What type of governments would you like to see more of and less of in fiction?


So, what type of governments you like to see more and less of in fiction?
Tell me! Whether it be fantasy or science-fiction, just tell me!




More of Tribal and Bands.

Less of Kings and Queens.


What do you mean by bands?


child-run governments would be so dope


A government run by children? How old?


i don’t know. maybe 15-17 year olds?


As small as a group can get while still being a government.

Like in the Walking Dead or Watership Down.

While The Last Airbender is so small, it’s basically just people traveling together.

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Can you consider that the age range of a child? Sounds like teenagers to me even though people like to think of teens as children.

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the age range of a child? okay, maybe like 8-10 year olds then? i don’t know

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Alrighty then. Whatever works for you.


Oh, okay.


Anyone else???




Republics and democracies in fantasy. Governments in transition, evolving from old models into something new. And why not some socialism and communist governments? Magic worlds don’t have to mean kings and emperors.

In City of Bridges, they recently (several decades ago) threw off 200 years of empire, and Corregal has established an oligarchy that you can buy your way into. Other countries are trying out different governments, and some of them are just a real mess. It’s been fun thinking about different ways people might try to rule themselves.

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You see monarchies in most fantasy stories which makes a lot of sense for a standard sword and sorcery type story. However you could change it up with a ruling council of some sort. In a more enlightened world this council could be democratically elected or it could be the more standard group of nobles. Imagine the games an evil wizard could play to affect the outcome of an election. I think more democracies would work well in fantasy.

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Maybe see a parliament?

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A meritocracy is a great form of government and can be used in just about any genre.


A Government that does a good job, because that is definitely a fantasy lol