What to be aware when signing with an editor ?

Hello !

I’ll soon sign a contract with a French LGBT editor established in Montréal and I would want to know… what are some tips you can give me ? What should I check, what I should be aware of ?

I already know I need to read all the contract and pay attention to all the small caracters to make sure it is an safe and I do not need to pay some money. I also know I should make sure to be able to give my advice on the final cover, checking about what would happen if it gets super-super-super popular… etc.

I know this editor, I read some of their books, the website looks cool and so do their covers.
I just want to make sure that everything is allright.

Any other advices ?

I would be appreciated, thank you ! :heart:

Any help or advices would be appreciated !

Something I’ve heard you should look out for is rights reversion.

Ideally, you want your contract to state that if your book falls out of print (either because a lot of time has passed and sales have slowed to almost nothing, or because the publishing house has shut down/gone under/can’t or won’t print or sell any copies of your book) the rights will revert to you, the author. That’s important because owning rights = having control of the manuscript and all the attached intellectual property.

I found a good collection of rights reversion success stories that cover scenarios where this kind of thing is helpful.

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Thank you very much ! I’ll definitely check that !
I would be my first contract so even though I read a lot about if, I don’t know what I am doing Hahah !

Also check for audio rights and translation rights. you shouldn’t give those up unless they’re willing to increase the advance

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Ok, I’ll check these too !
I know this editor is quite small so I don’t think they are doing audio or translations, but better be aware and watch them ! We never know !

They accepted my book and the girl said she was going to send me the contract in the next few days. I’ll definitely pay attention to this !

Be careful with the “fall out of print.” Ebooks never fall out of print. The reversion should be based on something else, like number of sales (i.e., lack of sales).



There’s a ton of things to check for in a contract. What rights you’re giving up. How and when you get paid. How the royalty is calculated (on gross or net). Any mention about the next book (do they own the rights to it?). And many more that an IP lawyer would catch.

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I cannot pay a lawyer to check this unfortunately.

But I’ll pay attention to royalty and rights.

Thank you !

Oh, this is true ! Thank you !

Yes, great point! Ebooks won’t go “out of print.” The publisher might stop marketing them/be unable to market them, though, so you’ll want the contract to focus on “if this period of time passes with only this number of sales the rights go back to the author.” That should cover more bases.