What was you experience when you published first chapter of your first story?


Hey There!
Pretty peoples😁
I wanted to know how did you feel when you first published your first chapter of your first book!
I have just finished publishing my story on Planet or Plastic and I am feeling ecstatic :grinning:
It’s purely euphoric to know that the readers are loving your work, isn’t it?
So let’s discuss about your first story today!
Thanks to all of you😄
I am waiting to know about your first story:)

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My first story was back in 2011\12 and I always hoped for engangement but it just dissappeared in the masses (for good reasons, it wasn’t good at all.)

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Well, I wrote The Songbirds and I quite a few months ago; back when this was Clubs instead of Community. Obviously, I thought it was a masterpiece (You can read it if you want, it wasn’t perfect but it had its moments), so I had high hopes for it; needless to say, I was disappointed with how slow reads came in.

It did feel great to hear that people loved my work; in fact, it’s given me a proper new friend which is nice. Although, looking back, there is quite a bit I could have done differently.

It’s a good idea to start with a tagged contest; since they are obliged to read all entries, yours might catch somebody’s attention.

Have you given any thought to your second story?

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Yeah I have got many thoughts about stories of different genre. I only have to pen it down but I want to take it slow. I need to polish my writing and enhance my reading experience, meet amazing peoples like you and achieve my goals before rushing for publishing. I think we should take our time to publish our work so that we can edit it before presenting it to everyone. Finding mistakes and correcting it will make it more appropriate to read.
Well I won’t blame you, anyone publishing their story for first time have their own insecurities and mistakes but needless to say we should correct it and should not repeat it.
Don’t worry buddy it’s just the start of our wattpad journey. We have lot of time to reach our destination. Start over with new thoughts and encouragement. I am sure you will achieve success next time.:grin:
Thanks for sharing your experience:)


I was…happy…with my first chapter of my first story waaaay back in the day on WP proper.

After awhile, however, I got fed up with how little attention (in terms of comments, reads, votes) it got, and promptly deleted it. Sad to say, I don’t have it on my computer nor anywhere else on the Internet anymore so as to hopefully polish it up and make it better, so… :confused:

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I posted it and nothing happened. I deleted it a couple of days later.

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Seems to be a recurring theme.

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Hmmm…well I was in the same condition years ago. I was very much confused at first as to how should I represent my story to everyone. One that I published that time was not getting enough involvement of readers and that frustrated me at first, but then I started to have time issue with my studies and writing so I thought it would be best to delete it. I thought it was not significant enough, but the thing I didn’t knew I was making in is social skill.
When we become a part of a community we should support them and encourage everyone around to build strong community and I was just like read and vote in the past, the most important thing is to participate in everything in which we are passionate. Sadly I didn’t understood that earlier and deleted my previous account and story…but no worries! I have came back to make a new start.
I really do hope to read some excellent work from you. I would really like to read your story. Never get disappointed and let negative thoughts blanket your brain. Be positive and keep writing. Every writer in here is precious.
Thanks to you too for sharing your experience:)


Ha ha ha. It was terrible. But I was soooo proud of it, and I was just waiting for all those reads to just pour in. Didn’t happen! I got disappointed and actually went inactive for a year or so. I got back on when I started writing short stories for fun.

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Hey Hii!
Firstly thanks for sharing your experience!
I would like to say that don’t get disappointed by one unresponsive work…you know every ending is the beginning of something! We just need to keep trying and see what we are lacking at. Everyone goes through such depression but the one who never gives up gets the better. I too had some of my failure works which I thought weren’t worth it but I never gave up trying and would always keep trying.
I hope I have lifted some of your spirit.
I am looking forward for your work😊


That was a while ago. But I still remember it vividly! Thanks for the support. I’ve been doing better, writing for myself rather than waiting behind the screen for the votes and comments to role in. I learned pretty fast that was not what I was going to get.

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That’s the spirit!
Well I guess getting response is really a hard work. I am myself a very impatient girl and wants to get feedback from others very quickly but now I know that being impatient won’t help. Ummm…I don’t even expect a response now, I am just writing my work because I love writing, but I will damn well make sure that my readers will enjoy it. Being a new writer is not easy but we should keep trying and keep improving.
Thank you very much for sharing your first experience😀

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I don’t remember what it was like when I posted by first story in 2015, but when I first posted TMD (A WIP that is my most recent) I think I was probably nervous, hopeful, didn’t know what to expect.

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The obvious feeling is accomplished.

Followed by the feelings of “now what?”


Ha ha! Too true! Just keep writing and keep coming up with new ideas!

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I published my first chapter last night actually :sweat_smile: I wasn’t planning on it yet, but I really wanted to start sharing it as I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. Of course, it’s not an overnight sensation and is currently lost in a sea of other stories but I have hope for it!


I freaked the fuck out and tried to have it taken down. I don’t think Wattpad was 100% that day as the loading times were so long that I just gave up. After that I got really excited and I couldn’t stop smiling and I just kept reloading the page like a maniac waiting for the reads to go up. Then it got to over 1,000 reads in less than 2 months and then I freaked the fuck out again.


I was self fulfilled. I just wanted to upload something. I had been procrastinating for ages and got fed up with that… so I just wrote something quickly and uploaded and was like “Finally, something is online.” I didn’t care so much about reads. It was more for me and my mental self belief.


Yeah I would suggest you not to loose hopes😊. Keep it up and have patience because it need lots of patience.


Putting some writing ‘out there’ on Wattpad is pretty liberating.