What sort of things in a story makes you laugh?


Humor is tricky because everyone’s sense of humor is different. But for you, what patterns in your humor do you notice? What kind of elements in a story will make you laugh? i.e. sarcastic characters, the situation at hand, how much you can relate to a certain line of description?

For me…I rarely laugh out loud in stories, but the times where it’s most likely to happens is when the dialogue is really good. I’m always a sucker for (well-executed) smart-ass characters, especially when they voice the stuff that most of us readers are thinking!

Also, the unexpected but clever line drops.


i’m more for dialogue type of jokes. double entendres and innuendos really crack me up and hilarious similes


I like sarcastic humor, as well as other humor, but I also really like inside jokes when in it comes to fanfics


Yes, I love double entendres! Hilarious similies are also fun; I always want to write them, but I get nervous that I might go too far where it’s more weird/awkward than funny? It’s a fun risk, I guess


I honestly agree. It is so hard for me to laugh at something in a book because most of the time, it’s not all that funny when it comes down to writing. Perhaps if it was recorded, then it might be funny. But reading it doesn’t always give me that satisfication, especially when it comes down to humor. Not even my own stories make me laugh. xD

There have only been very few stories that made me squeel, blush, and hide. These are the authors that have a talent, and they’re actually on here, too.

One of the authors has a book on here, but they’re no longer updating the book and seem to have vanished. But for reference, the book is called Stupid Love by leighleigh17. Another book is also gone, but this was because the author deleted her account. It was quite popular back in the day, but for another reference, it was called Riley’s Tale on the Opposite Gender (also was: Riley Brooks and Eight Freeman Boys, Riley and the Sex Toys, and Riley and the Boys) by Cappuccinos (or also known as echoingyourname).

The final one that has made me laugh, which is still on here and being updated consistantly, would be Life, Love and a Little Coffee by oliviarose85. This book makes me squeel like a little girl every time I read it. The characters are hilarious and they’re very sarcastic and there’s so much chemistry between everyone and it’s just… it’s phenomenal. I’ve read plenty of published books that had humor in them, but they never made me snort, want to hide behind my pillow, or anything like that. This book? It does that. And it’s incredibly surprising. I still don’t see how it’s not published yet. xD I would buy a billion copies. No joke. Haha


i think unexpected sassy one liners tend to get me to laugh out loud; really good banter; or dark humour, if it’s a horror. humour is a tricky one!


Witty and humorous dialogue, definitely. I also love wisecracks, puns, and snarky banter between characters.


I really enjoy sarcastic jokes, I can relate because a lot of people around me make jokes. Some relatable jokes are also nice to read, like a very common joke. Or like you said, they voice stuff we are thinking. And lastly I laugh when saying come to a use, like spill the tea, etc. When a person creates a character who makes jokes we can remember. And when we come back for the next chapter we immediately recognize the person by hr style of jokes.But of course this depends on other opinions. You can always try stuff.


i love things i can relate to, or things that are completely stupid and random or even an inside joke the author has with the reader, so i mean something that the author has mentioned before and it comes up again


I like stupid banter

“You’re really not gonna ask about the screaming?” Falco asks.
“What was with that guy and screaming?”
“I wish I knew.”
“Very illuminating.”

“Any theories on what happened to them?”
“No idea.”
“Any theories as to what that black pillar of smoke is up there?”
“I’m guessing it’s a black pillar of smoke.”

Irony can also be good, or completely bonkers stuff (like Jame in Kencyrath trying to bake some bread and it grows internal organs and whatnot). Misunderstandings have potential to be hilarious (see A Date with Kim and Angel).
Of course there’s also hard to explain humor; like there’s this German book series about an “artist” living with a kangaroo (ex-Vietcong) and they get into all sorts of weird trouble. Like going to McDonald’s and insisting on ordering a Whopper (and then ranting about customer service when they don’t get it).


You warm my heart!



The little things are the funniest almost always. Especially if your story is dark. Having one or more lighthearted moment can make a reader chuckle.


I like to laugh, so a lot of things make me crack a smile, from the subtle ironies to whimsical situations to a well placed swear word.

The only humour I usually do not go for is a laboured, heavy British style that goes one and on in every very long and very convoluted sentence. It exhausts me pretty fast. I also do not like the ‘peeking in the shower’ type of comedy.


I find funny events or actions better than amusing characters, sure, a well made smartass that’s actually likable and occasionally breaks the 4th wall is pretty funny too but the dialogue has to be spot on for that to happen personally


Good reminder. I, for one, absolutely hate 4th wall humor :sweat_smile:


Well that shows how humour is so difficult, everyone has a different sense of it, but to each their own


Yeah, I never know how to review comedy stories. “It was hilarious!” Great. I felt so. But who knows whether the humor works for others? It’s basically impossible to make much of an objective statement of it; even more so than for any other type of story I find …


Well it’s technically impossible to review a comedy story since a consistent score can’t really be reached since it would appeal differently to different people. It can be funny, but you’re right, what works for you might not work for others, like our differences in 4th wall humour. Although tasteless humour that’s offensive for the sake of being offensive is just terrible all around


Well to make a scene funny first you have to have characters that have no flaws. Next you need to make sure that the dialogue basically amounts to talking heads. Lastly you should. use improper grammar to confuse your audience?:grinning:

Also this stuff I’m writing is terrible advice.


When a character sets themselves up as an expert or a hero, then does something stupid and falls flat on their face. Self-deprecating humor and slapstick usually gets me going, too. A clever plot twist where the MC gets stuck in a ridiculous situation that escalates- that’s good too. Then there are the ridiculous ideas some character will come up with make money- like an old Wodehouse story where the MC (a blowhard and con man who’s always looking for the easy buck), decides to start a college for dogs. The absurd always make for good stories and plot complications. :sunglasses: