monster. (She also has a cute pet companion that is half kitten half sugar glider!)

Her love interest is a spearscythe wielding long haired badass who wins kill tournaments and slays monsters like the one who destroyed her village easily. :sunglasses:

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One is an Head Assassin, her life devoted to eliminate the “scum” from the Kingdom of Kallera.

The other is a Lord, Lord Lederos of Goldmount, and Lord Commander of the army.

Two people with both their hands bloodied,but with a different vision of life.

One is an outlaw who seeks revenge against the empire who betrayed him when they found out he was a demon, the other is a demon hunter who seeks him to kill him tough sometimes they fight alongside when things get dangerous

One is a princess, living in exile to keep her out of reach of those that want her inheritance, which also leaves her aware of what her demon heritage holds for her. The other is her bodygard and combat mentor, the only person she trusts to speak to about her heritage.

one is a human caravan master fleeing from his past in a world invaded by elves

the other is an elf, rediscovering her past and trying to find somewhere to fit in

One is a boy who gets bullied by kids who think he’s a villain, even though he’s not. Also, his parents get kidnapped.

One is a girl who’s life has been completely turned around - suddenly all the human fantasies she reads about aren’t really a fantasy.

The other is a boy who lives in the world of abilities this human girl enters. Top dog? Smart ass? One of the best? Tick, tick and tick XD

Two? Who said anything about two?

Danna Gallagher is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Led by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and coveted by a malevolent spirit, she will face her own mysterious origin.

Possessing the wrath of a goddess and the ignorance of a mortal, Taylor Calvin wrought a life of violence and hatred. Now she must face her inner demons to prevent history from repeating itself.

Amber Walker hides the scars of a tortured past beneath a strength earned by trial. Blessed with the seeker’s gift and the severed soul of her old rival, the victim has become the hunter.

More than any other, Eric Bryce can unravel the archons’ deepest mysteries - and the perils within them. He alone can guide his friends through a darkness only he is wise enough to fear.


There are always 2 sides to a story.

Bel and Mal Grim are twin sisters, the daughters of the Grim Reaper and heiresses to the throne of the Underworld.

While they were both raised under the same roof, their backgrounds and philosophies couldn’t be further apart.

Unlike most demons, Bel is optimistic and kind hearted. She wants to follow in her Father’s footsteps and become ruler of the Underworld to help lead demon society to redemption.

Mal on the other hand, walks the morally grey path and intends on taking the throne by force in order to bring about an age of peace and equality, no matter the cost.

Their fates become crossed forever when they are dragged into a supernatural crisis bigger than they could have ever imagined.