What’s the Secret Sauce for Getting a Story Featured on Wattpad?

I recently submitted a story to get it featured, but I’m wondering what’s being looked for. I know the story’s got to be grammatically correct and all, but what makes something pop enough to appear on the Editors’ Choice list or something similar?



Lemme post the best response Nick gave about the subject:


Is it what I think it is? :joy:


Stuffing your face full of caffine to replace the blood sweat and tears.


If there was some sort of recipe, everyone would be featured at this point.

Really, just be a positive impact on the community, have a great story, and be active. Also, luck.


Wendy’s sauce… works a treat :joy:

In all seriousness though, it’s down to perseverance and never giving up. Things like submitting your story to Wattpad genre profiles, entering contests, being positive and actively helping out in the community (As MakaylaSophia already suggested) seem to help from what I’ve seen :slightly_smiling_face:


Still trying to figure it out myself. At this point, I think one of the ingredients is the blood of a dragon. :joy:


I guess I’m unlucky then. :sleepy:

Luck, and be practically a published author. Just abduct all the leprechauns and Irishmen you can, that might give a good chance :joy::joy: Just try, if that doesn’t work edit or rewrite and try again

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Luck. Might wanna try putting up some horseshoes and finding four leafed-clovers :grimacing:

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It’s hard, because I feel like you have to tick a lot of boxes, but you don’t know what boxes you need to tick, which makes aiming for them very difficult. I’m currently still featured, and I don’t know specifically why I was chosen. I don’t know if it was because of my application; I don’t know if the right person just read my story and liked it; I don’t know how much my genre, my technical ability, my themes, my characters, any of it contributed.

The only advice I have is to just have a lot of fun with your story. Write something you’d want to read, make it as great as you can and get involved around here. There’s no point using Wattpad (or writing at all!) if it’s not a fun experience, and positivity draws positivity! Good luck. :blush:


As other people have already said, luck. When the previous featuring system was active i was featured twice, back when there were featured books in each category (a far better system imo). But it was easier then. Now i have no idea. I’ve submitted several books unsuccessfully. They seem to be much more picky now, and i don’t know why.

I preferred having featured books in each genre because it not only gave more books s fair chance, but also was easier for readers to check out featured books in genres they were interested in. Now it feels random, and as a reader you have to look through all the featured books, no matter what genre, which means looking through books you’ve got no interest in.


Hmm, I don’t know about better. The general consensus was that if you wanted to see really good traction, you had to be on the main list (now Editor’s Choice, previously Featured List), unless you were on a list built for a very specific audience like ‘After Westeros’.

It’s certainly tougher to get on there now but I don’t know, I like the heightened competition. Not as many stories might be going up, but those that get the spotlight are doing better.

Having seen so many hands thrown up for luck, I do feel there’s a caveat. I think what we’re largely talking about is timing in terms of the right story for the right list (though the main one is genre agnostic it’s 50/50) but the application process is largely there to give each story as large a chance to walk in on its own merits. It’s been a few months since I’ve checked out the application form but everything from the one line pitch to the synopsis to the multiple choice questions is really about selling your story – and yes your writing ability too.

I’d say the only time its pure luck is when a story is featured without the author applying.

So there are ways to put yourself in the best possible standing if getting featured might be something you’d be interested in at any point (or, you know, getting an agent). It’s mostly this:

But storywise, it’s on you to craft something that can sell itself. Writers will often pitch ideas to their agents or writing groups with the intent of 1. putting together a spine for a story and 2. making sure the premise is appealing (because really that’s what you’re selling on the featured app, not your prose). That’s probably the place you want your story to stand out, if possible. Writing skill is necessary but agents, readers, and whoever’s in charge of the lists will see the promises you make for a good story before they get to the writing on page one. You have to raise that part of the game too. Sometimes it’s looking at how you construct stories, sometimes it’s just learning how to pitch a concept better. Most of the time it’s both.

Oh and then you have to write it well, but we all know that.


This exactly. Present the best part of yourself, on all fronts. Cover, too, for Wattpad. Maybe subjective would be a better word than luck. You can put everything of yourself out there, but if it’s not the right time, then it’s simply not the right time.


Exactly. You don’t ever want to be in a position where the chance passes and you’re asking yourself if you could have done more.

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I dunno, i went from 1000 reads to 200k from being featured in both the fanfiction category and the chicklit category. None of my unfeatured books ever made it over 2k. It was much better as a reader to look through books by genre, cause at least i was only looking through subjects i took interest in (I’m talking about back when you clicked on a genre and could scroll through images of every book featured in that genre, before they had specific lists for contests or themes etc). Now i just have to hope there’s a book or two on the list that might possibly be in a genre that interests me, since it seems pretty random. They seemed to choose books by quality, rather than whether or not it could possibly become popular. If you had a well written book, chances are it got featured quite easily. Now it’s much harder. It seems totally dependent on the personal view of whoever chooses them. (Not dissimilar from traditional publishing houses tbh).


Are books therefore chosen by trends? I swear it never used to be that way. It was done by quality. Trends didn’t come into it, i don’t think.

Congrats! I think this goes back to this, though:

Were your books featured in fanfic and chicklit lists respectively?