What unpopular or niche genre are you writing in?

I have come across multiple writers on this forum who lament that their genre(s), theme(s), or trope(s) of interest are unpopular, or not as well-received on Wattpad.

Is this your experience? If so: what do you enjoy writing about, that you would love to see a surge of recognition for, or an increased following in?

Note: In no way is this a knock on what’s hot and what’s not. Simply, I would love to get perspective on what others are passionate in—that happens to not be mainstream (—yet? only time will tell).

The furry community seems pretty small here on Wattpad, as it is all I write with (spare the humans, whom take their equal share amongst other species). I am very passionate about it, and I’m glad that my current reader base pays more attention to the story rather than the species of the characters.

That’s the good side of Wattpad, really, which is the openness of culture. I appreciate everybody who reads and leaves votes and comments, it does my heart lots of good! I’d love to see other furry authors get attention here, as us furries tend to be very creative, and very original too.


I am writing a dark/horror fantasy with a romantic drama backbone. The romance aspect doesn’t really check any of the boxes for what is popular with the genre here, as the characters aren’t really conventionally attractive and don’t fall into any big archetypes very well–and the unhealthy parts of the relationship become major plot points are addressed.

I don’t really know how this genre combination with over-describing grotesque monsters one chapter, then shifting to slice-of-life romantic fluff the next will be received.


Interesting experience. Sounds like you’re building an audience for yourself there.

I agree that Wattpad is very open, and leaves room for tons of creative avenues. Of course, it’s a challenge any given day to generate interest in anything that isn’t the trend.


Is fanfiction considered unpopular? Because (almost) everyone hates it and i actually love writing fanfiction


I’m in the werewolf genre. Some people love it, some hate it :shrug: lol.

Some of the cliches are pretty bad, but I tend not to follow those trends. It can make it harder to get reads in general, cause I don’t fit the cliches of what the majority of the books are, but I also gave the struggle that–sometimes–others won’t give my books a chance either.

I like writing the genre, so I continue to do so despite the struggles :joy:


Actually, I think it’s more like too many people like fanfiction and the people who do get too embarrassed to say anything in the community as they are aware how much hatred they might get for liking only a certain genre. Heck, even the fanfiction I recently took down has something like 260 reads, which is quadruple the most of what my current titles have.

It’s more about being ashamed for not being original. Which boy, was I. Thus I took them down.


I say it’s all about portrayal and depth. When the author understands the fine layers of their content and is well-learned on be subjects that they put out there—it shows.

Horror fantasy sounds like an intense approach (in a good way—I do like things dark). What inspired you to bring this story to life?

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I’d actually say fan fiction is crazy popular now. Maybe ten to fifteen years ago, it was very much a niche and not as openly discussed and promoted by mainstream society.

AO3 is testament to how big fan fiction is now.

However, it is struggle to gain a readership when you write for:

a) small fandoms
b) niche pairings or dynamics

As for people hating fan fiction—nearly every genre has its army of nay-sayers who will drag said genre through the dirt and rip it apart for how “fundamentally” terrible it is. There’s also a group of skeptics who preach about how fan fiction isn’t “real” writing. The news flash is that it absolutely is—there are successful authors now, who’s backgrounds originated from becoming a grounded writer through fan fiction first.

Don’t worry about that—we’re all writing fiction here, and we’re all writing what we’d want to read. And that’s kind of what matters most.


Well, I tried to start a thread a little while back to find other people who write Mystery crossed with something other than horror/thriller, and it died spectacularly :joy:

I write Fantasy where the main plot of the series is one giant mystery that needs to be solved. It veers into dark fantasy by halfway through the series, but the point is not to scare people. Apparently that’s uncommon.

If we want to talk about Wattpad unpopularity, there’s also the fact that I have no romantic subplot… that’s a read-killer for sure.



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I like your resolve.

What is it about your werewolf stories that you think makes them stand apart from the general crowd?

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Not exactly writing atm, but one of my stories that is up here that I’m working on is written from the perspective of a cat and is about cats that whilst still are cats are humanised a little (they have conversations when actual like feral cats would do a lot more gestures and make less noise). Doesn’t seem to be much of that on here.


It is not that I do not chose popular genre, it is that I write it to my interests and knowledge that are niche.

In fantasy, I inject too much history and settings from the places and periods people do not easily recognize, and my characters are too old. My characters also were too reasonable, not dramatic enough.

In romance, I write about every day people, with less recognizable occupations than coffee shoppe employees or CEOs.

I do not feel like I can wish for the people to change, it is more that I wish I either got ideas about high school, and billionaires, etc, or I were a stronger writer in a sense that I could breakthrough my books to the wider audience.

I understand that for Wattpad, I have to cut down on setting and language, and I try, but even after I do my best to simplify, I get the comments about not doing it enough.

What for me creates atmosphere and builds character, and what the writing books suggest (such as establishing the status quo before Hero meets catalyst and starts out on their journey of transformation) reduces appeal of a book on Wattpad.

Basically, I think, for Wattpad, no matter what genre one chooses, one has to write theatrically, in more of a 17-18th century in-your-face theater style, rather than 19th-20th century style of more introspection and subtle hints etc.

I hope to evolve either one way or the other – to hit on a more mainstream plot, or acquire the commercial successful writing style.

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To be honest, it started out as a fun little project with me just flipping around tropes/cliches I am not a fan of.

  • Nonhuman fantasy species being almost identical to humans
  • Disabled characters who have some strange power to “make up” for their disability
  • Glorification of unhealthy and
    obsessive behavior in relationships
  • Hamfisted relationship drama as a plot device
  • Strong female leads being abrasive and verbally abusive with impunity
  • Over-describing how attractive the love interest is
  • Horror that is reliant on blood and gore or killing off characters
  • Fanatical cults

I ultimately just took each of these and decided to deconstruct them from the ground level, ended up getting attached to the characters and world along the way.

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I’m also writing a werewolf series, non-romantic, non-moongoddess trope.

The advantage of the werewolf genre is that there are limited writers compared to other genres, so those who look for werewolf stories tend to click on all sorts of books in the genre. I’ve seen hideously written, terrible grammar, tons of reads and comments praising it. I shake my head, and can only suspect teenagers, lol.

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I write historical fiction, that is so often ignored here.

I write medieval historical fiction, that is so rare here.

I write medieval historical fiction in 3rd omniscient, that everyone dislikes.

I write medieval historical fiction in 3rd omniscient and present tense, and you know how it ends.

Even when I write fantasy, I end up in philosophical discussions about alchemy. And I realised low fantasy is not so common here :sob:


I write a lot of fantasy romance, which people here don’t seem to like together very much.

I’ve also written a few tropes like a good girl/bad boy that people don’t like but that book is receiving good feedback now because I’ve tried bringing new life to that trope.

I absolutely love fantasy romance so I don’t quit on it. I just let my books be themselves and I will promote to whoever may enjoy the combination. It can be tough but I refuse to quit. I know I have an audience and they matter.


Thank you, lol

It’s no-romance, more internal conflict then external, I have a moon deity called Lua Lupa but she doesn’t really appear. It’s not in the modern day. I guess those are factors :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think that’s in all genres, but the WW genre is a lot more saturated so it seems more prominent


I was also surprised when I was told by a reviewer I trust that fan-rom was too niche, and that I should either stir YA or tone down romance and do Epic Fantasy from it. For me the core of the story was the love-story with a 40+ yo lead (in reverse harem too). Oh, well.