what type of nonfiction for paganism is it?


My books 30K and it’s in the process of editing, but it’s in spirituality and paganism (Llewellyn) but I don’t know what the “right” word count should it be.


I don’t think there is any “right” word count for non-fiction. I mean, it can be everything from a cookbook to a coaching book on how juice will align your chackras, or whatever.


Ok thanks!


Generally, anything less than 50k is too short to be a print book. 30k is short enough that it will affect how much you can charge for it as an e-book.


Not true. I own many print books (fiction and non-fiction…traditionally published) under 50,000 words–even under 30,000 words. But if we’re talking about self-publishing and POD books, the old trad-rules about “acceptable” word counts don’t really apply anymore.


He’s not. He’s talking about nonfiction for Llewellyn.


What about between 60K and 80K words?


Michael, nonfiction has no word count. Even at Llewellyn, you’ll find very, very short books (pamphlets, really) and very, VERY long books. It’s a different model. Make the book the length it needs to be.