What type of story should be posted exclusively on Wattpad?

I have other accounts other than Wattpad to post my stories. I heard that when you apply for some programs (for example, Paid Stories) then it must be posted exclusively on Wattpad.

Let’s assume that one of my books was accepted for the Paid Stories program. When that happens, does that mean I have to delete my copy of that story on other sites?

Yes (for Paid Stories at least).

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That’s quite a shame, actually, because I want readers on other sites to enjoy it too. But thanks for the answer regardless.

That’s normal, though. If they’re a paid feature, and book is free elsewhere, why wouldn’t people just go find it where its free? Things like this call for exclusivity, I’d imagine.

You couldn’t publish a book with HarperTeen and then turn around and sell the same book to Penguin or any other competitor.


I have thought of this before, and I do find it reasonable. Just want to ask to be sure.

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