What was the first thing you wrote (let's laugh together)

(not sure if this is the right place to post this but I guess we’ll find out) :sweat_smile:

But… I have a question for you fellow writers… what was one of the first things you wrote? (It can be on here or where ever) :joy:

What genre was it?

Would you consider publishing it now?

How old were you?

And, if you still have access to it, feel free to share.

Mine is from this old Warrior Cats RolePlay site, when I was 11. It wasn’t the first time I had written, but still.

Rainheart looked sadly at the fish. ‘‘Oh no i forgot to say sorry before i killed it. Do you think it will mind Rippleswimmer?’’ Then she looked at Wildfire. ‘Yes you may have a little bit. Just say sorry to it before you eat it’

10/10 writer lol

I remember precisely. I was in the 5th grade. My first short story that I wrote outside of school. I wouldn’t even know what genre it falls us, but it was definitely fiction. And ‘No’ I wouldn’t publish it now. It was horrible. I no longer have access to it. But it was about the animated Fox show the ‘Simpsons.’ I think I named it something like 'The Super Duper… 'something, oh I can’t remember the rest of the title. (edited: I just remembered, I called it ‘The Super Duper Looper’)

I showed it to my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Parisi. I wanted him to read it and tell me how it was. I got it back the next day with red ink all over it. My teacher edited it and made comments all throughout. I was like ‘gee thanks’ but I didn’t ask for all of that.

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The first thing I wrote was something about a butterfly destroying the world. Pretty sure the story itself was destroyed. Then, I wrote series of stories featuring stuffed animals (that my dad owns) starting at around age six.

A scene from one of them that I wrote when I was about nine.

Cringe warning

I was pulling a tent out of the jeep, when Bear came back, “Wheres our guide?”

Bear hung his head, “He ran off saying something about not wanting to be sued.”

WHAT? But hes the only one who can drive the jeep!” I yelled.

“I can drive it,” said Bear, “but the tires flat, so it doesn’t matter.”

“You can drive on a flat tire, but you can’t drive your legs are to short,” I pointed out.

The next day we started out on the flat with me trying to drive, but Bear said, “Your driving to fast,” then, “Are you aiming for the rocks?” When we stopped and he got out to get food from the back of jeep, as we drove off. “Hey! Where are you going? Come back!” Yelled Bear. Don’t worry we went back for him…After about ten minutes.

When we got to the town we got a new tire, and a spare. We later found out our guide didn’t make it to the town and he was never seen again. Because it was his jeep and tents and all, Bear sold it to a guide in that town and made some money. When we got back home the money was put in Bear Bank also to never to be seen again.


A “Night At The Museum” fanfiction in 2011. Long before I wrote original stories in 2013.

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8th grade. Poetry about some boy I liked… Nope, it wasn’t good. I would change he entire thing now!

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I hate it when teachers just go through with a red pen and pick out everything that is wrong. I used to do a online writing course, and my writing teacher did that every single time. It made me feel like I wasn’t good at writing.

But that does sound like an interesting story! It’s funny what we think up when we’re young :sweat_smile:

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That’s a pretty well written story for a 9 year old! It’s funny the sort of stories we can come up with when we’re kids. I love the idea of a butterfly destroying the world, I could defo get into a book like that. :joy:

I love that movie! I love the idea of adding onto a story and making the world do what you want! Did you complete the stories?

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Feels :joy: I’ve wrote some pretty scary poems in my time which I shall not repeat lol.

Yeah, but then I stopped writing those fanfictions when I started writing original stories.

At that age everything is so dramatic…! I am sure it was some, everytime I see you…I can’t sleep…can’t eat… I wish you loved me nonsense, lol. Ugh. Hey, it got me started in writing so, that’s good!

Oh man, the first legit novel I wrote? It was a fanfiction on the game Fireboy and Watergirl :joy:

It was fanfiction.

Maybe, but at the same time, not really :joy:

I was like 11.

I do have access to it, believe it or not! But it’s not really complete. I wrote it on my dad’s old work computer, and then it got wiped clean, so here we are.

Excuse me while I go facepalm in the corner

The first time I attempted to write a real novel, I was maybe ten or so? It was basically fanfiction…of Warrior Cat fanfiction 🤦
I’d share but I handwrote it and don’t know where the book is

I wrote a story called “The Five Minute Change” and when I go back to read it, it was pretty bad lol I think I took it down from my old account. xD

I turned my stuffed animals into superheroes in my stories. I’m pretty sure those were the first I’d ever written! And that was long before I knew/understood the existence of comics, so that’s pretty interesting. No surprise I’m a huge comic fan to this day I guess XD

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7th grade. Started with romantic poetry writing poems about the boys I liked, LOL. That grew into Novels.

I made a rip off of Mulan-
Her name was Shingi or something and her sidekick was some mix between a sea serpent and a mermaid lmao-
The enemy was some dude literally wearing a black robe with a crappy mask called “The Mist”-
(I was like 7 or 8)

Also when I was 9 I wrote a “fan fiction” (I called it that) between my crush and I: we were in France, got onto the Titanic, and dressed up as scarecrows for Halloween. Then we got attacked by ghosts and got married. AH-

I first attempted a novel when I was about 11. It was about a race of tiny people who lived in an old gum tree. I finished two chapters before I gave up.

This is the oldest thing I have saved on a still-accessible Google Doc. A Pikmin fanfiction. I was probably 8.

I don’t remember the actual oldest thing I wrote. I know I wrote comics about Greek mythology when I was 5-6. I also wrote some actual prose fanfiction for some sort of racecar flash game that featured characters in each of the carts. I know exactly where that is but it’s literally just “haha and then he threw up” so I’ll spare you.

Okay, I actually remember writing my first story about these five girls who became friends in middle school and discovered they were daughters of element fairies (I was really into fairies, don’t blame me) and they had a big fat adventure and everything. I even copied and pasted their bedrooms and fairy wings from Google Images into my Docs because I was a visual type of person and now that I think about it, the plot was really boring but I’m still proud of myself because I realized then that I really enjoyed writing.