What’s with people and the daddy kink

I’ve had to drop so many books, because the male main character keeps using the words kitten or the main female will call the male mc daddy🤮 I’m so disgusted and confused because some writers on wattpad are fairly young. So like why???


Daddy issues? Hypes? Fetish?
I doubt those girls want to do their own dad lol, don’t worry. (Or maybe a few, just not the majority).

I used to read lots of age gap novels as a young teen girl because well, boys were so immature. I hated the daddy stuff tho.


When I write about anything associated to “daddy” its always for comedic reasons, but when I hear it I cringe and laugh my ass off at the same time.

Also, I have daddy issues, but I don’t go out looking for another one. But instead, I do prefer mature and dependable men.


There’s different “daddy” fetishes. Which one are you talking about?

I cringe too when I read those. I would drop the book but there were 1 or 2 books that had a great storyline so I just endured it all the way. It does feel awkward to me if the writer is a pre-teen writing mature stories. I have a friend who uses “daddy” as a pet name. At first, it was :grimacing: but I got used to it. It makes me jealous that my friends are so love with each other. Lol

I dont get the kink, thats like a guy calling a girl mommy and theres so many things I find wrong and revolting with that. Its not my personal preference, but everyones got their weird fetishes.

I suppose the people write things they have read somewhere else or think they are popular. Many books have the exact same plots or the characters do /make certain things or call their partners in that way. This kink after all is quite popular almost in every fandom esp if we talk about fanfics so again people mimick what things it sells well.
Personally I don’t hate it, it can be sexy if the writers use it well but it can be also laughable or just … revolting. Esp when the pair is in actually some kind of family. So yeah , in that aspect i can’t go on further as it feels like the female wants to get pleasure from someone as similar to her dad and it’s not only some words upon the excitement of sex or fantasy.

It’s not always supposed to literally be a daddy roleplay thing. Sometimes it only acknowledges that the male figure is larger, older, stronger, protective, or whatever.

Personally, I find it weird when people call one another “baby” but obviously they don’t mean that the other person is literally a baby.

Lol don’t worry, I completely understand your opinion. I’m part of the Daddy kink, though, and can definitely assure you I don’t want to fuck my dad.

I know it probably won’t make any sense, but there’s just this thing you feel when you give up control. Kind of like when ya let your girl ride you and she’s using your body but it makes her feel so good you’re turned on that you can do that to them, right?

There’s a couple types of kinks like this. Master/Slave, Daddy/Pet, Daddy/Sub, Daddy/Princess are a couple of them. Maybe not Daddy either, but a caregiver is often implemented. It’s different for everyone what kind of punishments they can take.

But it does depend on the person. I switch from Princess to Kitten to just Baby Girl pretty often. It depends on what my Daddy wants.

There are also levels of toys. Sometimes it’s bondage, sometime it’s sippy cups, sometimes it’s stuffed animals we call “stuffies.” I’m not into diapers or anything, but some people are. And some people are into binkies. Generally, each “little” has a different age they subvert to. In public, they’re their age, do what they need to do to get through the day. But when some people come home and have a drink, some drop into “subspace” which they revert to their age. It can be anywhere from like 2-15, or even different than that.

I’m bratty when I want attention sometimes, but my Daddy understands that and offers his services. Sometimes if I go to far, there’s a punishment, but there’s also aftercare. It’s completely consensual and helpful for us to feel appreciated.

I know it’s super weird for most people to understand unless you just KNOW, y’know? But I respect that you think it’s weird. I’m super sorry this was heckin’ formal as well and super long, but I thought it might help a little?


Ever watch a Cary Grant movie where he calls his mother “Darling”? I guess back then they thought it was sophisticated to do so. It gives me the creeps.

Daddy is more of a term that puts the male on a pedestal and puts them in control, so subs will sometimes use is interchangeably with things like master, at least from my experience

People - esp younger ones - write what they see as more famous. In almost every story I have read there is always the daddy kink something I also can’t understand, to be honest. It doesn’t make me feel disgusted or angry … it just feels boring to think that people would call their spouses “mommy or daddy” in the middle of sex but there is nothing someone can do. Like any other kink, there are people who like it or not.