What Type of Romance Are You Writing?

So I thought I’d just start by talking about myself and finding out what type of romance story everyone is writing and why you chose that idea:

I love a good cliche: I love reading bad boy stories, billionaire, love triangles and enemies to lovers stories.

I actually avoided romance for so long because I was so bad at it. I’m one of those people who intends to write a passionate romance but somehow the plot ends up with the main characters despising each other LOL
So this time I thought I’d try an enemies to lovers story since I’m better at writing bickering characters with a lot of comedic banter so hopefully I’ll manage to develop the romance part without screwing up this time.

What about you guys?


Well I’m Andrea 37 years old from Sweden.
I love reading mostly Young adult and romance things.

My book series is about a alt country singer who is one bottle away from a break down and then he meets a small town barista with her own vulnerabilities. And after a while the sparks starts to fly between them.


French Gothic Vampire Lesbian Cyborg Romance. Editing anyway… It’s already written.


Hey there! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: I’m Minx and I’ve been writing romance for almost four years now.

Currently the book I"m writing is a sequel to a forbidden romance between an outspoken, fiery nanny and her married, cop boss :wink: The sequel comes into play with the mystery element i tend to have in all of my books. I write mainly romantic thrillers or mysteries.

This sequel entails everything from love-triangles, to women scored, to sex-trafficking. Its twisted and emotionally exhausting, just like most of what I write lol


Hi! You’re from Sweden, nice! I lived there for 9 years so that was exciting to read

Your story sounds really interesting, I love reading about fragile, vulnerable characters in a small town setting, sounds awesome


Wow, you had me sold at the original concept!

I’m editing mine too before I put it up, it’s such a nightmare since typos are my greatest weakness

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Oh I know, I once thought I spoke in typo.

I generally write romance in conjunction with other genres. Like a coming of age romance set in space. Currently I’m working on a post-apocalyptic, werewolf, action romance, and the romance is between two lonely individuals that are trying to find happiness in a harsh world that doesn’t accept either of them .

Jesse // 25yrs old // Female // Canada.

Absolutely LOVE reading Supernatural/Fantasy, Romance (the forbidden/taboo/erotic kind), Historical, YA (Young Adult), et cetera.

I tend to write the erotic kind of Romance, with a dash of Supernatural/Fantasy thrown in, but I also like to write Supernatural/Fantasy stories, short stories, as well as poems.

Any and all of the above and be found on my Wattpad profile (< — you can click the blue link for easier access).


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Hi, welcome! Ooooh I’m always down for a forbidden romance, haven’t checked out those in ages, maybe student/teacher stories a few years back. That sounds so incredible, I like mystery type romances a lot since they’re so hard to pull off well.
Awesome, I’ll go check it out :slight_smile:

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Tell me about it! I’m honestly the slowest writer because of how long the editing is
It’s either that or I’m trying to figure out where the romance is in my romance story haaha


Thank you. It’s cool that you’ve lived here, where if you don’t mind me asking?

Yes more forbidden romance!
I like reading eroticas, I’ve yet to read one in a fantasy setting so that’s a fascinating combo to me
I read a lot of YA fantasy so maybe that’s why the romance is scaled back
Sounds like you’re really versatile and dabble in different genres which is great
Thanks for the link!

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I was born in Halmstad but later moved to Stockholm before I went to England.

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Eh I don’t know, if you ask Poe some romance is quite the forbidden chamber door.

Wow, I like post apocalyptic and werewolf combination, I always thought writing romance on its own was difficult unless you enter have a lot of storylines to keep the plot going, or by combining it with other genres. Your concept sounds very creative
I love your romance idea, I can definitely see a lot of potential in that plot!

Just putting it out there, romance is literary without its head up its ass.


Oh that’s cool. So you can talk Swedish then?

Forbidden romance is my bread and butter. lol A student/professor relationship was actually the plot of the first book I ever wrote on here! :joy:

And, you’re telling me! Keeping these secrets and dropping the right breadcrumbs in the right places throughout the first novel was such a task lol My readers for the most part had no idea what was going on for a while as the real mystery plot doesn’t really get introduced until halfway through the book. There are hints beforehand but nothing to really tell you whats going on until later on.

And they’re going especially crazy reading this sequel. lol They have no idea what I have in mind quite yet :wink:

Thank you! If you do end up checking it out, I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


It’s still not entirely clear what forbidden romance is to me. Obviously an Elf dating a Vampire is obvious, but other than that.