What state does every one live?


Yes! That one!

Man, if that show was aired few years later I’m not sure people would have taken so lightly with the stereotypes. It was quite lucky to get the success it did. Maybe because it was light-hearted and silly enough for people to not take it so serious.


Oh goodness, yes. Now it’s all the anime nerds’ middle school shame…


I think we are passing through a phase were everything (books, films, series) is meticulously analyzed and torn to shreds for the satisfaction of destroying it. You not only have fans, but being a hater is a thing as well, where people say proudly how much they hate something and why.

So much focus on negativity…


Aww, that’s so nice. ^^


Nebraska… I’ll go now.


That’s very true, especially when we realize that nothing is completely free of faults


Where are you from?

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Australia

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NY -> CO -> WA
I like seeing new places! I’ve seen practically the whole country… Although there isn’t much in the middle of it


Which of the 3 is your favorite?


My favorite is actually Virginia, by the ocean! That’s my end goal when my wanderlust runs out😆
Washington is a close second