What to do in NYC for residents?

Every time I search for stuff on what my characters can do together, I get all those tourist trap ideas… so I was wondering if anyone knew of any places that aren’t all based on just tourists and the like. Any ideas on what they can do as residents of the place? The MC really likes dancing and marine biology. The love interest will do whatever she enjoys since he’s quite loyal to her.

They can go to Governors Island and volunteer with the Billion Oyster Project.


They could go to a Silent Disco/Rave.

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Volunteer at the Aquarium.


How old are the characters? Some things require being more adult than others.

Also if your MC is in high school, there is a high school on Governors Island called “The Harbor School” which prepares kids to go into maritime colleges/careers.


The MC is 23, and the love interest/best friend is about 25.

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Oh then they are plenty old enough for all of the volunteering and such.

Also there’s a NY State University called SUNY Maritime which could be part of your MC’s education if you wanted.


A lot of residents (mostly Spanish speaking) go to the Flushing Meadow park to have barbecue or parties. They play soccer, volleyball and other sports. They have dancing and/or singing. It becomes quite crowded here on weekends. The park is huge and still people are everywhere. I am a frequent visitor of the ice rink there.

Another park I like is the Astoria park. People just chill out there watching the Manhattan or jogging. I can walk the whole RFK bridge to the other side to Randall’s island, where many children will practice their baseball skills.

Of course everyone knows central park.

Right now is summer time, so Rockaway Beach and the long beach have lots of people doing sun bath or swimming. Jones Beach is also a very popular place with huge parking lots. Each year on memorial day we will go to Jones beach to see the air show. Small war world 2 planes flies like crazy, and blue angels are usually the highlight. In recent years we see F-35 performing some nice tricks.
In July 4th we all love to go to somewhere in east river to watch the Macy firework. Every year it’s a spectacular show.

Last one I can think of, is the cruise ships. There are three big companies around. Sometimes the cruise ship price drops so much that it’s cheaper than hotel. So I will ask my family and we will go cruising together. Bermuda, Caribbean and Florida… we go cruising almost every year.

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I’m mostly just looking for basic things… I guess? There’s some good suggestions here to work with though. ^^;

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This sounds perfect for the MC, considering she’s autistic. :open_mouth:

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Cafe Wha.

Awesome live music and drinks. You won’t be able to talk - can’t hear over the music - but it’s an awesome place.

https://cafewha.com/event.cfm?id=170988 - there’s a video

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