what updating stories are you reading right now?


books i’m reading on wattpad that are currently being updated (though some are just…maybe…dead):


those are so many links :open_mouth:

I’m reading practically everything my friend writes https://www.wattpad.com/user/-florianraven and:


My list is real small c’x


I love Mother’s Hand and I am waiting too impatiently for it to update. I just added Hollow Night to my library (I think I saw you add it to your reading list, clicked on it, loved the blurb and voila!)

  • Secret Identity
  • Masks are Optional
  • Life Beyond
  • GGBB 2
  • The Dragon’s Scale
  • Lifeless

That’s just to name a few.

Links are on my profile page if anyone’s interested.


what’s this Hollow Twilight story about that you love?


Heyy :joy: Actually I wanted to read a mmorpg story. (I am not really into them, but always wanted to try) Your blurb caught my interest. I haven’t started reading. But will do.


mine is not very close to the majority of mmorpg style stories on the platform (having tried to get into them a few times to see the fuss). Those are usually very RPG emulation heavy, very light on plot, heavy on just like the power fantasy of levelling and playing through the slow grind of a game and talking about stats and items and skills.


I think that’s been my complain everytime I tried reading them. The lack of plot and everything seemed to be a bit too superficial. Truth be told, I just want to know what the fuss is about (like you said) I’ve never been into rpg. I do not understand it :joy:


I just realized
do my links work? ;;


No, i think there’s some error sharing them from mobile (at least to desktop web, which i where i am)


Wattpad’s Nobody
Dark Ages [BTS] oops I’m a fan sorry

I’m currently reading a completed one called Beneath Her Makeup.

Though I am reading through a few others right now to see if video ads play between every chapter, because when I respond to comments on my own stories, EVERY time there’s a video ad, and I thought that only happened for Wattpad Futures people.


Erggg. I’ll post again


then I shall try not to disappoint, especially since I envisioned this as a story and actually not really in any way an MMORPG but then everyone has mentioned it and so here I am lol


Excited to read it :slight_smile:


This one is updating daily (except in the weekends, which is a very sad time)

And this one… a fanfic I used to really enjoy. Hasn’t updated since February or something ;-;

This one is an awesome werewolf book

Aaand those are all the updating stories I’m really reading. I have trouble finding good books to read, or ones worth the long wait. When I have to wait for weeks, I’ve forgotten the entire plot already


roleplay on a platform just about stats and skills? woah. me and my friend never really talk about stats and skills in numbers, I just have gods to kill him if he becomes too OP. we are pretty heavy on plot


Not that kind of roleplay, MMORPG books, like people writing fictional stories taking place in MMORPGs. Like Log Horizon or Sword Art Online. Not like people actively roleplaying with each other


Hmm… I haven’t even thought about that being possible. But then just going on about stats? Eh, seems boring.
(I wish there were roleplaying threads. it seems so unconventional in books that I’m not even going to try as the comments bug out sometimes and it’s hard to follow)


I am about to ask the stupidest question, so bear with me, but how is roleplaying fun? I am not trying to throw shade but I am just trying to understand. If this sounds rude, I apologise.