What should you talk about when meeting your potential publisher for the first time?



What should you discuss with a potential publisher during a face-to-face meeting for the first time? How should you present yourself? If you discuss about your stories, how should you approach them? Also, should you talk about readers’ feedback? What else should you talk about?

Thank you!


You generally don’t meet publishers – or agents – face-to-face these days. There’s no reason to. It’s just an unnecessary expense and time no one has.

You might meet your editor or agent at a conference. Whether that meeting is treated as social or business just depends. You would talk about it ahead of time and set expectations. They would also be meeting with other clients, so you wouldn’t get a whole lot of time – don’t expect to “hang out” through the conference. They’re likely booked start to finish!


The first time I “met” my publisher was in a skype session when discussing terms and conditions. Unless you, as @XimeraGrey rightly states, meet them at a conference.
There are tips on what to do at conferences. I strongly suggest to have an “elevator pitch” up your sleeve i.e. a short pitch that summarises your plot and hooks them, so they want to see the manuscript.
But research the publishers well, find those that have published stories like yours in your genre. Otherwise, you’re wasting time.


Ask them how much of the revenue from your book sales will be used to pay for their administrative staff and office building/headquarters.


What might the answer look like, and what would that mean?